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  • March31st


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    Fotoshoot @ club compound today was outta control !!!

    Looks gangster - lots o action jogos casino online

    Met with chris for the visual piece of the d j set - he is outta his mind creative Bonus Fara Depunere

    D j wonder and myself spinning
    Chris will be doin viddy on the fly
    And in house lighting will be blowin up !!!

    The four horsmen of the party apocalypse

    Come and get your - electric spanking
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  • March31st

    Back on the bird

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    Bouncin to L A

    TRAIN show in laguna beach !!!!!!!

    Stocked to see the boys and the smilin faces

    Makin music non stop - WHAT A GIFT

    Damn its incredible being me…………………………

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  • March31st

    The bright minds that surround me !!!! All there wisdom on the table - plans for domination are being drawn……………………….the room is beautifull - the install promises to be magic - incredible time to be had by all !!!!!!

    I’ve fallen through a worm hole searching the thousands of photographs - a true folding of space and time

    This is a special night for me - I can’t wait to share it with you

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  • March26th

    Part 2

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    ………………..No luck on stand bye - spend the night at the hilton @ L A X
    - I’m draggin ass - pass the bar and see nothing but desperate and lonley people - nothing but trouble being served……….two for one - jetlag - finally lie down to be wide awake - 4 pm I take out frustration on the iron as the 24 hour gym makes this 275 dollar last minute room worth every penny - floating in the pool at 5 30 a m listening to the sound of the first L A X flights leaving runway # 2 - I’m thinking back to my first visit to new zealand resulting in a platinum record - that very moment a huge crowe flies above me as a shadow against the grey unlit sky - wow, blackcrowes indeed - that reminds of sophia coppolla staring in one of our videos for the southern harmony record - floating in this predawn pool is sureal in a way only sophia could capture on film…………………………………its all a little lost in this translation

    Fone has to be turned off

    My plane is leaving

    Thank you
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  • March26th

    Chris rogers rules,!!!!!!!!

    Chris thanks for all the support

    Couldn’t have done the tour with out ya !!!! - your great at what you do -

    Let’s keep the down under blog rollin !!!!!

    All my love

    Ps thanks for the aussie history lessons
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    —-Original Message—-
    From: Chris Rogers
    Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 15:42:49
    Subject: I hope your home soon…

    Hey Johnny,
    Just read about the mess you in getting home, that’s so shitty. Feel for you bro’.
    Thankfullly I got away OK and Trish was at the Airport to meet me so that was really special!!
    Spoken to all my tribe and they are all well and hanging out to see me to what goodies Dad has brought home for them. They havn’t done nearly as well as the Vietnam trip mind you!!
    I’ve sent you & Kim the Auckland pics and I saw she has already got them on the the colt report. She is amazing, you really have some great support there man. Well done.

    Look forward to doing it all again….
    I’ve got gig withdrawls already!!! I’m going to stand on my front porch at 7.30 tomorrow morning and see if a Tarago comes to pick me up……

    Keep Rockin’


    Chris Rogers
    Stage & Event Management Services
    0412 823 719


  • March25th


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    Auckland to LAX - hung up in customs - lines,lines,lines - tear my bags completely apart - I’m being profiled again !!!!!! - I fight back by sheepishly directing them to a sealed plastic bag the explodes with my dirty sox and show clothes - haven’t eatin and hands are shaking with fury as I realize I’m not gonna make my connection home !!!!!! - one more day without my kids, son of a fuckin bitch - if being a rockstar were easy every motherfucker would do it, wouldn’t they ?
    I fight of the first of todays many anxiety attacks…………………..

    Time passes

    ………………..Awsome!!! Who booked this shit - only flight avaible is 8.30
    Tommorrow morning !!!!! - but what @ the 4 other flights that leave for atlanta between now and then ? What @ all the other peeps from the new zealand flights connecting through atlanta - were all shit outta luck - we wish each other good luck knowing full well it doesn’t help -
    Intrests aligned by the fact the the fuckin airline has over sold every flight by at leats 20 seats
    - gate agent responds ” spring break ” as if he has handed me a corprate secret - what kind of biz model is this ?!?!?!

    I ve lost with out a fight - I take my beating like a man - I’m of to a fantastic airport hotel to hang myself by my belt from the
    closet !!!!!

    The beat goes on

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  • March25th

    One of the boyz

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    Kilby 2 my right

    Lucas backseat right

    Jimmy stewart holdin it all down

    Rollin to the airport - flyin out off auckland

    Goodbye land of plenty………………we say with much sadness !!!!!!!!

    Its all love

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  • March25th


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    Myspace says platinum records be my biz !!!!!!

    Well gotta make more space on the walls…………….Gold records from new zealand !!!!!!

    Its incredible being me……..THANKS TO YOu

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  • March24th


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    Windy wellington blew our minds

    Just when u thought it couldn’t get anybetter !!!!!!

    Highly advanced society
    Incredible topography
    Low population

    This place it the garden of fuckin eden……………….the eden of rock that is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • March24th


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    They split the atom in christchurch and the show was nuclear !!!!!!!!

    Christchurch - The first women to graduate from universtity - must have been the university of ROCK ?

    All my gear blew up !!

    Go big or go home !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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