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We have a link in this weeks newsletter to your rehearsal space Thunderbox
studios can you tell us a little what that business is about?

Thunderbox Myspace:

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  • Comment by Sanlin — August 11, 2007 @ 6:58 am

    Ultra cool, Johnny. At the heart of things, that’s what you and your boys are all about: making things better. A lot of people are successful in business. There are plenty of moguls and tycoons. But, it’s the *way* you guys do business-your mission statements; groundbreaking ideas; compassionate care; clarity of vision and dedication to families, musicians and your community-that set you apart from everyone else. You revitalize what is dilapidated, fix what is broken, heal what is hurt and protect what is vulnerable. I’ve read about the consideration and planning that went into making Thunderbox Studios the marvel of design, utility, safety and ergonomics it is, today. I was so impressed by people’s reactions to Ted for his work at Thunderbox that I immediately flew over to his MySpace and hooted ‘hello’ at him. ^^ LOL Glad I did. He’s an amazing guy, as you know. Funny, articulate, warm hearted, caring and a genuine technical wizard, he has become an obvious mentor/’father figure’ to a lot of the young musicians coming up in the ATL and operating out of Thunderbox.

    From the travels and adventures of some of our mutual friends, I also know that Thunderbox is located in an area that earnestly needs hope and revitalization. It’s a place where folks are hungry for something uplifting and positive to take pride in and feel good about. Music is one of the few, true universal languages: it possesses the power, potentially, to heal, inspire and uplift everyone it touches.

    The bands, themselves, are an eclectic, energetic and enthusiastic mix of virtually every imaginable genre and style in music. It’s like a musical smorgasbord and I encourage folks to check out these groups and artists. “Fight Paris” is worth special mention and there are many other rising talents that would love to receive folks’ interest, support and encouragement. Never mind the gunslingers… Support your local musicians and artists!

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