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  • May21st

    monks prep me for my skull tattoo jogos casino online


  • May18th

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  • May17th

  • May16th


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    Oh you persistent angle
    You are no hellhound
    You are horror in all white

    Why insist there is light inside me
    I am of the dark, I’ve come to accept - why not you ?

    I cannot withstand a direct screening of your face
    No capacity
    I will shatter like a mirror
    Like a glass

    Church pews and hymnals
    Were a cold hand pointing you out ( an upside down clarion call )
    Lifesavers are the eucharist

    The dumb down depictions cover the church walls
    stealing your ability to be attractive

    This nervous system is fragile
    Vintage wiring lost all insulation
    Living with a tooth freshly pulled

  • May13th

    Blocked a flying head kick !!!

    Better my hand than my kneck

  • May13th

    Rope fight

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    These are the rope marks left on my skull after being hammered by a flying elbow
    Muay korat style

  • May13th

    Muay boran

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    The kernal
    And C 45

    Blowin it up in thailand !!!!

  • May12th

    Sukhumvit road

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    On the way to see thai fights
    - rajadumnurn stadium

  • May12th

    tommy and JC.jpg

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  • May11th

    Skull tattoo

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