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  • December18th

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    my eyes open, it feels like i have been run through the stomach with a flaming spear. my ears are dead. the EMT hovering over me hasn’t had a shave in days. i am strapped down to a gurney. the wires, cables and cords inside the ambulance are swaying like the branches of a willow tree. The EMT is talking on a phone attached to the wall of the ambulance. he looks stressed. i hear nothing and everything goes from fuzzy to black and the pain goes away. i go away. There is nothing. just the abyss.

    my eyes open, indescribable pain, feel like i have been shot in the stomach. the EMT stares me in the face. We must be only 3 inches apart nose to nose. He is talking to me but i do not understand a word. a cabinet in the ceiling flies open and medical supplies spread like confetti. i can read the cursing on the EMT’s lips. grabbing my collar he is shaking and yelling in my deaf face when, like an arrow striking a target my ears burst open. loud. everything is so loud. the EMT screams jogos casino online

    EMT Bonus Fara Depunere

    Sir, sir, what type of drugs have you been taking…..drugs ! what kind…. it is important i know what type

    with what feels like the strength it must take those Irish fuckers to throw those telephone poles in the highland games i unleash one word




    Thirteen pills? What kind of pills sir…

    fuzzy to black i fall back – the sweet abyss – a total blank – once again i am completely gone.

    my eyes open, the pain is back. this time i can hear and i am sure i can talk. the EMT is on the phone calling in my stats when The sound of the drivers voice comes barreling through the chaos. the conversation on the phone has jumped from vitals to directions. for a second i watch the willow tree of medical supplies swaying and then it hits me hard. WHAT THE FUCK, i am dying. right now. And these son of a bitches are lost. This realization pulls me into a solid consciousness. My head pops up and i yell

    You guys are fucking lost?

    slamming down the phone the EMT says in an authoritative voice.

    We just got turned around

    Turned around my lilly white ass you cock-suckers, i twist sideways and the straps pull tight. It feels like someone is turning the sword in my belly. Hey driver where the fuck are we!


    Heading north on Piedmont ( shouts )


    Turn left at the Gold Club


    The what club? ( shouts even louder)


    Just turn left between the huge strip club and the MARTA train station on Lindbergh – when that dead ends -  it will put you out near the hospital


    Got it!

    i take my first real look around. The ambulance is a stone cold dump. This thing hasn’t been used since the eighties. The EMT suddenly dives into my face


    Sir, it is very important you stay conscious – serve abdominal trauma and loss of consciousness can lead to a coma so s-t-a-y with me O.K.

    a coma? you gotta be shitting me. Your fucking A right i will stay with ya. I think about my kids. i hope they are o.k. The EMT is looking for something he clearly cannot find. He complains nonstop about the condition of the ambulance and apparently their is a piece of standard operating equipment that is sorely needed to help me and the thing, this THING is no where to be found. a coma suddenly seems like an alternative to the combination of massive pain mixed with a comedy of errors.


    Hold on!

    A hard and fast left turn frees my mind to wander off…………. I begin to image myself a combat soldier wounded in the line of duty. The swaying of the ambulance at high speed helps me pretend i am in a chopper over Vietnam. i was shot in the stomach by a twelve year old NVC boy and the fresh face kid who was all i had left of my squad had successfully called in our EVAC. Looking down over the landing rails of the helicopter i can see through tracer bullets from small arms fire that hordes of malnourished NVC are cutting through our purple signal smoke and are over running our position. Thank god’ we just made it out.

    the sands of my mind shift a bit more…….

    i land on tour. the year before my band TRAIN and i performed for the troops at all the main military bases in the U.S, and Hawaii. This was during the early stages of the second Iraqi war. It was an amazing experience and i was exposed to the loss of life that comes with being in the military at times of direct conflict. Before my mind can make any sense of these thoughts and why i would be thinking about them while dying in the back of an ambulance the sound of the siren slices my skull and i hear the EMT saying into the phone we are ETA 2 minutes out with an overdose victim………………..  i feel my self falling backward again off the cliff and into the sweet inky black i go possibly forever.

