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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, series The Penguins of Madagascar season 1, 2, 3 was released in 2010-03-13 by Nickelodeon. The TV show was created by and directed by Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath. Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

The Red Squirrel

air day: 2010-03-13

The penguins fall beneath the spell of Skipper’s idol.

Episode 2

It’s About Time

air day: 2010-03-13

Kowalski’s future self visits and orders his current self to cease engaged on his time machine.

Episode three

Gator Watch

air day: 2010-05-15

While the penguins are visiting with him in his sewer dwelling, Roger, their alligator pal, states that he hates having to dwell there, however that he loves being in New York a lot that he’s keen to endure it. The penguins quickly resolve to assist Roger discover a higher place to dwell within the metropolis. They first cover Roger inside a log in a close-by pond, however a woman sees him and screams. They strive hiding him as a show in a museum subsequent, however Roger blows his cowl by changing into “alive” when a boy pokes him. Following this, the penguins attempt to cover Roger on a rooftop as a gargoyle, however Roger, afraid of heights, quickly falls right into a public pool under. Throughout all this, the makes an attempt to relocate Roger make TV information headlines, in a phase referred to as “Gator Watch.” While attempting subsequent to evade people, Roger unwittingly enters onto a stage by way of a constructing’s backdoor and is quickly captured by animal management. The penguins then set off after the van transporting Roger to interrupt him out, however they fail to take action earlier than the car arrives at its vacation spot: a well-suited habitat on the Central Park Zoo.

Episode four

In The Line Of Doody

air day: 2010-05-15

In anticipation of the arrival of the zoo commissioner, a safety element shortly examines the zoo and its animals for threats. But as they go away, Skipper believes that the brokers have achieved an insufficient job, so he and the opposite penguins take it upon themselves to make sure the zoo is protected for the commissioner’s arrival to chop the ribbon on a brand new kids’s zoo. In doing so, they quickly uncover pigeon, Frankie, has plotted to “drop one” on the commissioner’s go well with in retaliation for his implementation of anti-pigeon park rules. Skipper then tells the opposite penguins about how he had didn’t act beneath comparable circumstances when the earlier commissioner had been attacked with hen droppings containing blueberries, vowing to not let the identical occur once more. The penguins then chase after Frankie, with Skipper flying via the air utilizing a jet-pack, however the pigeon quickly finally ends up releasing his blueberry-infused vendetta. Skipper dives in and takes the hit for the commissioner, and his group is horrified on the ensuing look of their chief. Fortunately, nevertheless, Skipper reveals that he was carrying a “pigeon-proof vest” as he pulls it off his physique. The vest is quickly launched at Frankie by way of a makeshift cannon, ensuing within the pigeon struggling the identical destiny he had supposed for the commissioner.

Episode 5

Can’t Touch This

air day: 2010-06-19

When the penguins hear the scream of a toddler, they quickly study it was the end result of a boy having been bitten by a sheep on the zoo’s petting zoo. Appalled by the sheep’s assault, the penguins set off at evening to retaliate towards him. However, the sheep, Randy, quickly tells the penguins that he was provoked to chew the boy as a result of the boy had, amongst different issues, crushed on him and had pulled out a clump of his wool. Convinced that they’d wrongly judged Randy, the penguins resolve to assist him out to stop additional abuse by rowdy kids. When their makes an attempt at making use of a slippery polymer, build up static electrical energy on Randy’s wool, and hypnosis fail, the penguins resolve to move Randy to a farm to dwell out the remainder of his life. Randy is quickly taken to a farm by the penguins in a truck, however shortly after his arrival, Randy is horrified on the look of the opposite sheep there, who’re sheered and seem like in a cult-like trance. Consequently, Randy finally ends up again on the petting zoo, however when the identical boy approaches him to assault him once more, Randy kicks him away. It is then revealed that Skipper and Rico had taught Randy some of their commando combating strikes.

