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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, Animation, series Transformers: Prime season 1, 2, 3 was released in 2010-11-26 by YTV. The TV show was created by and directed by Alex Kurtzman, Duane Capizzi, Roberto Orci. Actors in the cast include Ernie Hudson, Daran Norris, Andy Pessoa, Nolan North, Tony Todd, Jeffrey Combs, Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Tania Gunadi, Josh Keaton, Kevin Michael Richardson, Sumalee Montano. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Darkness Rising (1)

air day: 2010-11-26

The Autobots go on alert because the Decepticons return to Earth within the sequence opener, Meanwhile a bunch of people discover themselves with new caretakers after stumbling into the center of the Autobot battle with the Decepticons.

Episode 2

Darkness Rising (2)

air day: 2010-11-26

The Autobots go in quest of Cliffjumper, whose life sign is weak and discover Megatron wielding the damaging Dark Energon.

Episode three

Darkness Rising (three)

air day: 2010-12-01

The Decepticons, with the intention to discover the Autobot base, seize and torture Secret Agent Fowler, and it is as much as Bulkhead and the three human youngsters to trace him down. Meanwhile, Megatron raises a military of undead Transformers.

Episode four

Darkness Rising (four)

air day: 2010-12-02

The youngsters, together with Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee storm the Decepticon ship to rescue Agent Fowler, and are available throughout the blueprints for a secret plan. During this, Optimus Prime and Ratchet battle towards Megatron’s military of undead Transformers.

Episode 5

Darkness Rising (5)

air day: 2010-12-03

Through his Space Bridge, Megatron raises the lifeless Transformers of Cybertron, and summons them to Earth. The Autobots must discover a method to sabotage the Bridge, or else their new house will likely be destroyed by the legion of undead Decepticons.

Episode 6

Masters & Students

air day: 2011-02-11

Starscream has pursuits in being Decepticon commander, after the earlier demise of Megatron. He awakens Skyquake, a Decepticon who’s chief is truely Megatron. While Optimus and Bumblebee have a battle with Skyquake the opposite Autobots assist the people with their science tasks, for his or her science truthful.

Episode 7


air day: 2011-02-18

When Bumblebee and Bulkhead go to the Arctic they discover a Cybertronian Pod. They carry the pod again to base. Optimus and Arcee later go on patrol again within the Arctic. When the people come over to Autobot HQ Raf finds a tiny metallic robotic. He exhibits Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Ratchet the robotic. The Autobots soar in concern as they see the robotic. They clarify that the tiny being is a Scraplet, a small metallic consuming robotic. The Scraplet assaults the Autobots however is defeated. Ratchet finds out the pod that Bulkhead and Bumblebee had discovered was a Scraplet entice which had been despatched into area many eons in the past and landed within the Arctic. While Optimus and Arcee contact HQ to return again there isn’t any reply and the 2 Autobots are caught within the Arctic. If Ratchet doesn’t open the Ground Bridge Optimus and Arcee will die. The Ground Bridge is not working as a result of the Scraplets had chewed a giant entire in it. Raf, Miko and Jack repair the Ground Bridge efficiently and Ratchet is ready to open the Ground Bridge. But the Scraplets assault and Bulkhead makes a distraction main the Scraplets into the Ground Bridge. When the Scraplets enter the Arctic they freeze to demise and Optimus and Arcee return again to HQ. As Ratchet and Optimus speak as how robust the people had been Miko screams in concern. The closing scene exhibits that there’s a spider and Miko is scared.