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  • November27th

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    The sheep, the dog

    and the wolf

    The grudge fuck – moral chaos of the undefined animal -

    does the sheep get a bone ?  why did the wolf not have

    the front desk hold his calls ?

    PART 1

    The conversation


    The night was hot and sweaty; but how would the wolf know ?  he is

    between the high thread count sheets in his overly air conditioned hotel room.

    The Wolfs fangs had just hit the over stuffed pillows when, for a second, he

    mistook the ringing of the telephone for the ringing in his ears. That nights show

    at the coliseum had been LOUD and the wolf had his amplifiers volumes turned

    up to stun !

    It is 3 a.m. as the hotel phone continues to shout. The wolf knew

    better but responsibility demanded he pick up the receiver.  He recognizes the voice on the

    other end of the phone instantly.  A

    flash of lightning electrifies the room. Followed by the boom of distant thunder.

    Ring…. Ring….. ring…..

    wolf – what’s up

    sheep -  she says she wants to come up to my room

    wolf – who ?

    sheep – our guitar players girl friend

    wolf – what ?

    sheep – she is so hot man, what should I do

    wolf -  really ?

    sheep – yea what do I do? What would you do ?

    wolf – if I were you ?

    sheep – yea, listen I gotta call her back, she is close to

    the hotel and waiting. I need an answer.

    wolf – waiting where ?

    sheep – around the corner at a bar.

    wolf – hold on – I don’t understand – where is guitar boy ?

    Sheep – he has those two sisters in his room

    Wolf – the ones from he meet and greet ?

    Sheep – and their friend

    Wolf – their friend !  Christ, He is such an animal.

    sheep – what do you think I should do ?

    wolf – um, alright hold on – Lets slow it down – weight the

    positives and negatives

    sheep – o k, cool, cool

    wolf -  right, sounds like a grudge fuck

    sheep – what does that mean ?

    wolf -  what do you mean – what does that mean ?

    sheep – ( pause )……. I mean what the fuck do you mean ?

    wolf – she is pissed at our guitar boy so she is gonna throw

    her leg over him by fucking you. If she comes up to your

    room it is sure to be a nasty no holds barred sexathon. A

    Grudge fuck can be good stuff but, I’m worried you may be

    able to hold up your end.

    sheep -  I don’t think it’s like that. She said she had

    always been into me and that her thing with guitar boy was

    just to get close to me…………….

    wolf -  do not tell me you think the only reason she has

    been with our guitar player all this time was to get close

    to you !

    sheep – that is what she said.

    Wolf -  what are you thinking, this broad is gonna be your

    girl friend ? Snap out of it for fucks sake. Listen, it is

    classic move. She gets guitar boy back by the ultimate power

    move, She bones you, there by one upping him. right, she

    humps the singer. In the end she gives both of you the kiss

    off and leaves the band in turmoil for her trouble……… I

    gotta say I applaud her audacity………though she scores low

    in originality.

    sheep – what do you think our guitar player would say ?

    wolf – would we be having this conversation if you really

    cared ?

    sheep – ( indignant ) you know he would do it to me !

    wolf- no doubt, without thinking twice.

    sheep – he will try and fuck anything with a heartbeat.

    wolf – and a few things with out…….

    Wolf – look, here is the down and dirty, crazy sex for all

    the wrong reasons.  Weigh that against your guitar player

    possibly beating your ass, he never trust you again and

    stops talking to you. On second thought that could go into

    the positive column actually. The way I see it is simple,

    this whole situation boils down to lose a friend vs

    potential “ best of ” highlite reel fornication.

    sheep – this is by far the best looking girl guitar boy has

    ever gone out with. Why is he running around on her ? For

    fucks sake did you see those girls he took up to his room ?

    Wolf – he is absolutely pathological when it comes to

    vagina , never under estimate the power of strange pussy.

