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04 28th, 2007
April 29, 2007
12:01 amto2:01 am

click here from midnight to 2am and listen to the live stream

Compound (1008 Brady Ave):
Join Adam Bomb and Q100 for the live broadcast from 12a-2a. This week Johnny Colt of Rockstar Supernova, Train, and the Black Crows party at Compound with DJ Rob Wonder. Atlanta Beach will be debuting their summer bikini fashion show. For table reservations call 404-872-4621. 1008 Brady Avenue, Atl., GA 30318. To get on the guest list email Adam at [email protected]. PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

Written by Johnny Colt TV
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04 28th, 2007

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04 28th, 2007

Written by Johnny Colt TV
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Theme:  Install

Author: johnnycolt
04 28th, 2007

Blowin up…………….. the tenshi garden jogos casino online

Mike jensen the mad genius is hookin this show up !!!!!!!

The install itself is pure art Bonus Fara Depunere

Kappy wisdom flowin - fotos a showin

Tonight will be RETARDED!!!!!!!!!

From fine art to funky beats - compound - compound - compound

If u sit ? - we can’t dance !

Johnny colt
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Written by Johnny Colt

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04 28th, 2007
May 1, 2007

Born On This Day search results for… “-May 1-”
powered by PROBE (SQL) v1.6
Carlos Aalbers (1964) Dutch soccer player, (NEC)

Ghulam Abbas (1947) Cricketer, (scored 12 & 0 in only test for pakistan 1967)

Joseph Addison (1672 - 1719) English poet, essayist, playwright; He was a regular contributor to “The Tatler” (1709-11).
Found at: 638.htm

Falko Ahsendorf (1943)

Ethan Albright (1971) NFL tackle, (Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills),

Jacob Albright (1759) [Albrecht], German/US predictor

Jose (Martiniano) de Alencar (May 1, 1829 — December 12, 1877) Journalist, novelist, and playwright whose novel O Guarani (1857; “The Guarani Indian”) initiated the vogue of the Brazilian Indianista novel (romanti

José M de Alencar (1829) Brazilian writer/minister of Justice

Hugo Alfvén (1872) Stockholm Sweden, composer, (Midsommarvaka),

Israr Ali (1927) Cricket pace bowler, (Pakistani in 4 Tests 1952_59)

Greta Andersen (1927) Denmark, 100m freestyle swimmer, (Olympic-gold-1948),

Anna Appel (1882)

Stuart Appleby (1971) Cohuna Australia, Nike golfer, (1994 Victorian PGA),

Yael Arad (1967) Israel, Women’s half middleweight judoka, (Oly-1996),

Ray Aranha (1939) Miami FL, actor, (Nick-Married People)

Taslim Arif (1954) cricketer, (Pakistani keeper/batsman, 210 v Aust 1980),

Sarah FE Armstrong-Jones (1964) Daughter of princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon

Hugues-Bernard Maret, DUC (duke) DE BASSANO (May 1, 1763 — May 13, 1839) French diplomat and statesman of the Napoleonic period.

Johann Jakob Balmer (May 1, 1825 — March 12, 1898) Swiss mathematician who discovered a formula basic to the development of atomic theory and the field of atomic spectroscopy.

Barbara Barendrecht (1941) [BHM Wurfbain], actress, (Dirty Picture),

Howard Barlow (1892) Plain City Ohio, conductor, (Voice of Firestone),

Douglas Barr (1949) Cedar Rapids Iowa, actor, (Howie-Fall Guy),

Douglas Barr, II (1949)

Lord Bathurst (1927) English earl/large landowner/multi_millionaire

Cliff Battles (1910) Akron Oh, NFL hall of famer, (Braves, Redskins),

Alette Beaujon (1934) Curaçaos poet, (Gedichten on the Bay & Elsewhere)

Chuck Bednarik (1925) Penn, NFL hall of fame center/linebacker, (Phila),

Frank Beede (1973) NFL center, (Seattle Seahawks)

Adam Schall von Bell (May 1, 1591 — August 15, 1666) Jesuit missionary and astronomer who became an important adviser to the first emperor of the Ch’ing dynasty (1644-1911/12).