Episode eight

Con Job

air day: 2011-02-25

When the Autobots recieve a sign from a starship which has entered the Earth’s Solar System the proprietor of the starship is intentified as Wheeljack. Wheeljack is Bulkhead’s finest pal again on Cybertron. Bulkhead and Wheeljack went on many adventures collectively and have been a part of the Autobot warrior preventing group The Wreckers. Meanwhile, Starscream sends a Decepticon named Makeshift on a mission, to faux he’s Wheeljack with the intention to find the Autobot Base. When Wheeljack arrives someplace on Earth he’s attacked by Vehicons. The Autobots choose up his sign, as soon as once more and Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead Groundbridge to the place Wheeljack is to avoid wasting him. But, Wheeljack defeated all of the Vehicons earlier than the opposite Autobots might assist him. Then, it’s proven that the actual Wheeljack has been captured by Starscream and is held personer. Later, Bulkhead and Wheeljack (who’s Makeshift) social gathering. When Bulkhead and Wheeljack play a sport of ball they acciently destroy the Groundbridge. Wheeljack asks Ratchet how lengthy it could take for the Groundbridge to be repaired. After, Bulkhead tells tales about his adventures with Wheeljack. To Bulkhead for some purpose Wheeljack does not appear to be himself. Miko takes Wheeljack on a tour of the bottom. He asks Miko the place is the Autobot Base is positioned. She tells him the proper reply, outdoors Jasper, Nevada. Bulkhead thinks one thing’s mistaken with Wheeljack so he tells him to inform the story about Darkmount Pass. Wheeljacks tells the story accurately, apart from one factor he mentioned Bulkhead was there and Bulkhead wasn’t. Makeshift’s cowl is blown and he threatens if the Autobots do something he’ll kill Miko. The actual Wheeljack escapes and he defeats a few of Starscream’s military that he has prepaired on Groundbridge to the Autobot Base. He Groundbridges to the Autobot Base and has a battle with Makeshift. Makeshift loses and is shipped again to the Nemisis. Just earlier than he tells the place the Autobot Base is he realizes there’s a bomb on him and he blows up. The subsequent day, Wheeljack leaves, however asks Bulkhead if he needs to come back with him. Bulkhead says no and the final scene exhibits Miko taking an image of Wheeljack and Bulkhead.

Episode 9


air day: 2011-03-04

The Autobots help Agent Fowler in transporting an implosion gadget. But when a bunch of autos assaults them they’re recognized to be Humans and never Decepticons. The assailants are recognized as M.E.C.H. led by Silas.

Episode 10

Deus Ex Machina

air day: 2011-03-11

The Autobots choose up Energon alerts in Greece. Miko and Bulkhead go and examine. There are large Energon readings. But, Bulkhead sees an image of Greek Gods…however Bulkhead sees one thing…Cybertronian, a Energon Harvester. Then, Breakdown (who has a historical past with Bulkhead) assaults them. Breakdown returns again to Decepticon Base. Meanwhile, Starscream has a gathering with Knock Out and will get him and Breakdown to assist him discover the Energon Harvester. Bulkhead and Miko report again to Base in regards to the Energon Harvester, and Optimus explains that the Energon Harvester can simply harvest Energon, from something. Raf finds the Energon Harvester and it is location is in a museum. Miko, Jack and Raf Groundbridge to the museum and attempt to get the Energon Harvester. The Autobots wait outdoors the museum and Breakdown and Knock Out distract them by having a battle with them. Soundwave steals the Energon Harvester and Miko is caught by a Security Guard. The Autobots, with Raf and Jack return again to base. Optimus provides Bulkhead orders of staying at base and never doing something. Bulkhead denies Optimus and Ratchet builds a reproduction of the Energon Harvester. Bulkhead remembers about large Energon readings in Greece and Groundbridges there. He finds Starscream, Knock Out and Breakdown. Starscream tries to reap Bulkhead’s Energon, however Bulkhead destroys the Energon Harvester. Starscream retreats and Bulkhead is discovered by the remainder of the Autobots. Miko lies to the Security Guard and Agent Fowler arrives and will get Miko out. Suddenly, the Energon Harvester has returned and the Security Guard is confused. The Energon Harvester is definitely the one Ratchet made.