    Sheep – I think I gotta say no – it is just to crazy

    wolf -  wait, your saying no ?

    sheep – You think I should say yes ? it is complicated

    suddenly ? ( angry ) if this were flipped around He would so

    do it to me!

    wolf – Are you sure your not just sexually frightened of

    that girl – Intimated – performance anxiety perhaps

    Singer – ( indignant ) no……. not a chance

    wolf – shit ! I would be if I were you……… with her motives,

    any damn thing could happen in your bedroom.

    Singer – umm…. .I gotta call her back

    Wolf – she will wait, trust me.

    Singer – are you fucking with me ?!

    Wolf – come on, this is way to serious to fuck around.

    Really, you really want to know what I would do…………………..o.k.

    You should have her up to your room. Pull out all the

    stops, ,tell her your kinky and you wanna play games, run

    with the whole singer thing and put on a big show. Enjoy the

    hell out of yourself and tie her up in the process, she will

    love it. Give her the high hard one and when you have

    wrapped up your man business leave her tied up and call down

    grab guitar boys room.  Tell him you have to see him right

    away. When he gets there you can show them both who they

    have been truly dating. For the first time they can really

    see who each other are. Really you have done them a favor.

    As a matter of fact here is a huge chance they will get back

    together or, guitar boy will seriously want to fight you.

    Either way it will work itself out from there.

    sheep – are you out of your fucking mind !

    wolf -  too over the top ?

    sheep –   jesus man what is wrong with you.

    wolf – look, it is perfect. Frankly it is a master piece.

    You get your freak on, old girl learns a lesson and guitar

    boy gets gets a black eye for behaving like a scoundrel. He

    isn’t the only one who can act like a dog. This is a great

    opportunity for you to flex your singer muscle and show

    dominance over the group as it’s leader. really everybody

    wins. You just gotta have the balls to pull it off.

    sheep – Your fucking crazy!  What if……. um….Should I call

    guitar boy and tell him first ?

    Wolf – ( sarcastic ) hey that sounds like a great idea. What

    I think you should  remember is the only two people in the

    whole  world who are gonna know about this… are you and me

    and I aint saying shit to nobody.

    sheep – really ?  Alright I’m calling her.

    wolf – hey you know if the guitar player starts beating you

    I cant jump in and break it up. At least not until it is

    bloody enough to effect our ability to do shows………

    ( dial tone )


    The wolf unplugs the phone from the wall and kills the lights. the sound of rain

    taps the windows.  The brilliance of downtown gives his room a mellow glow. The

    wolf feasts on the weakness of the sheep.  Closing his eyes and with a gentle smile

    the wolf draws power from the mischief and enjoys the idea of himself as a

    whirling dervish of subtle mayhem.  The dog and the sheep dance at the end of

    the puppeteers strings and into the wolfs dreams………..

    PART 2

    The Take away  :

    Q. am I going to sleep with my best friends girl friend.

    A. ?

    The answer to this question has to be a reflex before the

    opportunity presents it self.  One needs to know where their values lie

    before the pussy is actually staring them  directly in the face.  the almighty

    power of the yoni is never to be underestimated and certainly never to be

    trusted.  This is serious business, for as rock star there will be a lot of rogue

    vajayjay throwing itself your way.

    PART 3

    The white letter ( from the author )

    The White Letter remains a vehicle by which I can convey my thoughts or views to SELF

    MADE  Commanders on subjects of current interest. These letters are not intended to supplant or

    duplicate current SELF MADE directives.  If the topic requires long term attention, it will

    become the subject of, or be incorporated in, an appropriate directive.

    The sheep ( omega )

    Wait for me

    Sheep have a strong instinct to follow the sheep in front of them. When one sheep decides to go

    somewhere, the rest of the flock usually follows, even if it is not a good “decision.” For example,

    sheep will follow each other to slaughter. If one sheep jumps over a cliff, the others are likely to

    follow. Even from birth, lambs are conditioned to follow the older members of the flock. This

    instinct is “hard-wired” into sheep. It’s not something they “think” about.