Johann A Schall von Bell (1592) German missionaries/astronomer

John Beradino (1917) LA Calif, actor, (Steve Hardy-General Hospital),

John Berardino (1917)

Laura Betti (1934)

Eugene R Black (1898) US, Pres of World Bank, (1953-62),

Eugene Robert Black (May 1, 1898 — February 20, 1992) American financier who, as the third president of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) from 1949 to 1962, expanded i

Felipe Boero (1884) Composer

Alexander Borisov, I (1905)

Jennifer Botterill (1979) ice hockey forward, (Canada, Oly-98),

Alundis Brice (1970) NFL cornerback, (Dallas Cowboys)

Sterling Brown (1901 - 1989) US poet, critic, educator; He tapped a rich poetic source in the folk songs and blues in “Southern Road,” 1932; co-edited important anthologies, e.g., “The Negro Caravan,” 1941.
Found at: 2208.htm

Ralph Bushman (1903)

Billy Byers (1927)

William Mitchell Byers (1927) Musician

Tawni Cable (1967) Salem Oregon, playmate, (June 1989),

Tawnni Cable (1967)

Ethel Jane Cain (1909) Original UK Speaking Clock voice

Santiago Ramon y Cajal (May 1, 1852 — October 17, 1934) Spanish histologist, who (with Camillo Golgi) received the 1906 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for establishing the neuron, or nerve cell, as

Lisa Campbell (1968) Victoria Australia, badminton player, (Olympics-96),

M(alcolm) Scott Carpenter (May 1, 1925) Second U.S. astronaut to make an orbital spaceflight. In “Aurora 7″ he made the fourth Mercury flight, circling the Earth three times on May 24, 1962.

Malcolm Scott Carpenter (1925) Boulder Colo, astronaut, (Mercury 7-Aurora 7),

Steven Cauthen (1961) Jockey, (1978 Kentucky Derby_Affirmed)

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881 - 1955) French philosopher, paleontologist; He was known for his theory, blending science and Christianity, that man is evolving, mentally and socially, toward a final spiritual unity.
Found at: 1920.htm

Chardonnet (1839) Inventor, (rayon)

Bobby Chouinard (1972) Manilla Phillipines, pitcher, (Oakland A’s),

Mark (Wayne) Clark (May 1, 1896 — April 17, 1984) U.S. Army officer during World War II, who commanded Allied forces (1943-44) during the hard-fought and successful Italian campaign against the Axis p

Scott Coffey (1967) HI, actor, (Satisfaction, Shout)

Judy Collins (1939 - ____) US folksinger, film maker; She was a 1960s coffee house singer who hit it big with “Both Sides Now;” 29 albums including “Wildflowers,” 1967 and “Living,” 1971.
Found at: 1567.htm

Johnny Colt (1966) Cherry Point NC, rock bassist, (Black Crowes),

Mark Coogan (1966) Manhaset NY, marathoner, (Olympics-96),

Rita Coolidge (1945) Nashville Tn, singer, (Higher & Higher, We’re All Alone)

Austin Croshere (1975) NBA forward, (Indiana Pacers)

Nini Crépon (1953)

Alan Gordon Cunningham (1887) Irish/Brit gen/director of Palestine, (1945-48)

Sir Alan Gordon Cunningham (May 1, 1887 — January 30, 1983) British army officer who scored important victories over Italian forces in eastern Africa during World War II, enabling the exiled emperor Haile Selas

Arthur Wellesley Wellington, 1st Duke of, MARQUESS OF DOURO, (May 1, 1769 — September 14, 1852) British army commander during the Napoleonic Wars and later prime minister of Great Britain (1828-30). He first rose to military prominence in India,

