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  • August21st

    Sit ups

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    The hangman leads the way to the brutal ——- man up

  • August21st

    New training compound !!!

  • August20th


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    the desk that drives the show……….
    mise en place of one LYDIA jogos casino online

    i sit in the goddess chair, the mama that keeps these boys under control on the visual playground
    when u have this combination of beauty and talent backing you…..well all i can say is , im making room on the mantel for my emmy
    rummaging through LYDIA’S desk as we speak
    looking around, i see my name on top of a script. 2 inches to the left is a bourdain show outline for panama.
    amoung the…..
    sticky notes
    tic tacs
    location idea folders
    books - graphs - 4 pair of scissors ?
    piles of books and mountains of paper work
    i feel in really good company
    and looking down at the via spiga shoes i know im being taking care off Bonus Fara Depunere

  • August14th

  • August13th

    sweat pants and dress shoes - u know I’m over seas

    coiled and ready to strike !!!!
    the more i think about this scene, the more irresponsible i realise my camera man ( moe ) and myself were.

    what ever it takes to get our freak on………… are the devils who will do it.

  • August13th

  • August11th

    this is MOE

    this rascal is a died in the wool no holds barred son of a bitch - just like me
    he proved himself worthy of the FULL VOLUME life style when staying on my hip every inch of the King Cobra fight.
    Death was a two fanged flash away for both of us. Moe put his full trust in me, proving his madman statues. Looking down i noticed MOE’s feet closer to the snake than mine, add the weight of the camera and he was asking for it. I had to ask MOE to back up - he F%@king ignored me like the GONZO bastard he is…………instantly it was love at first snake bite ( honk - yea i wrote it - u wanna make something of it ) between me and my new camera man. aspirin please……….

  • August10th

    johnnycolt.tv http;//twitter.com/johnnycolttv http://johnnycoltfullvolume.blogspot.com/ http:johnnycolt.blogspot.com/


  • August10th

    johnnycolt.tv http;//twitter.com/johnnycolttv http://johnnycoltfullvolume.blogspot.com/ http:johnnycolt.blogspot.com/


  • August10th

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