    The Omega of the pack is lowest ranking wolf, only higher then the pups. The Omega is

    usually a wolf that is either very new to packlife and still learning or a wolf that has been

    lowered in rank due to wrong actions. They are usually given the responsibilities of

    ‘puppy-sitter’, watching over the cubs during group hunts and making sure they don’t

    wander into the forest. The Omega may even growl or nip at the learning pups, teaching

    them the Way of the Pack and their place within the hierarchy. Ironically, other adult

    wolves may growl or nip at the Omega in the same manner for the same reasons. Still

    what seems to be ‘bullying’ is much more complicated than it appears. If a pack’s

    survival depends on the acceptance of hierarchy, then it is crucial to learn this well and


    The singer in the dialog above is a sheep and an omega. As the

    lead singer, His natural ability along with the industry standard have

    thrust him in the position of leadership. This leadership position is

    bestowed without regard to weather the individual has the slightest

    capacity for the job. Much of rock n roll is pure instinct. all the homework

    and influence in the world can rarely correct an artist with poor instincts,

    Regardless of the size of talent. The fact that one is dominant in one

    specific area of the science does not automatically mean that that

    individual has the capability to dominate in all areas of the science.

    Any pack that has an omega in the position of an alpha is bound for chaos

    and a general lack of success. When the sheep tries to captain,  This

    invariably leads to a musical group having a prolonged and constant

    identity crisis among a maelstrom of problems.

    The dog :

    Pack Members:

    Not all wolves hold positions, either for being new additions to the pack or not having

    defined their abilities yet. The Alpha(s) take great care in selection of which position a

    wolf will be allowed to maintain. As the pack members gain time in the pack, their

    actions will dictate if they are to be advanced.

    the guitar player in our story fits the roll of the dog to

    perfection. Behaving as though he is a young teenage boy who, having been

    cut loose in a vulva flavored candy store, has his hands in all the jars at

    once. Clearly he will insert himself, sans discretion, into any orifice that

    winks Into his horizon.

    In short the guitar player has achieved the allusion of rock, but

    not rock itself. In the case of this dogs behavior it is anemic in its lack of

    ability to break ground or provoke thought. True to his nature as a pack

    animal the dog is a follower and without the presence of an Alpha animal

    quickly becomes a burden to himself and those that surround him.  The

    dogs strength comes from the middle of the pack lifestyle and living in the

    den of mediocrity. The creature finds comfort from cliche and repetition.

    The SELF MADE philosophy and its goal rejects the dog as an outdated and

    inferior behavioral model. However the philosophy does except the dog and

    its role as a vital part of the greater rock n roll eco-system.

    Outlier effect :

    There is, strangely enough, a twisted positive component to the

    guitar players behavior. One that at first is not obvious.  One that qualifies,

    in a strange way, as to draw ones sense of admiration.  It turns out that the

    guitar players stunted emotional development has created for himself, a

    pathological pelvic need for vaginal volume. This results in a lowering of

    the general standard for female fuck-ability across the board.  The defect

    inversely benefits Girls both young and old who, regardless of body mass

    index now have what was here to now an unthinkable experience, the

    ability to be on the receiving end of rockstar prick.

    The wolf ( alpha  )


    The Alphas are the most dominate and respected wolves of the pack. If these two

    Alphas are not given the respect that they deserve, they will demand it, and if it comes

    to fighting, so be it, for disrespect will not be tolerated. If these two Alphas see that

    another wolf is not getting respect that they deserve, then they will see that that wolf

    does get the respect that he or she deserves. The Alphas try to know what has been

    going on between members of the pack and, moreover, between members of other

    packs; they try to “keep up with the times.” Alphas have the final say in all decisions,

    and it is their duty to do what is good for the pack. Even in personal decisions, they

    must do what is best for the pack. This includes hearing the opinions of all the others

    and making a decision based on all circumstances. They usually decide what goes on

    at any given time in a pack: hunting, exploring, meetings, etc. These two are the most

    responsible and reliable wolves of the pack. The female is in charge of females, and the

    male is in charge of the males; however, both Alphas will be equally respected by all

    wolves, regardless of gender, age, pack, etc.