Paul Daels (1921) President, (Flemish Iron Pilgrimage committee)

Rick Darling (1957) Cricketer, (accident_prone/dashing Aussie opener 1978_79)

Danielle Darrieux (1917) France, actress, (Alexander the Great, Mayerling)

Allen DeGraffenreid (1970) WLAF wide receiver, (Scotland Claymores)

Debi Diamond (1965) [Shelly Rey], XXX actress, ($exce$$, Bet, Bend Over),

John Diehl (19-) Cincinnati Oh, actor, (Det Zito-Miami Vice),

Damon Diletti (1970) Australian field hockey goal keeper, (Oly-silver-92, 96),

Ret Thomas Aloysius Dornin (1800) Comm, (Union Navy), died in 1874,

Alfred Napoleon Alexander “Natti” Duffie (1835) Brig Gen, (Union volunteers)

Connaught and Strathearn, Arthur William Patrick Albert, Duke (May 1, 1850 — January 16, 1942) Third son of Queen Victoria and Prince Consort Albert; he held various military appointments and served as governor-general of Canada.

Tom Dunn (1929)

William Ewart (May 1, 1798 — January 23, 1869) English politician who succeeded in partially abolishing capital punishment.

Alwyn Farquharson (1919) Scottish clan_captain/large landowner

Steve Farris (1957) Rock guitarist, (Mr Mister)

Art Fleming (19-) Bronx NY, TV host, (Jeopardy),

Glenn Ford (1916) Quebec Canada, actor, (Cade’s County, Big Heat, Midway)

Nick Fortune (1946) [Nicholas Fortuna], rock bassist, (Buckinghams Chicago),

Ralph Freed (1907)

Bent From (1929)

Marco da Gagliano (1582) Italian opera composer

Ferruccio Garavaglia (1868)

Earl George (1924) Composer

Guido Gezelle (May 1, 1830 — November 27, 1899) Flemish priest and poet who was one of the masters of 19th-century European lyric poetry. OR Flemish priest/poet

Mario Giannini (1920)

Gordon Greenidge (1951) Cricketer, (great West Indian opener 1974_91)

Gustav Philip Creutz, Greve (May 1, 1731 — October 30, 1785) Swedish poet whose light and graceful verse expressed the prevailing Rococo spirit and Epicurean philosophy of his time.

Uwe Greßmann (1933) Writer

Kimberly Grigsby (1979) Miss Virginia Teen USA, (1997)

Giovanni Guareschi (1908) Italian writer, (Don Camillo, Peppone)

Joan Hackett (1938) NY, actress, (Will Penny, One Stone Pony)

Felix Hanemann (1953) Rocker, (Zebra)

Joy Harmon (1943) St Louis Mo, actress, (Cool Hand Luke),

Patricia Roberts Harris (1924) First black woman to reach u.s. Ambassadorial and cabinet rank. Or 1st us black woman cabinet member

Matthew Hatchette (1974) NFL wide receiver, (Minnesota Vikings)

Juraj Hatrick (1941) Composer

Joseph Heller (1923 - 1999) US novelist; He is best known for his comic satirical American masterpiece, “Catch-22,” 1961.
Found at: 380.htm

Robert Heller (1933 - ____) US editor;
Found at: 1307.htm

Louis G “Lo” van Hensbergen (1917) Actor/author, (Amsterdam Affair)

Rose Hobart (1906)

Danièle Huillet (1936)

Leila Hyams (1905) NYC, actress, (Big House, Ruggles of Red Gap)

George Inness (May 1, 1825 — August 3, 1894) U.S. painter especially known for the luminous, atmospheric quality of his late landscapes. OR US landscape painter, (Delaware Water Gap)

Volmari Iso-Hollo (May 1, 1907 — June 23, 1969) Finnish runner who won two successive gold medals in the Olympic Games (1932, 1936) for the 3,000-metre steeplechase. He also won a silver medal for t

