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The first episode of the Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Animation, Comedy, series Tom and Jerry Tales season 1, 2 was released in 2006-09-23 by The CW. The TV show was created by and directed by Joseph Barbera, William Hanna. Actors in the cast include Frank Welker, Michael Donovan, Nicole Oliver, Reece Thompson, Tom Kenny, Don Brown, David Kaye, Janyse Jaud, Scott McNeil, Sam Vincent. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Tiger Cat / Feeding Time / Polar Peril

air day: 2006-09-23

Tiger Cat: Tom and Jerry are pursuing one another in a zoo. During the chase, Tom by chance destroys the portray of an art-loving monkey. This results in the monkey changing into fairly offended, however his mood cools after he makes Tom appear like a tiger by dipping him in orange paint and including black stripes on together with his paintbrush. All the opposite characters within the episode, save the monkey himself, see Tom and develop the idea that he’s an actual tiger.

Feeding Time: Jerry frames Tom for feeding zoo animals so Spike can fireplace him.

Polar Peril: A polar bear protects Jerry from Tom and Butch.

Episode 2

Joy Riding Jokers / Cat Got Your Luggage? / City Dump Chumps

air day: 2006-09-30

Joy Riding Jokers: Spike errors Tom and Jerry for valets.

Cat Got Your Luggage?: Tom and Jerry trash a flowery resort foyer.

City Dump Chumps: Tom and Butch struggle over Jerry in a junkyard.

Episode three

Way-Off Broadway / Egg Beats / Cry Uncle

air day: 2006-10-14

Way-Off Broadway: Tom and Jerry play musical devices.

Egg Beats: Jerry’s music causes Tom’s hen to put eggs shortly.

Cry Uncle: Jerry’s uncle returns for a go to and sings.

Episode four

Bats What I Like About the South / Fraidy Cat Scat / Tomb It May Concern

air day: 2006-10-21

Bats What I Like About the South: Jerry disguises himself as a bat to scare Tom.

Fraidy Cat Scat: Jerry pretends to be a cranium by hiding within it and scaring Tom.

Tomb It May Concern: Tom and Jerry discover gold inside a pyramid.

Episode 5

Din-O-Sores / Freaky Tiki / Prehisterics

air day: 2006-11-11

Din-O-Sores: Tom and Jerry uncover their world is full of dinosaur eggs.

Freaky Tiki: A mystical tiki places Tom and Jerry below a spell.

Prehisterics: In prehistoric instances, Tom and Jerry’s ancestors outwit one another.

Episode 6

Digital Dilemma / Hi, Robot / Tomcat Jetpack

air day: 2006-11-18

Digital Dilemma: Tom’s laptop traps him and Jerry in a digital world.

Hi, Robot: Tom makes a robotic woman mouse to catch Jerry.

Tomcat Jetpack: Tom dons an experimental flying swimsuit.

Episode 7

Fire Breathing Tom Cat / Medieval Menace / The Itch

air day: 2006-11-25

Fire Breathing Tom Cat: The king sends Tom to slay a dragon.

Medieval Menace: Tom is captured and thrown right into a dungeon.

The Itch: Jerry needs to affix a band of rats, whose music causes everybody to itch.

Episode eight

Ho, Ho Horrors / Doggone Hill Hog / Northern Light Fish Fight

air day: 2006-12-02

Ho, Ho Horrors: Jerry enters Tom’s dream and turns it right into a nightmare, leading to each of them trashing their total home of their sleep.

Doggone Hill Hog: Spike tackles Tom and Jerry within the snow.

Northern Light Fish Fight: Tom and Jerry struggle over a fish.

Episode 9

Cat Nebula / Martian Mice / Spaced Out Cat

air day: 2006-12-09

Cat Nebula: In outer area sooner or later, Jerry is captain of a mouse-run freighter (Nibbles) and Tom is a green-skinned alien.

Martian Mice: At a farm, giant-sized mice from Mars mistakenly abduct Tom and Jerry.

Spaced Out Cat: Tom tries to win Toodles again from Spike by constructing a spaceship and being the primary one to get to the moon.

Episode 10

‘Octo Suave / Beach Bully Bingo / Treasure Map Scrap

air day: 2006-12-16

Octo Suave: An octopus mistakenly tries to woo Tom.