    Through out the kingdom of rock n roll the animal packs run

    wild. predators from every direction fight for territory and position in this

    forest of fame. Howling,  these vocal beasts mark there creative


    In this story the wolf,s interaction with the sheep we have An

    example of an animal who’s steely eyed devilment make a toy out of his

    prey, reminiscent of a cat casually playing with a freshly dead mouse. True

    to his breed our wolf is in constant motion searching for prey. An

    opportunistic feeder,  the first sign of weakness by an individual and, that

    individual becomes targeted as prey. Weather through straight forward

    aggression or subtle manipulation, the predator moves with purpose and

    cunning and will never pass up an opportunity to dominate the field.

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    part 1

    a piston inhale followed by a forced exhale creates a clockwork rattle through the interior space.  the japanese robot breathing heavily in the corner is the oxygen machine helping my mother stay alive. it is 3:58 am, first night home from the hospital. after having a third of her lung removed the women is cancer free. modern science makes it possible to be back home in your bed with in four days of prying open your chest and carving up the slop that must be lung tissue.

    blurry eyed sitting on the couch i type. to my left are half a dozen metal canisters, two and a half feet tall and  8 inch in diameter. these canisters fit in A two wheeled metal stroller with a single handle for convenient pushing. This is my mothers new appendage like an arm or a leg, she will wheel her oxygen with her everywhere she goes. a plastic tube wrapped around her ears and bifurcating her face laterally as the tube finds it’s final destination in her nose.

    staring at the oxygen i decide to try it out and hook my self up ……… i have writing to do, my agent wants to know what this book is about and when she is gonna get whatever the hell i am writing. My lawyer wants to know why everything i write is so bitter. he say,s where is the like able guy i see on t v.. i have decisions to make, i have deadlines to meet. i am exhausted and in the end, i am footing the bill for this very expensive air my uninsured mom suddenly needs, why the fuck not tie in and boost up a bit.

    as a drug addict somethings never change. for example, earlier tonight while i was standing in line at the pharmacy i spent that time creating different scenarios to steal my moms pain medication. i had just finished a plan to ration half her dope for my self then subdivide my half and sell it on the street. i was just pocketing the imaginary cash when the pharmacist asked if a generic brand of oxycotton would be o k, boy would it. currently i have 13 years sober but my brain works exactly the same as when i was at my highest – from a file drawer deep in my head i hear David Byrnes talking head saying “ same as it ever was, same as it ever was “.


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    blood symphony in B minor

    1. Opening montage – wide shot – daytime – grey – snow covered forest
    2. V.O. ( adult augustus )

    The land of our fathers descended into a period of the deepest vulgarity. At its center was its leader, radiating stupidity and death in every direction.  There became no mystery as to why the universe hates us so much.  We were arrogant enough to think the gods needed our help.  A religion as dark as the devil himself had taken hold and once its steely fangs developed the lust for blood, there was no end.

    1. Ext scene

    A Burning village is scattered with small piles of dead bodies. A ragged and filthy German soldier uses rusty pliers to extract the gold teeth out of a dead mans skull. Commander Klaus in full SS officer uniform, casually strolls into the scene He drinks from a bottle of wine and wears an eye patch with a bandage underneath, indicating a recent wound. He has brown hair, a brown eye,and his olive complexion is anything but Nordic.


    Would your Furher approve of this behavior?

    1. Ext scene

    Filthy German soldier drops the pliers and gold teeth and jumps up to salute.

    Filthy soldier

    Hiel Hitler !


    ( dismissive ) Take me to pick up commander Henrich’s team.

    1. EXT SCENE

    Klaus jumps into the front seat of the half track vehicle and slams the door.

    1. Ext scene

    Cut to : The tailgate of the half track drops and freezing German soldiers start rushing to jump into the mobile shelter.

