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Johnny Colt’s LIFE ADDICT present…..

A round table conversation with Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson, Darryl Carpenter and Ronnie bell.

Sheriff Adkinson explains that BP are controlling the Coast Guard and that this act is violating the constitutional laws of the state of Florida.

This multiple episode interview was conducted this morning and is hot of the press….

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  • Comment by Kevin George — June 18, 2010 @ 4:34 pm

    We will be in the Gulf tomorrow and have a product approved by USCG for use in all other oil spills except this one. The President of the Murrehnil Coproration will be with us with his Rapid Oil Containment Barrier System. It is the craziest thing trying to get products and new technology to be used in the Gulf. We are going to be doing demo’s on the beach around Gulf Shores if you would like to come see the ROC in action. Any help or support you can give would be appreciated.

    Kevin George
    Green Boating USA, LLC

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