Beach Bully Bingo: Spike and Butch struggle on the seashore.

Treasure Map Scrap: Jerry tries to discover a treasure within the sea.

Episode 11

Destruction Junction / Battle of the Power Tools / Jackhammered Cat

air day: 2007-01-20

Destruction Junction: Spike is put in command of the remainder of a constructing’s development whereas the crew are in hospitalized after struggling an excessive case of splinters.

Battle of the Power Tools: Tom and Jerry, previously homeless, turn into wealthy in a single day shortly after their numbers are available in, so that they break up their thousands and thousands and every units out to construct a mansion throughout from one another.

Jackhammered Cat: Tom and Jerry stumble right into a feast, guarded by Spike, at a development web site to which neither the cat nor mouse are invited.

Episode 12

Tin Cat of Tomorrow / Beefcake Tom / Tomcat Superstar

air day: 2007-01-27

Tin Cat of Tomorrow: Fed up with Tom failing to catch Jerry, Mrs. Two-Shoes orders a robotic cat to switch Tom.

Beefcake Tom: Tom enrolls at a gymnasium.

Tomcat Superstar: Tom quits present enterprise and retires to a farm.

Episode 13

Piranha Be Loved By You / Spook House Mouse / Abracadumb

air day: 2007-02-03

Piranha Be Loved By You: A piranha makes it exhausting for Tom to win Toodles’ affection

Spook House Mouse: Tom and Jerry’s antics lead them right into a haunted home.

Abracadumb: Tom and Jerry interact in a magic duel.

Episode 14

Freaky Tiki

air day: 2006-11-04

Tom and Jerry calm down on Hawaii which is residence to an energetic volcano. The volcano quickly locations Tom and Jerry below mind-control, inflicting them to enter the volcano the place they meet PELE – the Goddess of Flame. The Goddess of Flame quickly chases the 2 out of the volcano and close to a cliff, and Tom and Jerry are about to fall into the river, however Jerry saves himself and Tom by scaring her.

Episode 15


air day: 2006-11-04

In prehistoric instances, Tom and Jerry’s ansectors outwit one another.

Episode 16

Digital Dilemma

air day: 2006-11-11

Tom returns from a rubbish dump with issues he discovered on the dump. He makes use of these items to make a pc and makes use of Jerry because the mouse. While making the pc, Tom breaks part of the roof to make the pc taller and on the prime of the pc there’s a garments hanger. The garments hanger is struck by lightning. This causes the 2 to enter the digital world. Tom and Jerry quickly meet their very own digital variations, which look precisely like them and the 2 additionally uncover that at any time when the 2 contact their digital variations extra digital variations are created. Tom and Jerry quickly have an journey with their digital variations.

Episode 17

Hi, Robot

air day: 2006-11-11

Tom and Jerry stay in the home of a younger boy. After destroying the younger boy’s robotic mouse toy, Tom makes a robotic woman mouse with a purpose to catch Jerry. However, Tom has one other factor coming!

Episode 18

Tomcat Jetpack

air day: 2006-11-11

Tom, Jerry, and Spike are chasing one another in a neighborhood, tearing every thing of their path aside. A mysterious truck passes by outdoors on the road, hitting a bump and dropping a wrapped bundle out the again. It seems to be an extraordinary and considerably silly-looking vest, and Spike encourages Tom to place it on. When he does, he’s shocked when it turns right into a Rocketeer-esque flying swimsuit. Tom has enjoyable flying about, doing issues like skywriting impolite caricatures of Spike and Jerry, teasing a fowl nesting on the roof, and crashing a barbecue (Droopy makes a cameo look right here because the barbecuer). After Jerry and Spike get fed up together with his methods, they scheme to take the airborne airhead down.