    1. Ext scene

    The filthy German soldier pours thick black coffee into crude cans held by Commanders Henrich and Klaus.  The men take turns standing by the tailpipe of the half track in an attempt to warm themselves by the engine.




    I’m missing two jews and all you have is footprints !


    I do not have a taste for it. You do not need me. Send for Mienhardt and his dogs.


    ( Klaus pointing at his injured eye ) You’re the one with all the medals for marksmanship.  Blame your father,  What a perfect soldier he trained you to be.


    (Drinking coffee while rhythmically tapping his fingers on the mug.)

    1. Scene – A – flash back – deer hunt

    A beautiful female deer struggles to get off the ground She has been visibly shot.

    1. Scene – B – flash back

    Henrich is a boy. His father has taken him deer hunting and is instructing him on how to finish his first big game kill. His father whispers in his ear as Henrich cries while watching the deer struggle.

    Henrich father

    Take your time, relax, it must be perfect.

    It must be a shot to the head son.  Instant death is the only mercy you can gives this animal

    1. Ext Scene

    Henrich turns his back and waves off Klaus.


    No those two will be a block of ice by midnight. Nothing can survive out here.


    We will finish what we started.


    Do we have to kill every jew ourselves? Even death itself is growing tired of our help…..


    Henrich you are testing my patience.  I am growing tired of your foul moods.  Now lets go.


    Must I remind you, it’s your sloppy work at the village that has my men out in the middle of nowhere freezing to death.


    If every soldier in this army were like me, we would have won this war long ago.

    1. Ext scene

    The last soldier runs to the half track with a shovel. The soldier addresses Klaus with a salute then throws the shovel into the half track full of men. Henrich stops the soldier.


    Wait,  lift your cap……What is your name?


    Augustus Bruckner sir.


    How old are you?


    Sixteen sir.


    Klaus, When did this soldier arrive?


    Four days ago.  I gave him a solid beating for clarity.

    1. Int scene flashback

    Flash to Klaus shirtless smacking Augustus with the back of his hand. Augustus falls to the concrete floor of a cell naked and shaking violently. Blood pours from his nose. A bucket of water hits him in the chest.


    (Almost to himself) of course you did.

    ( To augustus ) where are you from


    Dresden sir.


    Ah.  Are your parents alive?


    No sir.


    Any relatives?


    Grandfather sir.




    After my home and parents were lost in the Dresden firebombing, I traveled to Munich to find him. Never did, the neighbors said he was sent to the Russian front.


    Right. Get the sniper rifle.  Make sure you have ammunition. Collect our skis, and do not leave my side.


    Klaus sharpens his bayonet with a small piece of soap stone that fits in his palm. The bayonet is unique.  It has a serrated cutting edge and is much longer than that of the other soldiers.  Henrich motions for klaus to step away from the half track to speak in private.


    He is not old enough to have had a woman! Is this what this war has come to?  They send boys to serve in the SS?


    According to his file; homeless, caught stealing food by an SS officer.  The officer tried to beat him and the boy killed the officer with his bare hands right on the street in broad daylight. Impressive really.

    1. Scene

    The roar of the half tracks begins as they lumber away conspicuously. Klaus hangs on to the side of the half track vehicle. He waves and grins as the vehicle rides up a steep hill to the tree line.

    1. Scene

    The half track vehicle is crowded with soldiers. A brief dialog begins.

    Soldier 1 young

    Commander Klaus is insane! Has he always been like this?

    Soldier 2 older

    Listen boy.  You keep your mouth shut. Klaus will kill you for far less than what you just said.

    Soldier 3

    We have watched this routine with missing jews for years now.

    Soldier 4 ( old dog )

    Listen kid.  Have you had a close look at Klaus’ bayonet ? He created that himself.  Only the most vicious of the ancient samurai would use that type of weapon design.  The serrated cutting edge creates a greater exit wound thereby severely increasing the victims pain. It serves no other purpose but the absence of mercy.

    Soldier 3

    Klaus would impale his own mother with that monstrosity.

