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CNN producer note
JOHNNYCOLT was in Port-au-Prince covering Haiti’s election on Nov. 28, when he saw a disturbing sight. A dead woman was just lying in the street. Locals told him that she’d been there for a day and a half and had died from hunger.
- zdan, CNN iReport producer jogos casino online

Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, a woman dies-supposedly of hunger. Her body lies on the sidewalk right outside the walls of the hospital and across the street from a polling station. Locals say she has been there at least a day and a half. The police do nothing. I ask multiple police officers for help, only to find one of them laughing while walking away. I stand and watch as the UN drive by while pointing their weapons in my direction. Locals surrounding the woman’s body are very angry. They explain that this is an example of the police and the UN not caring about everyday Haitians.

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