Episode 19

Fire Breathing Tom Cat

air day: 2007-02-03

In a citadel surrounded by water, Jerry is seen holding a stack of cheese on a saucer, escaping from Tom wearing knight armor who’s mercilessly making an attempt to get rid of Jerry with a mace. Tom, tries to scour the citadel to see the place Jerry has hidden. Keeping his stance subsequent to a reproduction of a knight, holding an axe, Jerry takes a tiny peek via the helmet. He then, again down when Tom lastly discovers the place Jerry was. With that, Tom kilos the residing daylights out the deceived reproduction. Luckily, Jerry cowered beneath the footwear, makes his escape and geese right into a gap. Then, the king offers Tom a job: to slay the dragon that lives within the cave. However, when Tom arrives, Jerry has woke up the dragon. It swallows Tom, however he manages to steal the hearth from the dragon. Tom scares the dragon out of the cave, and chases Jerry and swallows him. But later, Jerry steals the hearth from Tom and returns it to the dragon, who then chases the cat.

Episode 20

Medieval Menace

air day: 2007-02-03

Tom chases Jerry via the woods and in direction of a citadel. Tom leads to the bed room of a bit of princess, partaking in a tea occasion with Winnie-the-Pooh from The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes and Garfield from The Garfield Show whereas studying a fairy story story to them. She does not appear to care a lot for him. The chase resumes. The cat and mouse duel in a wizard’s lab, then the throne room with magic wands, turning each other into all kinds of unusual issues. When Tom will get become a frog, the princess estatically kisses him, considering he is a prince remodeled by a spell. When he turns again right into a mangy previous cat, the woman turns into enraged, forcing Tom to sprint again out of the citadel right into a moat, which is the house of an enormous alligator. After a couple of tense seconds, Tom instantly lets out a deafening scream. The alligator then chases Tom offscreen. Then extra chomping sounds and loud screams are heard (that is Tom’s basic scream by the best way, not often used or not used in any respect in all post-Hanna-Barbera productions). Meanwhile, Jerry—become an elephant—enjoys the princess’ hospitality and a pleasant cup of tea.

Episode 21

The Itch

air day: 2007-02-03

Tom is a crooked tax collector who finagles the poor mice of a village out of each coin they’ve, even Jerry. A band of Beatle-esque rats units up on the outskirts of city and performs a rock music known as “The Itch”: (which solely consists of the road “Swing around and curtsy. Diggin’ in the dirtsy. Twitchin’. Stichin’.”, “We all dance the Itch.”). The music is about to play till Jerry tries to play flute with the band, however is booted unceremoniously offstage. When the music begins all of the mice dance in a bizarre manner. Jerry then realizes why the viewers is dancing—the music is controlling swarms of fleas, making them transfer with frentic scratching. With some assist from Tom and the band, Jerry convinces the villagers to leap off a close-by bluff into the lake, washing the pests off. Later the grateful band rocks on to an appreciative flealess crowd. Jerry is the featured floutist, and Tom is the ticket taker.

Episode 22

Ho, Ho Horrors

air day: 2007-02-10

When Mrs. Two-Shoes goes to mattress on Christmas Eve, Tom lies in his basket and goals of chasing after Jerry. Jerry, not liking this, enters the dream and turns it right into a nightmare. The two get up and discover they’ve trashed all the home of their sleep. Mrs. Two-Shoes, woken by the ruckus, isn’t completely happy. She tosses the pair into the chilly. The narrator means that that is the time of yr the place enemies put apart their variations—although Jerry appears to produce other concepts. The two proceed chasing one another via the snow.

Episode 23

Doggone Hill Hog

air day: 2007-02-10

Tom and Jerry are chasing each other within the snow. Spike is sledding down a close-by hill, and crashes into them. He does this repeatedly, considering it humorous. He bullies the 2 relentlessly as he guffaws at their ache. Tom and Jerry quickly get Spike again, however all three wind up with damaged arms and legs. To present them no exhausting emotions, Spike offers the boys a Christmas current: a sled. They chuck it into the fireside.

Episode 24

Northern Light Fish Fight

air day: 2007-02-10

In the Arctic wastes, Tom is a fisherman with nothing to point out for it however a buch of holes within the ice and a really chilly worm. When Jerry has newbie’s luck and catches a fats fish, Tom tries to steal it. After an prolonged battle, complete with orchestral accompaniment (Note that the lights are written as auroras), Jerry agrees to share his fish with the ravenous cat—however a polar bear will get to it first. Disgusted, the boys eat their forks.

