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  • February27th

    on line communion host johnny colt jogos casino online

    news from the rockstar supernova tour Bonus Fara Depunere

    lukas rossi missing myspace page

    tommy lee.tv

    story @ horses and rich robinson from the blackcrowes

    pat monahan from train

    the latest from sirjohnnycolt

  • February19th


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    vancouver !!!!!

    back in canada !!!!!

    where the love rains supreme………………..

    the best shows of the tour still 2 come

    we will be blowin it up tonight

    all love


  • February19th

    john rallo - security for rockstar supernova talks @ life with tommy lee, lukas rosie, gilby clarke and johnny colt - john shares his experience as a cage fighter and owner of baltimores premier mixed martial arts school - ground control



  • February16th

  • February7th

    on the tour bus with Rockstar Supernova
    johnny colt interviews jimmy stewart
    talking @ life as an entertainment manager
    Tommy Lee and other favorites

  • February3rd

    maryland S.W.A.T. team member shares a candid and personal look at his life in law enforcement

    backstage at the ROCKSTAR SUPERNOVA show - I invited bob to join me on the couch at the Borgata in Atlantic City

    rare talk with an everyday hero !!!!!!!