Episode 6

Hard Boiled Eggy

air day: 2010-06-19

While the penguins are engaged in a coaching train, Eggy the duckling enters the HQ, appearing in a commando-like style. His mom quickly locates him there, and tells the penguins that Eggy has been behaving that means ever since their egg-watching journey. As requested by Eggy’s mom, the penguins conform to work with Eggy to persuade him that he’s not suited to interact of their para-military operations. But when he persists in needing to grow to be a commando, Skipper leads Eggy to consider that he must have a “Penguin Commando License” as a way to partake of their operations, and that having the ability to sort out all of the zoo has to supply is requisite for acquiring such. Although briefly profitable, this plan quickly backfires when Eggy begins to take down all of the zoo animals, utilizing the specialised traits of every of the penguins that he had discovered from them whereas nonetheless within the egg state. Eventually, Julien is the final animal that Eggy had not but crushed, and thus the one factor standing between him and his “license.” But Julien, upon studying that “[his] J.J.” (Eggy) wished to grow to be a penguin, begins dancing to music, and Eggy fails to convey him down because of this. Eggy is then cured of his commando wishes however, to the dismay of the penguins, now has taken up Julien’s behaviors.

Episode 7

The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel

air day: 2010-04-25

The opening of a time capsule buried on the zoo a century in the past forces the penguins, Julien, Maurice, Mort, Marlene and Fred right into a seek for the legendary cursed treasure of the Golden Squirrel, which they have to discover and destroy earlier than the rats declare it for themselves, however issues are difficult when the treasure features a curse that can drive those that search it to struggle one another till one who’s ‘pure of coronary heart’ claims the treasure. This episode was initially scheduled to be aired within the U.S. on April 25, 2010, however stays unaired there. However, it aired on April 25, 2010 on the Canadian Network YTV as half of a “Penguin Marathon”.

Episode eight

Fit To Print

air day: 2010-07-19

The lemurs interrupt the penguins enjoying pc solitaire within the zoo workplace as a way to sneak a peek on the zoo’s new promoting marketing campaign picture, which options the lemurs. After being chastised by the penguins for making a risk of being seen by people, Julien factors out that the penguins will be seen within the background of the accredited advert picture in commando style, seemingly unaware that their picture was being taken. Back at their HQ, the penguins resolve to got down to digitally take away themselves from the picture earlier than it’s despatched to the advert company. Whilst trying to take action on the photographer’s home, nevertheless, Kowalski inadvertently sends an enlarged model of the incriminating space of the picture to the advert executives. Their scenario is made progressively worse when their go to to the advert company leads to the picture being despatched to the printer with the caption “Killer Commando Penguins,” after which when their try to reconfigure the 10,000-copy print job on the print store as an alternative leads to a 1,000,000-copy authorization. When their ultimate try to cease the presses leads to the foursome being caught up in and inked-up by the equipment, they retreat to the HQ, satisfied their covert ops will quickly be uncovered. However, the brand new advert which Alice reveals, of penguin physique shapes splatted on a white background, retains their operations secret.

Episode 9

Operation: Cooties

air day: 2010-07-19

Episode 10

Mr. Tux

air day: 2010-07-19

Bent on an agenda to defeat “Mr. Tux” in a spherical of mini golf, an armadillo involves the zoo believing that one of the penguins is him.

Episode 11

Concrete Jungle Survival

air day: 2010-07-19

Private should move a tough take a look at on the New York streets as a way to transfer up in rank and share a labeled joke. In order to maneuver up ranks Private should face a “haunted bus” however he’s compelled to protected the lemurs as they’ve been caught by the “haunted bus”.

Episode 12

Stop Bugging Me

air day: 2010-09-04

Episode 13

Field Tripped

air day: 2010-09-04

When a boy on a college journey sees the Penguins in motion, the group scrambles into motion to steal his pocket book; in the meantime, Julien makes an attempt to kind his personal group to say his previous backscratcher from the museum (Mort=Skipper, Fred=Kowalski, Maurice=Rico, and Julien=Private). This episode was launched solely on the Nickelodeon web site.

Episode 14

Badger Pride

air day: 2010-09-04

Episode 15

Kaboom and Kabust

air day: 2010-09-11

Disappointed at Skipper’s refusal to permit him to make use of his explosive skills, Rico begins working for King Julien as a demolitions knowledgeable, however the brand new lack of restraint imposed by the opposite penguins leads to Rico destroying Julien’s habitat earlier than he’s contained. This episode was initially scheduled to be aired on March 27, 2010 however stays unaired.

Episode 16

The Helmet

air day: 2010-09-11

When Kowalski invents a helmet that turns ideas into actions- primarily granting the wearer the facility of psychokinesis-, Julien steals it to make use of its energy for himself, just for the whole zoo to be imperiled when Julien turns the helmet’s energy as much as such an extent that he summons objects to him with mere informal ideas. This episode was initially scheduled to be aired on March 27, 2010 however stays unaired.