    1. Scene

    Cut to a view of the truck turning and heading out of view.  Klaus skis into the woods.

    1. Scene

    Henrich and Augustus sit in a fox hole deep in the snow. Henrich  makes adjustments to the sniper rifle and Augustus adjusts their skis. Henrich pulls out a flask, takes a drink, hands it to Augustus who appears unsure.  Henrich waves his hand for him to drink.  Henrich throws the bolt on his rifle open and pulls the cover of the scope indicating the weapons is ready.  He rests the rifle at his side and takes another long drink from the flask. He shivers from the cold, pulls his hood over his eyes, and folds his arms to wait.


    Some of the men said you won a medal skiing in Berlin.  Is that true?


    Do you enjoy skiing?


    Very much.


    Well, it was mandatory for athletes to join the SS in order to compete in the Olympics. It was an optimistic time.


    It wont be long.   Keep your eyes on the field.

    1. Scene

    A wide shot of an expansive snow covered forest.


    A loud sharp cracking sound precedes an eruption of snow ( powder ) falling off the low branches of a tree.


    That’s us……Time to go to work.


    There are two people crossing the field.    It looks like a man and a woman……She is carrying something?

    1. Scene

    Henrich prepares to shoot.  He looks into the scope view.  A shot of the trigger squeeze as he sights on the man crossing the field.


    Augustus follow the man and confirm the kill.

    1. Scene

    A bullet hits the back of the man’s head and flies out of the ocular cavity.  A splatter of pink bloody mist fills the air.

    1. Scene

    The woman screams for the man to get up. She is tightly clutching  a bag in front of her chest with both of her arms. There is blood all over the snow and her face.  She looks around franticly and starts to run.

    1. scene

    In the foxhole the soldiers reload in  preparation for next shot.


    They try to move too quickly and it  actually slows them………..


    Commander Klaus is crossing the field.


    The beast wants to feed

    1. Scene

    A scope view of Klaus skiing full speed. Cut to Klaus breaking out of the woods.

    1. Scene

    Henrich throws the rifle bolt closed.  Klaus moves in on the woman. Henrich abruptly shoots before he is fully prepared.

    1. Scene

    The woman is shot in the shoulder.  She is knocked off of her feet.  An apple-sized chunk of her shoulder flesh goes flying and the bag drops out of her arms and lands out in front of her. The bag slides forward a distance before it stops on the ice covered ground.

    1. Scene

    A shot of the bag on the ice. There is a great deal of movement inside the bag.

    1. Scene

    In the foxhole, Henrich looks out at the field and panics as he  reloads his weapon.


    Confirm the kill………..( no response from Augustus ) Confirm the kill ! ( shouting )


    She is getting up !


    How far is klaus……how far! ..God damn you!

    1. Scene

    A scope view of Klaus crossing the field quickly. henrich aims the cross hairs dead on klaus’ head.

    1. Scene

    Henrich’s right hand on the trigger trembles.

    1. Scene ext – flashback

    A sunny summer day reveals a Polish farm. In the barn, a young Klaus is raping a young peasant girl.

    1. Scene ext –

    Henrich watches the scene through the gaps in the boards that make up the barn walls.

    1. Scene int of barn

    On her knees bent over klaus thrusting into her backside, his pants at his ankles hanging over his jack boots. His shirt unbuttoned and covering most of his ass. The girl is in a catatonic  from the violence, a rag doll Making no sound

    1. Scene int barn

    Cut to henrich holding a gun to the back of Klaus’s head.


    You filthy pig, kill her already


    ( Still thrusting and laughing ) This is holy work. Do not be jealous. As a matter of fact, you can be next.


    Klaus I will shoot you if you don’t end this barbarity .


    ...this piece of shit should be honored. the last thing she will feel is the hot butter of the Reich’ finest up her backside. ( bang )

    1. Scene int barn

    ( BANG )Henrich shoots the girl in the back of the head.  Klaus instantly turns and throws Henrich to the floor.

