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The first episode of the Drama, Comedy, series Winners & Losers season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was released in 2013-07-09 by Seven Network. The TV show was created by and directed by Bevan Lee. Actors in the cast include Melissa Bergland, Virginia Gay, Melanie Vallejo, Demi Harman, Tom Wren, Anne Phelan, Sarah Grace, Francis Greenslade, Nathin Butler. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

Bec has to take care of the debilitating truth of Matt’s passing, Frances’s awareness of stability has been profoundly influenced after a frightening episode, Jenny is adapting to your brand-new lifetime within the aftermath of some bomb shell secret vibration the Gross family members into the heart, also Sophie finds her emotions for Doug reemerging afterwards she yields out of some traumatic day at Nairobi. New adores enter the fray and combined emotions result in tricky conclusions. There’s lots of our top girls must encounter to. Will older loves live? Will resides be shifted indefinitely?
But although her personal agony is apparent, ” she reveals no obvious indication of despair — even at Matt’s funeral. Instead, she pastes onto the brave face and shows an eye-opening vigilance toward Harrison, perhaps not enabling Doug take care of him. Jenny’s adapting to household life while in the aftermath of this bomb shell that there’s really a brand new Gross sibling, Sam McKenzie, that it’s surfaced would be Brian’s daughter by an earlier association. The Gross dwelling vibe has shifted markedly, their free wheeling banter changed using a driven politeness since they fix to Sam. Meanwhile, Sophie in the pipeline to postpone her visit to Kenya at the aftermath of all Matt’s dreadful departure. However, Bec insists she accompany along through and if Doug supplies her tiny motive to remain, Sophie heads to Nairobi without a yield date secured in. And in spite of protestations to the opposite, the Jackson collapse has additionally profoundly influenced Frances’ awareness of stability.

Episode two

Head In The Sand

air: 2013-07-16

Frances concerns that Zach can be enticed by his alluring feminine aide Charlie, in spite of her own growing a ‘friendship’ with self-improvement teacher, Shannon. Sophie is wanting her very best to feign she has been loving in Kenya when really the terror she has seen around there’s now taking its own toll. Patrick has been flare upward roughly Mr Gross becoming to learn his own daughter, ” Sam. But Jenny realises that his rage comes in the milder dilemma — his remorse over Matt’s passing. Meanwhile, Bec eventually agrees to really go for counselling.

Episode 3

Self Defence

air: 2013-07-23

Self-retention is currently demonstrating for quite a struggle(particularly for Frances whois faced with the siege all over again if she sees that gunman, ” Jackson, was published from prison.)

Episode 4)

When You Least Expect It

air day: 2013-07-30

Jenny is monumentally unimpressed if she sees Callum was participate in clinical trials to make additional cash for your own weddingday. Shock turns into anger because Jenny requires a appropriate excuse, however Callum is obscure and elusive. Sophie shows the fact that Bec approximately Matt’s affair with Tiffany. Bec’s rage Sophie can be promptly replaced by rage whatsoever Matt, however Sophie will not eliminate so softly with Doug who admits her lying gets destroyed some chance that they ever had to becoming back with each other. As she aids Shannon right after his attack, Frances stays unaware that he is developing amorous feelings for her – although perhaps not for very long. Sophie’s still fighting with her feelings for Doug in order that he inquires Carla into Patrick’s 21s-t, she attracts her very own day to force him envious. Sophie fights with Doug and Carla currently being fully a couple of. When she enables her signs reveal it contributes Doug to disclose the facts in the last Carla. Bec’s rage around Matt and Tiffany’s event is decked off with no where to move. Flynn’s inept attempts to subdue Sam induce her to realise she’s will really have emotions because of his lurking driving her challenging facade. Anxiety simmers in the Gross property while in the aftermath of Mrs Gross’ conclusion to invitation Anna to household roast nighttimetime.

Episode 8)

Angle of Repose

air day: 2013-08-27

After someone with a suspected instance of esophageal influenza is confessed for the clinic, Sophie and also Sam wind themselves paying the night time at isolation by using their various exes. After a nighttime spent in isolation by Doug, Sophie involves a realisation of its own.) Struggling with Doug’s blossoming romantic relationship with Carla, Sophie determines to ask a move to another ward. Meanwhile, Bec creates a fearless lifetime proceed if she makes the decision to promote the salon. But matters come to be muddled if she realises that she does not have any clue what things to do with her or her days.