Episode 17

The Big Squeeze

air day: 2010-09-18

Episode 18

Night and Dazed

air day: 2010-09-18

Episode 19

Wishful Thinking

air day: 2010-10-02

Episode 20

April Fools

air day: 2010-10-02

Episode 21

Hello, Dollface

air day: 2010-10-09

Episode 22

Huffin’ and Puffin’

air day: 2010-10-09

Skipper’s previous puffin enemy Hans involves the zoo, claiming to be occupied with friendship whereas actually searching for to steal the penguins’ lair for himself. While it has not aired within the United States, the episode aired with “The Penguin Stays in the Picture” on YTV (in Canada) on April 17, 2010 and once more on May 1, 2010.

Episode 23

Invention Intervention

air day: 2010-10-16

Episode 24

Cradle & All

air day: 2010-10-16

Episode 25

Driven To The Brink

air day: 2010-10-23

Episode 26


air day: 2010-10-23

Episode 27

Work Order

air day: 2010-11-06

Episode 28

Hot Ice

air day: 2010-11-06

Episode 29

Command Crisis

air day: 2010-11-07

After getting a child’s balloon again, Skipper mentions one thing about The Big One. He explains he has been ready for it to come back for months and he hid some plans in a distant space of the zoo for when the large one comes. But it’s revealed that they’re constructing a kids’s zoo on the spot he hid the plans, so now they attempt to get the plans earlier than The Big One Comes. But Skipper then begins appearing like a information reporter. Can Skipper cease appearing like a reporter, and might they get the plans in time earlier than the Big One comes?

Episode 30

Truth Ache

air day: 2010-11-07

After spying on everybody with the others, Private unintentionally drinks Kowalski’s Truth drink that makes you spill the reality and now Private begins telling all of the animals secrets and techniques! Can the penguins repair this earlier than Private spills everybody’s secrets and techniques?

Episode 31

The All Nighter Before Christmas

air day: 2010-12-12

When the zoo closes for the Christmas vacation, the animals collect to start work on Kidsmas, their annual vacation festivities primarily designed to please the youthful animals. Each animal is assigned a Kidsmas preparation process to carry out, however Julien, needing a unique one, rearranges every animals’ process.

Episode 32

Whispers and Coups

air day: 2011-01-15

Julien suspects a plot to overthrow or kill him is being orchestrated by Maurice after he overhears Maurice conversing with different animals about an ill-sounding plan.

Episode 33

Brush With Danger

air day: 2011-01-15

When Burt will get a maintain of Alice’s paintbrush, he paints an image of an elephant with it on a virtually wall to the delight of zoo patrons.

Episode 34

Love Hurts

air day: 2011-02-12

Private retains injuring himself so he can see the brand new zoo nurse he has a crush on.

Episode 35

The Officer X Factor

air day: 2011-02-12

Officer X fills in for a vacationing Alice and retains a really shut eye on the penguins.

Episode 36

Brain Drain

air day: 2011-02-26

Kowalski’s experiment on his mind goes awry, and he turns into dumber as an alternative of smarter.

Episode 37

Right Hand Man

air day: 2011-02-26

Julien has enjoyable barking orders at new zoo occupant Clemson, whom Mort is suspicious of.

Episode 38

Danger Wears A Cape

air day: 2011-03-19

Skipper warns the group concerning the risks of studying flashy comedian books, however they do not appear to care.

Episode 39

Operation: Break-speare

air day: 2011-03-19

Julien likes to get together ‘until the break of daybreak, and the Penguins need peace and quiet.

Episode 40

Rat Fink

air day: 2011-03-19

Mort and his tail, Rodney, are chosen for a high secret spy mission. King Julien is jealous.

Episode 41

Kanga Management

air day: 2011-03-19

The Penguins do their finest to make their new zoo-mates comfy, however they preserve messing up.

Episode 42

King Julien For A Day

air day: 2011-03-26

Skipper swaps locations with King Julien for a day, and issues on the zoo fall into disarray.

Episode 43

Maurice At Peace

air day: 2011-03-26

A fax with horrible information arrives on the Zoo: Maurice has solely 24 hours left to dwell. So all of the animals resolve to make his final day unforgettable and deal with him as a king. Even King Julien ! How will at the present time end up finally?