Calamity Jane (1852-1903) frontier Adventuress, Indian Fighter

Eddie Johnson (1959) NBA guard/forward, (Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers),

Mary Harris Jones (May 1, 1830 — November 30, 1930) Labour organizer, widely known in the United States as a fiery agitator for the union rights of coal miners and other workers. OR [Mother Jones], hell-raiser

Mary Harris “Mother” Jones (1860 - 1930) US labor organizer; Mary Harris “Mother” Jones was a labor organizer and agitator who was a major figure in the American labor movement.
Found at: 2051.htm

Carol Jones, I (1955)

Enrico Josif (1924) Composer

Franciscus Junius (1545) [François du Jon], French/Neth calvinist theologist

Karel Kachyna (1924)

Aleksey Stepanovich Khomyakov (May 1, 1804 — September 23, 1860) Russian poet and founder of the 19th-century Slavophile movement that extolled the superiority of the Russian way of life. He was also an influential

John H van Kinsbergen (1735) Dutch lt_admiral/founder of Dutch Marines Corp

François van Kinschot (1577) Dutch treasurer

Henry Koster (1905)

Anthony G Kröller (1862) Entrepreneur/govt advisor/husband of Helene Müller

Norbert Kückelmann (1930)

Magnus VI Lagabuter (1238) King of Norway, (1263_80)

Giuseppe Lanci (1942)

Albert (Davis) Lasker (May 1, 1880 — May 30, 1952) American advertising executive and philanthropist who is credited with being the founder of modern advertising because he insisted that advertising co

Benjamin (Henry) Latrobe (May 1, 1764 — September 3, 1820) British-born architect and civil engineer who established architecture as a profession in the United States. Latrobe was the most original proponent o

Benjamin Henry Latrobe (1764) Engineer/architect, (built Capitol)

Adam Leichtman (1972)

Jón Leifs (1899) Iceland, composer/conductor

Felipe Padilla de Leon (1912) Composer

Willem J Leyds (1859) Dutch/South Africa lawyer/politician/diplomat

Henry Demarest Lloyd (May 1, 1847 — September 28, 1903) U.S. journalist whose expos#s of the abuses of industrial monopolies are classics of muckraking journalism.

Robert Lord, I (1900)

Joanna Lumley (1946) Kashmir India, actress, (Abs Fab, OHM’s Secret Service)

Stephen Macht (1942) Phila Pa, actor, (Joe-Knots Landing, Cagney & Lacey)

John Bankhead “Prince John” Magruder (1807) Major General, (Confederate Army)

Dennis Main-Wilson (1924)

James Clarence Mangan (May 1, 1803 — June 20, 1849) A prolific and uneven writer of almost every kind of verse whose best work, inspired by love of Ireland, ranks high in Irish poetry.

Bryan Marchment (1969) Scarborough, NHL defenseman, (Edmonton Oilers),

Curtis Martin (1973) NFL running back, (NE Patriots)

Jacob-Joseph-Balthasar Martinn (1775) Composer

Ollie Matson (1930) NFL halfback, (Cardinals, Rams, Lions, Eagles),

Alfredo Mayo, I (1911)

Darius McCrary (1976) Actor, (edward winslow-family matters)

Albert McDonald (1960) Dartmouth NS, US canoe, (alt-Olympics-96),

John McKinley (May 1, 1780 — July 19, 1852) American politician and associate justice of the United States Supreme Court (1837-52).

George Melachrino (1909) Composer

Vitali Melnikov (1928)

Jarreth J. Merz (1970)

12th Lord Middleton (1921) English large landowner/multi_millionaire

Michiel Jansz van Mierevelt (1567) Dutch royal painter

Michiel Janszoon van Mierevelt (May 1, 1567 — June 27, 1641) Dutch portrait painter patronized by the royalty of many European countries.

