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  • Cyclists endure 2-mile cyclocross course in Rome

    Cyclists from all over the state converged on Riverview Park on Sunday to try their luck in the fourth race of the Georgia state cyclocross racing circuit season.

    The park in downtown Rome offered riders a grueling 2-mile course and a chance to compete for top prizes in the race for the series championship.

    Click here to see a video slideshow about the cyclocross event.

    Amy Frank of Peachtree Bikes carries her bike up a hill during the cyclocross event Saturday at Riverview Park.

    Amy Frank of Peachtree Bikes carries her bike up a hill during the cyclocross event Saturday at Riverview Park.

    Cyclocross isn’t about racing against each other, organizer Trey Smith said. The competition depends on how many laps a rider can complete in a set amount of time and how long each lap takes.

    Smith, of Cycle Therapy, and racer Stephen Stewart teamed up with the Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation Authority to bring cyclocross to Rome. And 180 people, from first-time riders to professionals, came out Sunday to test their skills in different levels of competition.

  • Johnny Colt in Atlanta Peach Magazine

    (photo used on cover of this weeks newsletter appeared in this article)

    Johnny Colt Rockstar Renaissance Man Bonus Fara Depunere

    by Phebe Wahl with Portrait by Chris Stanford

    He has sold more than ten million records, graced the cover of Rolling Stone, and performed at some of the largest venues in the world. Atlanta’s own Johnny Colt is a one-man rock revolution. As the tattoos on each knuckle of his hard working hands proclaim, spelling out “self made,” Colt has worked hard for success, and powers each project with sheer determination and his trademark enthusiastic drive. He explains that his never-ending energy allows him to take on everything from screaming rock concert fans to serious business endeavors, and says that he long ago swapped the word “work” for “play,” regarding each activity in his life as a creative opportunity.

    The former, and founding, bass player for The Black Crowes, Colt is currently the bassist for both Grammy-winning band Train and Rock Star Supernova, the reality-television-show-formed band consisting of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, and lead vocalist Lukas Rossi. With a myriad of job titles ranging from tattoo parlor owner to Father of two, Colt proclaims himself to be “most at rest while in …

  • Johnny Colt is an eco challenger

    He`s So Original - Johnny Colt is an eco challenger.

    he`s so original

    Johnny Colt is an eco challenger.

    Former Black Crowes rocker, songwriter for Train, Atlanta native and unlikely green poster boy, Johnny is now trading his gas guzzling ’89 Ram Charger for a Mercedes diesel. This is the result of spending the summer duking it out on Battleground Earth, an eco-challenge show premiering this month on Planet Green with rock icon Tommy Lee and hip hop star Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. Musicians turned game show participants, they are on two teams who face off, while gaining knowledge about environmental issues like learning how to run their motorcycles and tour bus on cooking grease. In another episode they glean eco lessons from the medieval times. Locally, Johnny owns the E Group, an energy efficient consulting firm that works towards eco-friendly real estate development. “For better or worse, I stopped taking myself so seriously after having a camera in my face,” he says. “I left my dignity around day 10 or 11.”

    What do you like about wearing a skirt?: “A little cross dressing is super sexy. I felt kinda hot. I’ll put a dress on any day.”

    What do you like about …