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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Drama, series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in 1994-01-26 by TNT. The TV show was created by and directed by Ed Spielman. Actors in the cast include David Carradine, Chris Potter, Kim Chan, Nathaniel Moreau, David Hewlett, Janet-Laine Green, Kate Trotter, Robert Lansing, Scott Wentworth, Victoria Snow. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode inch

Return of those Shadow Assassin

atmosphere daily: 1994-01-26

The shadow assassin has came back into Chinatown to find revenge versus Kwai Chang Caine. This period he needs assistance.

Episode 2

May that I Ride with You

air evening: 1994-02-02

Caine inquires Peter when they could devote daily together with him, desiring to observe the way Peter spends a standard moment. Special Guest Star- Regis Philbin

Episode 3)

Dragon’s Daughter

air daily: 1994-02-09

Tan’s kid has came back Chinatown and can be trapping young guys as a way to flush her out daddy’s killer, ” Kwai Chang Caine. It is upward to Peter and Caine to discontinue her.

Episode 4)

Ancient Lottery

atmosphere day: 1994-02-16

The Ancient wins the lottery using a ticket awarded to him being a good will gesture using way of a greedy programmer and up coming politician. Now Tan needs it.

Episode 5)

Laurie’s Friend

atmosphere day: 1994-02-23

Peter together with the aid of the youthful woman, who’s licensed, to support look for a weapon that’s been utilized from the murder of the stunt. Caine finds your ex is now a psychic shield — just another Caine!)

Episode 6)


air day: 1994-03-02

Caine and Peter yield to Braniff, whereby proves that the temple have been Peter climbed up. They match with the widow of a few of those priests against your temple. She wants their assistance as some exact recognizable townspeople have been harassing her along with also her or her son.

Episode 7)

Only that the Strong Survive

air day: 1994-03-09

Peter goes underground at a Kung Fu championship to help save your self just a small girl that was kidnapped.

Episode 8)

Out of those Woods

air day: 1994-03-16

Peter carries a couple of days away work, also now he along with his daddy go biking. They occur along a set of misplaced toddlers along with also an undercover offender along with also his own sons.

Episode 9


air day: 1994-04-20

An industrialist, that retains a grudge versus Caine, urges a martial arts championship. When Caine moves the championship, Peter follows him, to some distinctive undercover mission.

Episode 10

The Bardo

air evening: 1994-04-27

Peter is injured from the line of responsibility, however he Can’t Be worked on, due to his Life hints are changing. Caine discovers Peter’s soul has been being hauled at the Bardo, an interior domain of thoughts, for example people of Caine abandoning Peter.

Episode 11

The Possessed

air evening: 1994-05-04

The Church is attempting to re ignite a guy who’s owned by However, some thing goes wrong and also the demon owns other men and women, rather than Somehow, Caine will get concerned and attempts to enable a distressed guy that continues to be owned.

Episode 12


air: 1994-05-11

To rescue his daddy who’s Expiring, a Chinese warlord Insists that Caine utilize his curative abilities to treat the warlord’s daddy.

Episode 13

The Innocent

air evening: 1994-05-18

Caine is among those jurors at a murder trial. He may be the sole juror who thinks that the defendant is not innocent. In a nightclub utilizes magical to kill and interrogate wealthy sufferers. Caine Pretends for considered a magician in order that they can block the killer.

Episode 15

Aspects of those Soul

air day: 1994-10-12

Caine is contacted by Clarence Choi, who attempts friendship and sympathy due to his or her previous strikes versus Caine.

Episode 16


air: 1994-10-19

Aborigines are mad of a property bargain produced by means of a business man who appears to be the Creator of Peter’s girl friend. Pretty shortly, the aboriginal assassins seem around the spectacle.

Episode 17

The Gang Of Three

air evening: 1994-10-26

A bunch of 2 older men and also a Chinese boy, recently straight from faculty, pick to resist offense. When they receive themselves engaged A big prosecution by infamous gang, Peter and Kwai Chang Caine needs to support them.

Episode 18

Sunday at the Museum with George

air: 1994-11-02

George, a specialist burglar, yields to slip early Chinese treasures, that unleashes a curse that is mortal. Caine are contested. Will Peter be in a position to save them, together with the assistance of 2 former acquaintances, those who’re mercenaries.

Episode 20

Sing Wah

air evening: 1994-11-16

A shameful Black-magic god, which Employs an Standard Type of Kungfu, Attempts to get rid of an archeologist as a result of the record he’s deciphered.

Episode 21

Enter that the Tiger

air evening: 1994-11-23

Peter and also Caine arrive at the rescue of An enthusiastic Chinese dissident hoping to simply help the democracy movements in their own nation. Senator is murdered in a Captain Blaisdell’s reunion of the previous commando group, Peter claims he watched the priest destroy the senator. Caine assists the captain locate responses To this mystery in the function which happened in Blaisdell’s previous.

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