Margo Miller (1949) SF Calif, fencer-epee, (Olympics-96),

Carmen Montejo (19-) spanish actress, (Brainiac, Final Race),

Mindy Moore (1953) LPGA golfer

Tom Moore, I (1883)

Arthur Morrison (1877)

Valentin Muratov (1946) USSR, floor exercise gymnist, (Olympic-gold-1956)

Ralph Murphy (1895)

Eberhard Nestle (1851) German oriëntalist/biblical scholar

Bo Nilsson (1937) Swedish composer, (Doppelspiel)

Louis Nye (19-) Hartford Ct, comedian, (Steve Allen, Happy Days),

Charlie O’Brien (1961) Tulsa OK, catcher, (Brewers, Mets, Braves,

Dan O’Herlihy (1919) Ireland, actor, (Fail Safe, Last Starfighter, Robocop)

Hamaguchi Osachi (May 1, 1870 — August 26, 1931) Japanese politician and prime minister (1929-30) at the outset of the Great Depression.

Billy Owens (1969) NBA forward/guard, (Sacramento Kings)

Jack Paar (1918 - ____) US entertainer, talk show host; He pioneered the talk show concept; star of “Tonight Show,” 1957-1962; “The Jack Paar Show,” 1962-1965, 1973.
Found at: 1306.htm

Phillippus Paracelsus (1493) Switzerland, physician/alchemist, (or 11/10)

Ray Parker Jr. (1954)

Ray Parker, Jr (1954) Detroit Mich, rock guitarist/vocalist, (Ghostbusters),

Marvcus Patton (1967) NFL linebacker, (Washington Redskins)

Jan Pauw (1907) CEO, (Aruban Theater Group)

Alex Van Pelt (1970) NFL quarterback, (Buffalo Bills)

Keri Phebus (1974) Laguna Beach Calif, tennis star

Ruth Picardie (1964) Journalist

Reggie Pleasant (1962) CFL cornerback, (Edmonton Eskimos)

Renee Poetschka (1971) Australian 200m/400m, (Olympics-92, 96),

Anna Pollak (1912) Mezzo_soprano

Marcel Prévost (1862) French publisher/writer, (Les demis_vierges)

Sonny Ramadhin (1929) Cricket spin bowler, (great WI)

Bruno Ravel (19-) Rocker, (Danger Danger_Screw It)

Armando Reynoso (1966) San Luis Potosi Mexico, pitcher, (Colorado Rockies),

James Ford Rhodes (May 1, 1848 — 22, 1927) American businessman and historian, best known for his multivolume investigation of the antebellum, American Civil War, and Reconstruction periods of

Gottfried Rieger (1764) Composer

Janis Ritsos (1909) Writer

Yannis Ritsos (May 1, 1909 — November 11, 1990) Popular Greek poet whose work was periodically banned for its left-wing content. OR Greek poet

Bruce Robinson (1946) Actor, (story of adele h)

Max Robinson (1939) Richmond VA, black news anchor, (ABC Evening News),

Winthrop Rockefeller (May 1, 1912 — February 22, 1973) American politician and philanthropist, second youngest of the five sons of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Heinz Roemheld (1901)

Paul D Ronney (1957) LA Calif, ScD/astronaut, (STS 83 alt),

Roy Rosello (197-) Singer, (Menudo_Cannonball)

Rudolf I (May 1, 1218 — July 15, 1291) First German king of the Habsburg dynasty.

José Amador de los Ríos (1818) Spanish historian/poet

Anton Scheutjens (1968) Soccer player, (Roda JC)

Charlie Schlatter (1966) NYC, actor, (18 Again, Heartbreak Hotel)

Bill Schultz (1967) NFL/WLAF offensive tackle, (Den Broncos, Scot Claymores),

Mark Scott (1968) Paramus NJ, rock drummer, (Trixter-Give It To Me Good),

Michael Scott (1954) Reporter, (Entertainment Tonight)

Robert Seguso (1963) Minneapolis MN, tennis star

Raoul Servais (1928) Belgian cartoonist/pres, (l’asifa)