Episode 11

Speed Metal

air day: 2011-04-08

Knock Out begins to develop curiosity in Human unlawful automobile racing. One day, Sierra asks Jack for that trip on his motorbike, as Jack promised. Although, Jack tells Sierra not this time and Vince (generally refered to because the bully) tries to point out off and provides Sierra a trip. Vince asks Jack to go racing. Arcee does not wish to do it and Jack does not take the provide. Until, Vince talks about how “ugly” Arcee is. Arcee will get indignant, and tells Jack to inform Vince it is on. Later that day, Vince and Jack go racing. Jack finally beats Vince. When, Arcee and Jack return to Autobot Base, Raf and Miko inform Jack that everyone at their faculty is aware of about Jack and Vince’s race. The subsequent day, Vince asks Jack to go racing once more, Jack does not wish to, however he ultimately takes Vince’s provide. Arcee disagrees with Jack, and does not go. So, Jack asks Raf if he got here borrow Bumblebee. That night time, Jack and Vince enter a unlawful automobile race. But, Knock Out enters too and he tries to terminate Bumblebee. Bumblebee does some loopy issues and Vince is amazed. After dropping Knock Out, Vince goes as much as Jack and requested him what simply occurred. Until, Knock Out anciently thinks Vince is Bumblebee’s Human pal, so he kidnaps Vince, proper in entrance of Jack and Bumblebee. Bumblebee requires backup, and Arcee, and Bulkhead come to assist. As, the Autobots observe down Knock Out, and battle him. Knock Out escapes. Meanwhile, Optimus wonders the place the others have gone, and asks Miko, and Raf. They act like they do not know something, however Optimus finds out. So, Optimus makes an look to cease Knock Out, succeeds. Later, Knock Out returns to the Nemesis, and Starscream provides him a punishment, after not obeying his orders. Jack and Bumblebee drop Vince off at his automobile. The subsequent day, Sierra asks for that trip once more, and Jacks says no. But, Arcee feels unhealthy and lets Jack let Sierra have a trip.

Episode 12


air day: 2011-04-15

Arcee takes Jack alongside on a seemingly routine mission however when her nemesis Airachnid turns up, Jack turns into a legal responsibility she wants to guard.

Episode 13

Sick Mind

air day: 2011-04-29

Optimus Prime turns into contaminated with a Decepticon plague and Arcee and Bumblebee should sneak aboard the Nemesis to seek out the method for the treatment.

Episode 14

Out of His Head

air day: 2011-05-07

In the persevering with story from “Sick Mind”, Megatron has escaped his broken physique within the thoughts of Bumblebee.

Episode 15


air day: 2011-05-14

Kids are trapped in an alternate dimension with a reanimated Skyquake in the midst of a GroundBridge failure.

Episode 16

Operation: Breakdown

air day: 2011-06-18

When Breakdown is captured by M.E.C.H. (to see what makes the Cybertronians tick) it is as much as the Autobots to avoid wasting him.

Episode 17


air day: 2011-06-25

Airachnid plots her revenge towards Arcee and Jack by negotiating with Silas and M.E.C.H.

Episode 18

Metal Attraction

air day: 2011-07-09

The Autobots attempt to declare a magnetic weapon earlier than the Decepticons get to it.

Episode 19

Rock Bottom

air day: 2011-07-16

The Autobots, with Jack and Miko, fall sufferer to an Energon mine cave-in and discover themselves trapped with Starscream and Megatron.

Episode 20


air day: 2011-07-23

The crew is shocked to be taught that Starscream needs to turn out to be an Autobot.

Episode 21


air day: 2011-09-10

The Decepticons hunt Bulkhead down when he beneficial properties possession of the key method for artificial Energon. Unfortunately, the info inside his head is slowly erasing parts of his mind. Unless the Autobots can give you an answer, Bulkhead won’t ever be the identical.

Episode 22

Stronger, Faster

air day: 2011-09-17

Ratchet’s devotion to the Autobots is examined when he believes that he has perfected the method for artificial Energon. But when Ratchet makes use of himself because the take a look at topic, the artificial Energon begins to change his character.

Episode 23

One Shall Fall

air day: 2011-09-24

When the Autobots be taught of the Decepticons’ plans to construct a Space Bridge, Optimus decides to face Megatron as soon as and for all.

Episode 24

One Shall Rise (1)

air day: 2011-10-01

The Autobots uncover that Dark Energon is accountable for Earth’s latest pure disasters.

Episode 25

One Shall Rise (2)

air day: 2011-10-08

The Autobots crew up with a stunning ally to avoid wasting Earth.

Episode 26

One Shall Rise (three)

air day: 2011-10-15

While the Autobots proceed their battle on the Earth’s core, Jack learns extra about Optimus’ historical past on Cybertron.

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