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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Drama, series Kung Fu: The Legend Continues season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in 1993-01-27 by TNT. The TV show was created by and directed by Ed Spielman. Actors in the cast include David Carradine, Chris Potter, Kim Chan, Nathaniel Moreau, David Hewlett, Janet-Laine Green, Kate Trotter, Robert Lansing, Scott Wentworth, Victoria Snow. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Initiation (1)

air daily: 1993-01-27

This could be your very first step at a 2 area episode. Caine yields to Chinatown and experiences with a security racket. He additionally reunites with Lo Si (The Ancient).

Episode two

Initiation (two)

atmosphere evening: 1993-01-27

This could be your next region of the sequence. Caine is reunited with his son,that he presumed was lifeless.

Episode 3

Shadow Assasin

atmosphere day: 1993-02-03

Caine aids au thor Elliott Cooper,that continues to be indicated for departure for composing a publication around Shadow Assasins, males that could destroy you together with their notions. Guest Stars-Martin Kove, Lauren Piech, Gary Blumsack, Belinda Metz(less jody powell).

Episode 4)

Sunday in the Hotel with George

air daytime: 1993-02-10

Peter and also Caine inspect the marriage of Peter’s sister,Carolyn,in the Sutton Place lodge. They stumble up on a theft in advance. Guest celebrities-Bernard Behrens,Geordie Johnson,Marla Schaffel.

Episode 5)

Sacred Trust

atmosphere day: 1993-02-17

Peter needs to clear his dads’s title when Caine is erroneously charged with murder.) The sufferer may be your early’s nephew.

Episode 6)

Force Of Habit

air evening: 1993-02-24

Peter’s new associate is physically abusing his spouse,thus Peter sends her into Caine to get support. Guest Stars-Kim Coates,Jason McSkimmey,Calista Carradine,Kate Trotter(just before linking the throw as Captain Simms)

Episode 7

Pai Gow

air afternoon: 1993-03- and -03

Caine and also Peter go underground to explore many murders which can be connected to your top bets Chinese Wars match.)

Episode 8)


air day: 1993-03-10

Tan, that a China Town crimelord as well as the Integral Shaolin monk who wrecked Caine’s temple, also is backwards in Chinatown plus he struggles Caine into your show down.

Episode 9


air day: 1993-03-17

One of Caine’s pupils has get included with a struggle ring. When The Ancient has been disputed, Caine has been made to battle.

Episode 10

Rain’s Only Friend

air day: 1993-03-31

Peter believes of departing the drive, once he shoots an innocent bystander in the spectacle of an intruder.

Episode 11

Secret Place

air evening: 1993-04-07

Peter strives to spare a bus load of pupils and also a teacher that can be held hostage with way of a distressed person. Richard Anderson

Episode 12

Dragon’ Eye

air day: 1993-04-14

Caine merely has several hrs to come across a scarce herb that’s necessary to conserve the life span of only a tiny lady. Unfortunately, the forests, in which the herb develops, are obtained over with way of a survivalist with put booby traps to continue to keep out people. Laura Press. Marianne Maroney. Suzanna Duncan.

Episode 13

Blind Eye

air evening: 1993-05-05

When Peter’s blind step mother is assaulted, it’s all up to Caine to simply help her use their other senses to distinguish her attacker. Guest Stars-Chris Wiggins. Eli Gabay.

Episode 14

The Lacquered Box

air day: 1993-05-12

While sitting down in the temptations of an hurt Peter, Caine demonstrates up on his ancient periods in Chinatown if he first or even Peter conducted corrupt cops and prospective offense manager Clarence Choi (who later reappeared in 2 incidents: “”Aspects of those Soul”” and also “”Veil of both Tears””).

Episode 15


air: 1993-05-19

Episode 16


air daily: 1993-05-26

Caine goes awry at a psychiatric clinic to guard someone he thinks is very mad; nevertheless at real threat. Guest Stars-Catherine Disher. Sam Malkin.

Episode 17


air: 1993-10-27

One of Caine’s previous college students, Valerie, attempts his security right after she witnesses a murder.) Guest Stars-Cali Timmins.

Episode 18


air: 1993-11-03

Peter is requested to simply help Kyle, an older pal, whose girl friend was kidnapped. Peter along with also his dad sort a Dragon’s Wing to help locate her. Guest Stars-Patrick MacNee. Robert Vaughn.

Episode 19


air: 1993-11-10

Caine will help a Native American tribesman who’s conflicting the construction of the casino on reserve territory. Guest Stars-Billy Merosty. Lawrence Bayne.

Episode 20

that I Never Promised You that a Rose Garden

air daily: 1993-11-17

When students of Caine’s evaporates, Peter along with also his dad search for out her and encounter a white slavery ring. Guest Stars-Deborah Drakeford. Dylan Neal.

Episode 21

Redemption (1)

air day: 1993-11-24

Part one-of-a-kind two-part episode. Caine volunteers to safeguard the heir into the Chinese throne, who’s accountable for becoming entangled. Guest Stars-Ernie Reyes Jr. Bernadette Li.

Episode 22

Redemption (two)

air day: 1993-12-01

Part 2 of the two-part episode. As Emporer-to-be Sing-Ling attempts to ascend the throne, Caine and Peter keep to combat assassins. Guest Stars-Ernie Reyes Jr. Bernadette Li.

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