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    • I tell sophia she is a doll for the help and she should not be out this late-She laughs that wicked siren of a laugh-"Look who,s talking"... 6 hrs ago
    • On my bloody lips.Despite the beating a flame erupts inside me. Sophia,everything a women should be.I got know time to get soft over a twist 10 hrs ago
    • I'm a mess, I'm wet and filthy from having fallen in the gutter. Sophia doesn't care she loves me, she always has.planting a kiss directly- 11 hrs ago
    • I feel a hand pull me up by the color and I'm thinking this time its going my way. I turn to globber this mug and I hear that voice - sophia 11 hrs ago
    • The iron rght hand of fate had delivered quite a sucker punch. The acrid smell of my own blood let me know I was in trouble. 11 hrs ago
    • The blow was so unexpected I thought I walked into on coming traffic? The night was hot- down here in the gutter it smells of garbage&pain 11 hrs ago
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One Response to “vince ( 3 letter ) anthony”

Biggety booooosh! I’m happy you guys all have cool stuff blowin’ up right now. Memo: me: phone to see if I can get your TV show “At Full Volume” via my cable company in Canada. Can’t wait to see what Luke n’ his boyz do with his latest venture, Daylight Division, too. And Vince… well, I *could* tell you, but you know the drill and I don’t want to ‘disappear,’ abruptly. LOL I’m not responsible if CNN mentions anything along the lines of third world countries’ power structures toppling, suddenly.

Sanlin added these pithy words on Aug 15 09 at 2:24 pm

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