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  • Comment by Kim — January 30, 2010 @ 8:17 pm

    God, I love this show!

  • Comment by Dutch Michaels — January 30, 2010 @ 10:20 pm

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  • Comment by Sanlin — January 31, 2010 @ 2:28 am

    Yayyyy! *owlish happy dance of joy & victory… which, technically speaking, is a ‘Snoopy dance’ from the Peanuts cartoon-delivered with copious feathers and great panache* ^^ Thank you for posting this, Johnny. It was worth months of waiting to see this show. I honestly thought I might have to journey to Travel Channel HQ way down South and stare at them with sad Owlish eyes and an ever-so-slight beak tremble until they went into the vaults & let me see a copy of AFV. This was also a much easier viewing format than trying to break the inscrutable password encryption on a rare video compression format. ^^ I’m not shabby when it comes to computers and technology, but I’m not… er… *Jane* Bond ^^ or on the payroll of the NSA, either. ^^ LOL The show is fabulous! I wish there was a whole pile of new episodes that I could watch. I’d love to hear about your adventures on Mount Olympus & see you travel to the four corners of the world. I hope you continue to travel, regardless, and keep voraciously collecting unique experiences with integrity, passion, intent, zest for life, celebration of music and an insatiable thirst for knowledge and enlightenment. Loved getting to see the Thai musical instruments being made… you were creating some extraordinarily pretty notes with your new ‘mystical’ instrument. I think you’d be equally enraptured by music from areas such as South America, the Middle East and Africa. And, hey, now you know what to do with any old bike cables… turn them into finely seasoned strings. The Thai language sounds virtually as complex as Chinese… with different pronunciations for the exact same spelling of various words. You might be saying “mother” or “horse” depending on your intonation… and I could see that being an issue for language students (or son-in-laws. ^^) It was funny watching you ‘negotiating’ the rules for the invisible tattoo… “Hey, wait a minute… I don’t want to give *that* up. Oh, okay, it’s about *intent.*” The sea cliffs for your deep water solo were beautiful and showed your tenacity & determination to dig deep & achieve victory. King Cobra segment… eek. ^^ Well, at least you only broke some bones (your hand, when you’re a musician… sigh… even though I know it was an honor and privilege to have your butt handed to you by that school’s fiercest young tiger ^^) & didn’t wind up having to try out how efficacious the local antivenin remedies are purported to be… ^^ I didn’t hear you speaking in tongues, but maybe you *did* go into a bit of a trance-or get caught up in the moment, at least. ^^ I don’t think your snake-handling Southern kin ever played with King Cobras-point for you on that one. This show is, far and away, more enjoyable than anything else I’ve seen on travel channels. You and your crew did a wonderful job & I wish there were more episodes. But, as long as you keep traveling, learning, adventuring and living with authenticity, intensity, energy and integrity (ummm… for a Pirate, that is… I’m sure there’s a *loophole* there, somewhere ^^), that’s what truly matters. You achieved what you set out to accomplish and made discoveries along your journey and within yourself that will be invaluable for life. {{{Johnny}}}

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