Anthony Johnson Showalter (1858) Composer

Ignazio Silone (May 1, 1900 — August 22, 1978) Italian novelist, short-story writer, and political leader, world famous during World War II for his powerful anti-Fascist novels. OR Italy, novelist/politician, (Bread & Wine)

Torsten Sjöholm (1931)

Kate Smith (1909-1986) Singer, Entertainer, Famous for “God Bless America”. Living Legacy Award, 1985. OR Virg, singer, (God Bless America)/Phila Flyer luck charm

Kathryn Elizabeth “Kate” Smith (1909) singer.

Paul Smith (1959) Rock saxophonist, (Haircut 100)

Kate Smith, I (1909)

Terry Southern (1924) Writer

Leo Sowerby (May 1, 1895 — July 7, 1968) American composer, organist, and teacher, whose organ and choral works provide a transition between American church music styles of the 19th and 20th OR Grand Rapids Michigan, composer, (Pulitzer 194

Sharon Spelman (19-) LA Calif, actress, (Joyce-Angie),

Marina Stepanova (1950) Russian hurdler, (world record 1986)

Carrie Stevens (1969) Buffalo NY, playmate, (June 1997)

Byron Stewart (1956) Baxter Springs Ks, actor, (Warren Coolidge-St Elsewhere)

Walter Susskind (1913) Praha, (Prague) Czechoslovakia, conductor,

Jamie Marie Swenson (1971) Miss USA_South Dakota, (1997)

Dick Swett (1957) (Rep_D_New Hampshire)

Nikolai Tikhonov (1905) Soviet PM, (1980_85)

Nikolay Aleksandrovich Tikhonov (May 1, 1905) Premier of the Soviet Union from 1980 to 1985, a staunch Communist Party member closely associated with former Soviet president and Communist Party ch

Géza Tordy (1938)

János Tóth, I (1930)

Sébastien le Prestre de Vauban (1633) French fortress architect

Roland Verhavert (1927) Flemish screen writer, (Sea Gulls Die in the Harbor)

Kurt Wagner (1953)

Little Walter (1930) [Marion Walter Jacobs], rocker

Carlos Ward (1947) Rocker, (B T Express)

Jon Warren (1965) Akron Ohio, 1.5k runner

Paula Weishoff (1962) Hollywood CA, volleyballer, (Oly-Sil-84, br-92, 96),

Conrad Weiss (1880) German writer/poet, (Tantum dic verbo)

Jerry Weiss (1946) NYC, rocker, (Blood Sweat & Tears),

Konrad Weiss (1880) Dutch German writer/poet, (Tantum dic verbo)

Garry Who (1954)

Julien Wiener (1955) Cricketer, (Australian opening batsman 1979_80)

Elquemedo Willett (1953) Cricketer, (WI lefty spinner early 70’s)

Alexander William Williamson (May 1, 1824 — May 6, 1904) English chemist whose research on alcohols and ethers clarified organic molecular structure.

Anna Louise Wilson (1977) Dunedin NZ, 100m breast stroke, (Olympics-96),

James Wise (1948) US soul singer, (Archie Bell & the Drells)

Vladimir Zavyalov (1974) Hockey forward, (Team Kazakhstan Olympics_1998)

Calamity [Martha] Jane [Burke] (1852) Frontier adventurer/indian fighter

Written by Johnny Colt TV

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Theme:  ASPHALT BLASTER !!!!!!

Author: johnnycolt
04 27th, 2007

U can get your extremely rare
Autographed copy of japans favorite stoner rock band !!


“Years of the blaster” - signed by yours truly

Join the spiritual ronins and become a shogun of the dark

Johnny Colt

Written by Johnny Colt

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Author: admin
04 26th, 2007
April 28, 2007 8:00 pmtoApril 29, 2007 3:00 am


april 28 th

Compound - atlanta ga

Myself and legendary rock fotographer paul natkin

Will be d j ing a set live on Q100 radio in ATL!