Episode 25

Cat Nebula

air day: 2007-02-17

Jerry and Nibbles (Tuffy) are in an area ship. They are operating out of meals, attributable to Tuffy’s consuming habits. Finally, Jerry manages to search out some dehydrated power capsules, however he swallows a whole yr’s price and grows enormously obese. Then a health care provider, Droopy, involves test on Jerry. Later, an alien area cat, clearly much like the looks of Tom, needs to eat Jerry, and they find yourself operating round chasing one another on the ship. Finally they’re launched from the ship’s torpedo and apparently killed by the explosion, as they’ve turn into constellations within the sky with Tuffy saluting them.

Episode 26

Martian Mice

air day: 2007-02-17

Tom and Jerry chase one another round on a farm. Tom pretends to be a rooster, however a UFO catches each Tom and Jerry, considering that Tom is a rooster. The aliens within the UFO (big alien mice, that’s) want 2000 eggs for the queen’s cake, and they have already got 5 (truly four, as Jerry is hiding in one among them). Thus, the aliens inform Tom to put 1995 extra eggs. He tries as exhausting as he can to put these eggs, however Tom fails. The aliens attempt to put him in an extractor, and he runs away. They search the kitchen and are then confronted by the princess, who at all times reminds them of a ‘cream puffs’ incident the 2 servants obtained in hassle for. They make the cake anyway, unaware they’d baked Tom and Jerry into it, and they ship it to the queen. However, the queen discovers Tom and Jerry and calls for her servants to “put it back and get a real chicken, OR ELSE!”. The servants attempt to get an actual rooster this time, however abduct a cow as an alternative. Tom is about to chase Jerry once more—however then inexplicably lays an egg!

Episode 27

Spaced Out Cat

air day: 2007-02-17

While within the park, Tom sees Toodles Galore. Suddenly, Spike (dressed up in a repo-man mustache and tank tops) reveals up on a bike. He steals Tom’s girlfriend. Tom (now upset) walks residence (the place Jerry is). He activates the radio and finds out that there’s a contest happening. Whoever can construct a rocket and attain the moon first wins. Tom thinks he can get his girlfriend again by doing this. Jerry will get on board with Tom and the ship malfunctions. It crashlands on the moon. Tom places up a flag and Jerry eats elements of the moon (considering its cheese). Spike runs over Tom’s flag together with his bike and places up his flag. Tom and Toodles kiss.

Episode 28

Octo Suave

air day: 2007-02-24

Tom and Jerry are in a fishing boat. Jerry has simply turn into Tom’s slave, and is working exhausting rowing the boat, whereas Tom relaxes. Tom orders Jerry to drop the anchor, and they each get able to dive to spearfish. Tom tries to hit Jerry with the spear, however Jerry tries to flee by leaping into the ocean, and Tom chases him. Tom tries to hunt some seafood, together with a pufferfish and a lobster. However, Jerry jumps onto a seahorse to cease him, by scaring the pufferfish (and it deflates quickly). Tom makes an attempt to catch the seahorse with a lasso made out of seaweed, however the seahorse is simply too robust for him and drags him alongside the seabed, hitting the coral and many seaweeds, which makes him appear like a mermaid. Later, he encounters a really amorous octopus gentleman named Morizzio (whose mannerisms and accent appear to be based mostly on Looney Tunes character Pepe Le Pew), who thinks Tom is a woman. Morizzio needs up to now Tom, and they find yourself getting misplaced within the sea. Later, Jerry meets a fish who loves him, and he flees.

Episode 29

Beach Bully Bingo

air day: 2007-02-24

It’s summer time and Jerry reveals Tom an image in his diary that reveals them being mates and going to the seashore. Thus, they agree and go to the seashore, however Butch and Spike arrive first. Tom and Jerry staff up whereas Butch and Spike are the rivals. Tom controls Butch, and Jerry controls Spike. Tom and Jerry are literally attempting to get the bullies off the seashore, although. Finally, each Butch and Spike are pushed away from the seashore, and Tom, Jerry, and their new girlfriends, play fortunately there. Note: search for references to “Muscle Beach Tom” right here..

