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Triumphal poem

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U can’t really understand bukowski until yer a 40 year old man - had a horrible drinking problem and life has kicked you in the teeth at least a few times…..everybody read it when they were young thinking they were down - in fact it was an accessory - we weren’t down, we were punks - bukowski’s voice turned out to be an inheritance to help cope with the shit…..the road map of life in a right hook to the jaw
Kerouac is fluff - pages to wipe your ass with….I know shoot me- I’m obnoxious but the fact is he is one degree away from residing in the trust fund endless summer cut out bin
Beaudelaire is a fork tongued bastard with a mind so sharp One can only think of the ginsu knife cutting through a soda can in one motion - This motherfucker gets banned from a whole country by a 3 page intro to his book - Rockstar ? YES No one fucks with the reader more……… Unfortunately he is French scum and a queer Who loves to fuck with his face ( not that there Is anything wrong with that )
What else u got……….bring it on - ill dot your eye and bite off your ear

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  • Comment by Kim — November 8, 2009 @ 6:34 pm

    I’ve never read Bukowski. Off to put a hold on some items at the library.

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