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05 12th, 2007

A legend in his own right, Johnny Colt is the kind of person who’s at rest while in motion. Having sold more than 10 million records, Colt thrives on challenges and vibrates with an infectious energy that pulls everyone around him along for the ride. Colt was bassist for the Black Crowes, one of the most credible and influential rockbands of all time. The Black Crowes graced the cover of Rolling Stone, sold over 5 million records, and received multiple Grammy nominations. From there, Colt became a songwriter and member of the Grammy Award winning band Train. Train helped Colt bridge the gap and crossover from Rock to Top 40 with Top 40 hit after hit. Then, in October 2006, Colt received a phone call from good friend Tommy Lee asking him to join super group Rockstar Supernova with Tommy, Gilby Clarke from Guns & Roses, and lead singer Lukas Rossi to go on a world wide tour and play the biggest arenas on earth.

Two things happened which would forever change Johnny Colt’s life. The first was going to club after club with Tommy Lee and DJ Aero and hanging out in the booth with them night after night. The second was the drum and bass solo created by Colt & Tommy Lee during the Supernova tour which transformed into a live Electro/Rock Mash Up Set performed in front of tens of thousands every night. This resulted in the development and creation of the first of it’s kind – THE ZODIAC GUITAR.

Colt’s musical achievements certainly qualify him as a man who knows good music when he hears it. He has managed to blend his experiences and influences from Rock – the Black Crowes, Top 40 – Train, Electro – Tommy Lee & DJ Aero, and Hip Hop – relationship with Rick Rueben formally of Def Jam during the early Hip Hop days with the likes of Run DMC, Public Enemy, & Beastie Boys combined with his Atlanta roots of being right in the middle of the Southern Hip Hop explosion to create a sound that clubs across the world are begging to hear. A powerful mix of Rock/Top 40/Electro/Hip Hop Mash Ups combined with Colt’s own unique showmanship have brought about the next degree in nightlife.

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