    1. Scene int floor of barn

    Klaus holds Henrich by the neck to the dirt floor and has his huge custom bayonet pointed at Henrichs face which is dripping with sweat.


    You seemed much less judgmental when I stopped that whores father from killing you.


    ( choking ) You’re a fucking animal!


    The stench of that rotting jew will be perfume to our God’s nose…You are as responsible for this blood symphony as I !

    1. Scene int floor barn

    Klaus slices open Henrich’s right cheek with the bayonet.


    Maybe this will help you take ownership.


    (Screams)  Aaaaaaagh !!!

    1. Scene ext winter

    Inside the foxhole, we see the scar on henrich’s cheek as he carefully aims the weapon with focus.


    Sir, What is that sound?


    The hound of hell is at our door step.

    1. Scene

    The woman attempts to stand. She is disoriented and screaming. She stands and turns in  circles looking for the bag.  The back of her head comes off as blood splatters everywhere.

    1. Scene

    Blood hits Klaus as he skis up to scene……klaus sees the bag.


    ( screams ) Henrich !!

    1. Scene

    Henrich clips in his last ski and heads out of the fox hole in the directions of the victims.  In a feverish pace he heads into the heavy snow.





    1. Scene

    Klaus picks up the bag.

    1. Scene

    Henrich skis up to the scene and drops to his knees out of breath  ( snowing falls heavily ).

    1. Scene

    Klaus holds up in his left hand.  By the feet, he is holding a naked infant like a chicken.  (The baby is wailing ).  In his right hand he holds the empty bag which he then tosses at Henrich.


    You.  You always were soft. I have been keeping you alive since Poland –


    Please, Klaus for God’s sake…put the child down.


    God !  He sent me here to save him the trouble of killing these filthy little rats.


    Stop it. You sound like our instructors from school !!  What did that get us?  Look around you. Where is the utopia your Furher promised us? Years of dealing out death with no honor….Killing unarmed civilians, women and children…..I can’t close my eyes without the faces coming after me.


    Your a Zionist and I will rip that sacrilegious tongue right out of that jew loving skull of yours.


    You’re a madman and a fool if you do not think I will kill you where you stand.


    God will thank me for my dedication. And in the end,   you will too my friend.

    1. Scene

    Klaus positions himself as if to throw the child in the air and impale her. He extends his rifle in the air like a flag pole.

    1. Scene

    Henrich draws his side arm and aims directly at Klaus’ head.

    1. Scene

    Klaus grins psychotically.


    VERBOTEN !!!

    1. Scene

    Augustus arrives on skis.

    1. Scene

    Henrich shoots Klaus between the eyes.  Klaus drops the rifle.  Still smiling he falls back stiff as a board onto the snow.

    1. Scene

    Henrich drops to his knees. His lugar is smoking.  He begins to cry.

    1. Scene – flashback

    Henrich swims in a beautiful German lake. The sun is shining through the trees; green, yellow, and red.   He is waving to his parents who are sitting on a picnic blanket and smiling. Suddenly, something is pulling Henrich under the water. He thrashes to stay above the water. His parents just keep smiling and waving. His head goes under the water line and out of sight.

    1. Scene – wide shot

    Wide profile shot of four dead bodies.  Henrich is on his knees straight and proud as the back of his head goes flying off.

    1. Scene – winter

    Cut to : (BANG) Henrich, still on his knees with a gun in his mouth.  The gun is still smoking as his eyes roll back in his head looking toward the grey sky.

    1. Scene

    Augustus picks up the crying infant and the bag.  He carefully places the infant in the bag and as he gazes at the infant she stops crying.  While maintaining hold of the infant, Augustus takes off his hat and SS overcoat. He puts on the coat and hat that formerly belonged to the infant’s father. He pulls a locket from the mothers neck.  He looks at a photograph  of the parents inside the locket before placing it in his overcoat pocket. He secures the infant beneath his overcoat, places the sniper rifle on his shoulder, and skis off. Shot tracks him skiing into the distance as his skis carve two long lines into the snow.

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