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  • August30th

    CNN producer note
    JOHNNYCOLT got a tip from a friend about a fatal shooting at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Monday. Police say a woman was looking for a Delta Air Lines employee outside a maintenance facility near the airport. She was stopped at a security checkpoint and was shot and killed, according to police. CNN affiliate WXIA confirmed the incident.
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer jogos casino online

    iReport —
    August 30th, 2010, in Atlanta, GA, at 4:20 p.m.

    I received a phone call from a connection named Steve who gave me a tip about a homicide at Hartsfield International Airport. Having dropped what I was doing, I sped by and picked up Harold Sellers. I shot down the highway toward the airport and filled Harold in on what little information I had obtained. Sure enough, we were met by a multitude of flashing lights that were gathered around the Delta Air Lines employee parking lot. Harold and I traveled on foot to the crime scene. Passing all the other media who were being held on the far outskirts of the scene, I walked right into the perimeter of the investigation, itself, and shot a photo of the blanket covered body of the woman who was shot to death. (The still photograph in the middle of the video report.) A member of the FBI began screaming at me to get out of the crime scene and join the rest of the press gathered on the horizon.

    The following report contains the details surrounding this homicide.

    Filmed and edited by: Harold Sellers
    Photography: Johnny Colt Bonus Fara Depunere

  • August29th


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    colt 45 thompson (1 of 1)-2

  • August16th

    In this photo from left to right:

    LUDACRIS, CNN mystery man, ME & TOMMY LEE.

    This photo was taken when Luda, Tommy & myself appeared on CNN supporting an episode of our television show BATTLE GROUND EARTH. You can see the show running in repeats on Planet Green Network.

    PSSST : the mystery man is a big shot @ CNN.

  • August15th


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    This is a photo of Tommy Lee and myself (2008) on stage while touring in our band ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA. We are downstage center playing with our effects during our dual bass guitar drum solo… I.E. the part of the set where you go get a beer - HA

    I am not sure this entry counts for this assignment because Tommy and I are in the same band. I thought it would be funny. Just to make it a little more interesting, I have added a photo (PHOTO 2) I took of Chris Robinson (singer for the Black Crowes) and Tommy Lee from 1991 Monsters of Rock European tour when Tommy and I first met.

  • August14th

    If a tattooed white guy iReporter-from Atlanta, GA-can fly all the way to Kyrgyzstan and swing an interview with the Commander of Forces in Osh, then why can’t the Russian AP reporter who is being paid to report do the same !

    TODAY - AUG 17 2010

    I found this article in Huffington Post:


    Now Huff Post are asking the same questions weeks after I sat down in person to get the Kyrgyzstan military’s point of view.

    See my interview with Kyrgyzstan Commander Kursan Asanov live from the city of Osh. The Commander answers my questions directly. Many of the these questions are raised by the AP reporter who is working with third party information and from reports raised by humanitarian watch groups. There is much good information in the article but the outside influences on the conflict are left out, completely. Again: why work off reports when you can simply interview the parties in person. Let’s hear it for iReport.

  • August13th

    iReport —
    Dwelling in the shadow of the Las Vegas Strip is a parallel community that is anything but glamorous. Individuals who have lost it all gambling, prostitutes working the big hotels and drug dealers who serve all of the above have always been part of the Las Vegas Strip’s seedy backdoor.

    Nevada’s current economic conditions add a whole new cast of characters inhabiting the underbelly of Las Vegas. Out of work contractors, hotel employees losing jobs in droves and Hispanics fleeing Arizona’s proposition 1070 are all colliding in the weekly hotels that run like veins through the shadow of America’s testament to wealthy decadence. With no job opportunities, this subculture turns to darker methods of getting by. Slinging drugs, credit card fraud, turning cheap tricks and human trafficking are on the rise. If you are in the business of crime, then business is booming. Just ask Mike and Felix of ANYWAY Bail Bonds. This duo spend their days helping this community by bailing them out of Clark County jail and sometimes putting those same people right back in the slammer.

    photo 1
    Felix and Mike make a last attempt to get Brandi on the phone. Having passed on another of the many chances that Anyway Bail Bonds has given her to pay her bond, Brandi is now officially a bail jumper who Mike and Felix must find and bring back to jail.
    photo 2
    Locating a photo of Brandi in a well known drug dealer’s house, Mike applies his own form of pressure until the dealer gives up Brandi’s location.
    photo 3
    Heading into a vast region of weekly motels, we locate another individual who is known to purchase drugs from Brandi.
    Photo 4
    The mother of 4 children who is moving from one hotel to the next (bouncing weekly) agrees to give up her friend Brandi for a 100 dollar gift card to Sam’s, a free tank of gas and whatever drugs she can get off Brandi before the bounty hunters execute this sting operation.
    photo 5
    Kicking in the hotel room’s front door, Brandi is captured by Felix and Mike while children from the age of ten down to two cry and huddle in the corners in fear.
    Photo 6
    Offering to give Felix her mother’s van, Brandi begs him to let her go.
    photo 7
    Riding next to a handcuffed Brandi in the back of the car. The 23-year-old blonde looks like a child. Six counts of credit card fraud and captured while dealing drugs tells me otherwise.
    Photo 8
    Asking for a last smoke, Brandi struggles with her handcuffs while digesting the news from Mike that she is “no longer eligible for parole and will be going to jail, proper.”

  • August1st

    In this episode of LIFE ADDICT…

    We travel to visit a CARE psychosocial program in the area of Haiti known as Carrefour. CARE has created a safe place for the Haitian community to come, express itself and find ways to heal after the disastrous earthquake. In this story, we see healing in action. This is a clear example of the CARE organization’s mandate to empower and elevate locals to leadership positions within their communities. I.E.: Teach a man/woman to fish…

    Thanks to everyone at CARE, H. SELLERS & @sanlin.