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Green Machine

  • In the market for a hybrid car? Find the best at Better? A hybrid bicycle: pedal + mini motor, at

  • Drive-thru carwash is better than DIY pads or a hose. Pros use less H2O, and recycle or treat run-off before it hits the sewer.

  • all cars w/properly inflated tires can improve gas mileage by 3%; about $60 monthly/$720 annually!

  • Unhappy w/your state’s eco-policies? Tell your rep to get green or they’ll lose your vote/their seat. Where to send letter:
    Blow em up !!!! Burnit down Wait……….don’t do that - it’ll cause some type of toxic fumez
    Blast away !!! Cyber cowboyzz

  • Reducing landfills #1 tip? Prolong the life of your stuff; repair and/or donate it. Useful, easy-to-do info:
    Reduce - REUSE !!! KAAA BLLLLLLLLLaaaaaaamMMMMM

  • Cut down on electricity wherever u can: handheld can openers, air-dry your hair, steam a wrinkled shirt while showering. Keep it simple - one step at a time
    Yeeeeeeyaaaaaaa !!!!!!

  • Screensavers are cute but save no energy. Tuck your screen in for some Zs when you’re away. Set sleep mode to turn on after 30 inactive minutes.

  • Perfume - many have chemicals that cause organ damage over time - Smell sweet safely w/natural scents from Aveda or The Body Shop.

  • Coffee: good 4 your heart. Organic beans: good 4 Earth. Finding eco-joe?

  • Drive over 55 and fuel economy drops 2% per mph, wasting gas and cash.

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