Episode 44


air day: 2011-04-02

Private learns use his cuteness to his benefit..however will it work?

Episode 45

Operation: Neighbor Swap

air day: 2011-06-13

The lemurs’ fixed partying will get out of hand, so the penguins have them moved to the petting zoo.

Episode 46

All Tied Up With A Boa

air day: 2011-06-14

The animals panic once they hear boa constrictor has escaped from the Hoboken Zoo.

Episode 47

Rock-a-Bye Birdie

air day: 2011-06-15

An unintended zap from the Fresherizer ray turns Skipper right into a child.

Episode 48

Herring Impaired

air day: 2011-06-16

When Skipper, Private and Kowalski get a meals born sickness, Rico should preserve them from consuming any extra contaminated herring.

Episode 49

A Visit From Uncle Nigel

air day: 2011-06-17

Private’s uncle visits and divulges that he’s a undercover agent.

Episode 50

The Hoboken Surprise (Operation: Vacation)

air day: 2011-08-20

The penguins plan a trip on the excessive seas however a storm blows them off target onto the streets of Hoboken, New Jersey.

After being taken to the Hoboken Zoo and assembly some previous pals, Skipper is adamant the zoo holds a sinister secret.

Episode 51

The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole

air day: 2011-09-09

Skipper falls right into a lure set by Dr. Blowhole (voice of Neil Patrick Harris), who then extracts Skipper’s recollections and makes use of them to search out the opposite penguins and rework them into villains. Four musical numbers are featured.

Episode 52

Pet’s Peeved

air day: 2011-09-24

The Vesuvius Twins convey Skipper and Julien to their dwelling and pressure them to struggle each other.

Episode 53


air day: 2011-09-24

Kowalski creates tiny robots which do the penguins’ chores for them, but in addition develop overprotective of the penguins.

Episode 54

Operation: Good Deed

air day: 2011-10-08

After witnessing a scout carry out a superb deed on the zoo, the penguins resolve to up their good deed quota, nevertheless they study that not all good deeds go unpunished.

Episode 55

When the Chips Are Down

air day: 2011-10-08

Private and Mort are trapped in a merchandising machine.

While they try to flee, King Julian believes they’ve been kidnapped by TV persona Professor Quimby.

Episode 56

Time Out

air day: 2011-10-10

Kowalski finds a solution to cease time, sadly King Julian will get a maintain of his machine.

Episode 57

Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan

air day: 2011-10-10

The penguins obtain a warning that the infamous Red Squirrel has planted a brainwashed sleeper agent of their presence.

Episode 58

Gut Instinct

air day: 2011-10-10

The animals cease receiving particular treats from an previous lady who might have been injured as a result of of King Julian.

Episode 59

I Know Why the Caged Bird Goes Insane

air day: 2011-10-10

Kowalski is unable to attend an enormous inventor’s expo resulting from his damaged legs.

Episode 60


air day: 2011-11-26

Private is blamed for hurting Dale the Snail.

Episode 61

The Big S.T.A.N.Okay.

air day: 2011-11-26

The penguins erect a big bathroom as a lure for Dr. Blowhole, however Julien needs it as his new throne.

Episode 62

Operation Antarctica

air day: 2012-01-16

Private helps a younger leopard seal return to Antarctica, and his friends comply with him in a submarine. However, hazard looms once they get to their vacation spot.

Episode 63

The Big Move

air day: 2012-01-16

The penguins sneak out of the zoo at evening to get together with the opposite animals within the park, however they’ve bother getting dwelling by morning.

Episode 64

Endangerous Species

air day: 2012-01-16

An extinct dodo is introduced again to life, however his reckless habits places him in fixed jeopardy.

Episode 65

Loathe at First Sight

air day: 2012-02-11

Kowalski creates a love laser to make individuals fall in love, but it surely quickly backfires.

Episode 66

The Trouble With Jiggles

air day: 2012-02-11

Kowalski brings Jiggles again to life in miniature kind, however bother arises when Jiggles multiplies.

Episode 67


air day: 2012-03-31

Lemmy the robotic returns from Mars with an area squid.

Episode 68

The Most Dangerous Game Night

air day: 2012-03-31

Marlene gathers the zoo animals collectively for ‘Game Night’, however issues that do not go fairly as deliberate when Kowalski, Maurice & Mort go on a snack run that ends in a police stand off

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