Myself and dj wonderfull will do a fireball set and blow the house apart !!!

Kkkakkkakkkka —- booooooom!!!!

Media Contact: Tara Murphy - 360 Media, Inc - 404-577-8686

Compound Nightclub Hosts Self-Made Saturday With Two Rock n’ Roll Icons

Rock Star Johnny Colt & Famed Rock n’ Roll Photographer Paul Natkin to Showcase Photo Exhibit

Late Night DJ Set with Colt & DJ Rob Wonder Broadcast Live on All The Hits Q100

WHAT: Johnny Colt & Paul Natkin Photography Exhibit
Late Night DJ set with Johnny Colt & DJ Rob Wonder

WHEN: Saturday, April 28th

TIME: 8:00pm to 10:00pm – Private Party – Complimentary to Invited Guests
10:00pm – Doors open to the general public
12:15am – DJ Set Live on All the Hits Q100

WHERE: Compound Nightclub
1008 Brady Avenue – Atlanta, GA 30318

COST: $20

Atlanta, GA – Usually known for its floor-thumping music and party atmosphere, Compound Nightclub is set to host its first photography exhibition on Saturday, April 28th. Self-Made Saturday is collision of music, mic, photos and rock. Join the folks at Compound as they welcome legendary bassist and member of Rock Star: Supernova, Train and The Black Crowes Johnny Colt and rock ‘n’ roll photographer Paul Natkin as they display photography from their
up-coming book, Lessons Never Learned.

“Compound is known for hosting cool, hip events in the market,” said Compound Marketing Director, Chris Kappy. “We are honored that they have chosen Compound to debut this collection in Georgia and know that the space is the perfect place to mesh rock and photography.”

Colt took up photography while on tour, capturing memorable images of his band-mates and various tour-stops. This hobby became one of Colt’s many talents, which was partly inspired by Natkin.

The Compound exhibit will be the first time Colt will be sharing his work in his hometown of Atlanta. “I am looking forward to sharing my photography with friends and fans,” says Colt. “Music is a creative living, but photography is a passion that feeds me.”

Natkin, best known for his work with the Rolling Stones - he served as their personal photographer while on tour - stands as one of the country’s premier rock ‘n’ roll photographers, with subjects ranging from the Artist Formerly Known as Prince to Madonna and Frank Sinatra.

Colt, an avid photographer will be on hand to meet guests, sign photos and at Midnight join All the Hits Q100’s morning show team as he spins with DJ Rob Wonder live on the air. Guests will enjoy complimentary Coltini’s and small bites while DJ Alex spins during the private party.

Fans will be able to win passes to the pre-party by listening to All the Hits Q100 the week of the show, or by visiting Johnny Colt’s MySpace page at Photos of Johnny Colt’s work are available upon request.

For more information (Media Only): Tara Murphy – 360 Media, Inc. – 404.577.8686, or [email protected]


Written by Johnny Colt TV
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Theme:  dancin shoes !!!!

Author: johnnycolt
04 25th, 2007

If u sit - we can’t dance

Its on this sat - I wanna dance with each and everyone of u fuckerrzz !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Theme:  Hairshow

Author: johnnycolt
04 23rd, 2007

Dana walker !!!!!! Rockit salon in the ATL baby…………..

Blowin up my hair show !!!!!

My lid will be gangster for the zodiac show

Can’t wait to spread the love


Get your own ” rev C45 skunk ”
Call dana walker 404-378-0988

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Theme:  Bad boy bill

Author: johnnycolt
04 22nd, 2007

D J bad boy bill

Destroyed club fever last night !!!!!

Skull crackin trance of redbull and andrenaline

Shut the joint down hangin with bill and his peeps

Hats off to tucker and the fever crew……………………………………….KA-BOOM


If we sit we can’t dance !!!!!!!!
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Written by Johnny Colt

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