Episode 30

Treasure Map Scrap

air day: 2007-02-24

Tom and Jerry are on a raft crusing in direction of an island looking for treasure. Tom traps Jerry and decides leap into the freezing water to retrieve the treasure. However, Jerry has earned the friendship of a child dolphin that is ready to save him and defeat Tom. Near the tip of the episode, the mom dolphin seems and scares away Tom. They retrieve the chest again onto the raft, however Tom does not get any gold.

Episode 31

Destruction Junction

air day: 2007-03-03

Spike is put in command of the remainder of a constructing’s development whereas the crew are in hospital after struggling an excessive case of splinters. Tom and Jerry are chasing one another and run into the development yard. Spike catches Tom and provides him a job on the development crew. Tom accepts. During the remainder of the episode, Tom constantly chases Jerry, but finishes the constructing. The constructing appears to be like nice, aside from one half. That is as a result of Jerry drew his face on the development plan!

Episode 32

Battle of the Power Tools

air day: 2007-03-03

The boys are poor and residing collectively in a run-down shack. However, their numbers are available in, and they turn into wealthy in a single day. They break up their thousands and thousands and every units out to construct a mansion throughout from one another. However, Tom is jealous of how effectively his furry buddy is doing together with his constructing undertaking, to say nothing of being stricken by incompetent, lazy, surly union workmen. Trying to do the labor himself solely exacerbates issues and drains his checking account. At the tip Jerry and Tom each have luxurious houses—however Tom’s broke, and his home falls away to disclose it is only a hole shell across the shack from the opening of the image, that too fell away to disclose Tom.

Episode 33

Jackhammered Cat

air day: 2007-03-03

Tom chases Jerry all through town. Jerry finds a gap within the fence across the development yard and goes via it. Tom climbs over the fence and sees that the employees are going to have SOME feast at this time (walnut cake, turkey, lettuce sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, peanut butter cake, and fruit). Tom tries to get the meals however is outsmarted by Jerry and scared away by Spike.

Episode 34

Tin Cat of Tomorrow

air day: 2007-04-28

While chasing Jerry, Tom by chance ruins the home and Jerry hides in his mousehole. Mrs. Two-Shoes yells at Tom and orders a robocat known as the Verminator 7000. Tom will get booted out of the home. Verminator assaults Jerry and boots him out of the home as effectively. Tom and Jerry work collectively to destroy Verminator. They did it and Mrs. Two-Shoes brings Tom again to deal with. Verminator falls into rubbish and Tom and Jerry turn into rivals once more.

Episode 35

Beefcake Tom

air day: 2007-04-28

Flabby, out-of-shape Tom cannot even chase Jerry anymore. He decides to enroll in a gymnasium to get again his combating physique. Jerry decides to tease him and offers him his personal model of train regime. At the tip, Tom positive aspects muscle tissues and Jerry decides that they need to prepare some extra. However, attributable to Jerry’s excessiveness, Tom makes use of him as a muscle pumper.

Episode 36

Tom Cat, Superstar

air day: 2007-04-28

Tom is a well-known, wealthy star, however he’s bored. Ignoring his agent’s protests, he quits showbiz and retires to a farm. Then Jerry is proven to have made a video clip of the entire episode and premiered it. Next, as Jerry lounges by the pool the place Tom used to take a seat initially, Tom is now his slave. Jerry vanishes Tom with a thumbs-down, like Tom when he vanishes his three servants, and in the long run, Jerry vanishes the digital camera.

Episode 37

Piranha Be Loved By You

air day: 2005-05-05

Tom and Jerry are the victims of a shipwreck and are washed up on a abandoned island the place they each discover dinosaur eggs from which hatchlings develop fairly shortly into adults.

Episode 38

Spook House Mouse

air day: 2007-05-05

Tom and Jerry’s antics lead them right into a closed-down haunted home attraction the place they’re confronted with enchanted mirrors, a stay curler coaster, and most essential of all, ghosts. At the tip, the duo are put to work within the freak present, attributable to turning white from their expertise within the haunted home.

Episode 39


air day: 2007-05-05

Tom is a well-known magician and Jerry lives within the theater he performs at within the rafters and does his personal comparable magic present. They interact in a magic duel. In the tip they each obtain the applause with the feminine cat.

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