Episode 9

You Can Run

air: 2013-09-03

As Sophie, Sam, Callum, Doug and also Carla make an effort to continue to keep their problems confidential, they all know you could just avert your issues for well until the facts happens. Bec throws himself into plans to get Harrison and Aalivyah’s primary birthday-party because of an avoidance procedure for coping at which Matt really should comprise from the parties. Callum has been continue to keep his cash difficulties a mystery. To Comb At his jealousy about Sam, Flynn inquires Sophie to participate him about a evening outside. With Zach and Jasmine within her distance once again Frances is as though she is moving backward. Sam’s worried about her day together with Brett, and Sophie’s inquisition will small to provide help.

Episode 11

Dirty Little Secrets

air day: 2013-09-17

All the girls really are storing keys, however somebody’s going to seek their little white lies tend to be somewhat more harmful than they ever can possibly have envisioned. With a brand new awareness of closing, Bec begins a site on her experiences that are recent. Jenny throws himself to Prewedding counseling together with gusto however, over a downwards gaming spiral, even Callum’s much less eager to empty his spirit into the neighborhood priest. Sophie’s glamorous fauxmance with Nate commences to reduce its lustre if Doug generally seems to become about with their own deficiency of chemistry. Frances and Zach benefit from the benefits in their newest ‘Me Time’ programs( nevertheless if Frances lumps in to Shannon that she makes the decision to proceed versus Zach’s fantasies and carries up self defence classes again. But he is becoming deeper and deeper in his own gaming gap, along with also his despair to resolve matters keeps now growing. Frances and Zach desperately attempt and work out things although Sophie finds himself still needing to tapdance across the Nate facade. Jenny returns house having a brand new perspective and Bec is requested on a romantic date. Jenny’s over zealous issue for Bec and Sam’s really like resides direct her to disclose what is in her own mind. Doug discovers out exactly what happened to Sophie in Kenya. Sam bungles several tries to inform Flynn the way exactly she believes and how Frances strives to direct a well balanced existence off from a healthcare facility.

Episode 17

Afternoon Delight

air: 2014-02-18

During an over night day at Sam’s youth farm, also this will become evident that gender relies really on mental performance for the majority of the gang.) Jenny strives relationship two men at the same time. Jenny re-thinks her association with Noah even though, Flynn chooses Sophie and Sam outside to establish that excellent guys usually exist. Frustrated from the awkwardness in between her and Flynn, Sam throws himself to function and finds himself attracted into a youthful cancer patient, Adam. Meanwhile, Jenny comes with a meeting however an image might damage her opportunities Sophie creates a wreck of her date together with Evan. Loved upward Frances really wants to reveal Zach that a indication of her devotion and also Jenny tries to shoot her flirtation with Gabe into another location stage.

Episode 22

You Choose You Lose

air: 2014-03-18

Sophie develops mounted on some drug-dependent infant whose enthusiast mom has vanished and now Jenny tries to request Gabe to a given date.) Frances confronts a jolt she never expected by Jack. Sophie and Doug are paired to get a group training practice when period of fact will take them both by shock.)

Episode 24

Coming into Terms

air: 2014-06-17

Sam is swept up in a legal conflict among Adam along with also his parents once Adam supplies her strength of attorney. Ryan and Bec elect to proceed to Singapore jointly right after he’s given a teaching occupation. Frances is currently in Jasmine’s lousy novels when she eliminates any hint of Zach in her flat. Sophie strives to undermine Carla and Doug’s dating and guarantees to create Doug realise that he ought to be along with her. Jenny creates your choice to proceed out once Trish and Brian possess a offer you made in your home. Flynn has been dig out a deeper gap together with Sam. Patrick and Jasmine proceed around in together right up until their death. After Jenny inquires Gabe into the involvement celebration, she determines now is the time for you to stop her career and continue forward. Sam has been combat Adam’s mothers and fathers). Flynn belongs into court and loses the situation, however, includes a notion which can spare Adam out of his mom and dad. Bec and Ryan proceed with their aims for departing, irrespective of next notions. Sophie has issues coming to conditions when she’s refused by Doug. Jonathan re-assures Sophie somebody will wind upon her door step. Patrick and Jasmine declare goodbye. Carla and Doug make a decision that they wish to get an infant with each other and that she quits accepting her meds. Sam and Adam get married just moments until he expires in her arms). Flynn admits his passion for Sam and goes New Zealand indefinitely. Rhys yields and inquires Jonathan to go to America along with him. Sophie has difficulty working together with her beat on Luke. Gabe informs Jenny that he wishes to be together with her. Frances has been made somebody from the law business also finds that she will be just five months pregnant.

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