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  • June28th


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  • June25th


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    Act 1
    Car horn
    Lady bug………shattered pelvis
    Toilet rug -
    Mixed down drink if I think
    How many shades of pale ?

    Act 2
    Hubris headlines on ink stained news
    Eyes must be going to join my charm….
    .clock radio,
    sterile budget,
    wing toed blues
    This ain’t no riot
    This ain’t no fast food
    ………………This ain,t subversive
    We just pushing up the ground jogos casino online

    Act 3
    Flaming halls of clickety clues
    A little make up will cover the bruise
    Pound the gavel
    Pound the gavel
    Let the digging begin
    with the trapezoid and its area of squaria
    Open container Lug wrench
    Shaft slightly split open to one side
    …………………Car crash gods enjoy the heady wine
    While white line thigh bones of sacrificial bulls burn the beach of glory Bonus Fara Depunere


  • June22nd


    You were great today. You managed the unmanageable, moderated the
    immoderate, and controlled the uncontrollable. I know it was no easy
    task, all the more reason I am extremely grateful to you.

    To “rock star,” “TV host,” “radio DJ,” and “NARAS board
    member,” you can now claim the title (for better or for worse)
    “political pundit.”

    We accomplished today what we needed to do: support Hank Johnson and
    his colleagues. They are grateful for that, and that makes our
    campaign that much stronger.

    Very best,

  • June19th

    It turns out the world is in fact flat !!!!

    the last possible stop on this table top planet is phi phi island in thailand, this final stop is also this worlds most beautiful. The pull from the worlds edge is unmistakable. The result of proximity is the feeling of being absolutely complete. The rays of a content sun beam in every direction.,

    Bump and bang - flaps up - the rush of turbine in reverse….speedy asphalt touching down in bangkok.

  • June4th

    Your voice comes calling
    thoughts whisper too

    dreams a sprawling room
    Come crashing through
    A vicious wrecking ball
    Misunderstood horse kicking stall
    Flames climbing all four walls

    Extra long forearm bones
    Make em look like their carved from stone
    The somber symphony boils the sea
    While the white melody sips her fragrant tea
    Only the Darkest of tones ride my wind

    When the hatchet falls - tis the end