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The first episode of the Comedy, series The Big Bang Theory season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 was released in 2013-09-25 by CBS. The TV show was created by and directed by Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady. Actors in the cast include Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

Leonard yields out of his North Sea trip to discover that his connection with Penny entails far more beta-testing than he has ever achieved in a laboratory. Howard’s attachment difficulties with all the females within their lifetime specifically and Raj’s societal break through along with women generally provide further leads. Bernadette and Amy stand successively from the adult men within their lifetime, even if they have been sitting at marathon role playing matches. Sheldon finds his mum at a completely various manner, events together with James Earl Jones, builds a (form of) bond along with his idol Professor Proton and creates an scientific break through which divides down until you’re able to state Science Friday.

Episode Guide

Episode inch

The Hofstadter Insufficiency

atmosphere evening: 2013-09-25

With Leonard off, Sheldon and also Penny devote quality time with each other combining romantic secrets and techniques. Also, Wolowitz aids Raj conquer his ex girlfriend.

Episode two

The Deception Verification

air evening: 2013-09-25

Leonard and also Sheldon’s friendship is analyzed; Wolowitz’s partnership with his mum triggers a menace to his masculinity.

Episode 3

The Scavenger Vortex

air evening: 2013-10-01

When that the full gang competes at a scavenger hunt created by Raj, it attracts forth the very best – and – worst – in every one.

Episode 4)

The Raiders Minimization

air evening: 2013-10-08

Beverly Hofstadter writes a psych novel roughly Leonard that Penny reads and buys.) Sheldon desires to destroy some thing for Amy afterwards she destroys an Indiana Jones picture due to him personally. Raj and Stuart take to online-dating.)

Episode 5)

The Workplace Proximity

air evening: 2013-10-15

Amy commences doing work in Caltech that induces regeneration with Sheldon. Howard will abide by Sheldon who cites that to Bernadette inducing a significant combat for its Wolowitzes.

Episode 6)

The Romance Resonance

air evening: 2013-10-22

Sheldon’s newest scientific break through renders him feeling in the manner of a fraud; even some passionate gesture involving Howard and also Bernadette induces Penny into up her match using Leonard.

Episode 8)

The Itchy Brain Simulation

air evening: 2013-11-12

When an error arrives to light, ” Sheldon creates Leonard stroll a mile in his shoes; Penny determines to face Raj’s ex. Wolowitz’s household for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard has to manage an error in the ago.

Episode 10

The Discovery Dissipation

air day: 2013-12-04

Leonard and also Amy aid Sheldon handle the pity he is feeling right after his unintentional contribution to science is disproved. Meanwhile, Raj need to stick together with Howard and Bernadette per couple of week.

Episode 11

The Cooper Extraction

air day: 2013-12-10

While Sheldon is currently in Texas, that the remaining portion of the gang understands just how far he’s improved their own lives since they embellish the flat Christmas shrub.)

Episode 12

The Hesitation Ramification

air day: 2013-12-31

When Penny’s major acting fracture on NCIS can be actually a burst, Leonard struggles to aid her, which then leads in Penny requesting Leonard a fearless dating problem. Meanwhile, Sheldon strives to understand the way you can become humorous and Raj strives to focus with his “game” just before referring for women. Meanwhile, Leonard fights to become supportive of Penny afterwards she stops her occupation, also Bernadette attempts Stuart’s aid in substituting certainly one among Howard’s comic novels.

Episode 14

The Convention Conundrum

air day: 2014-01-30

After the people can not gain Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon strives to keep their particular seminar and winds upward investing in a crazy night together with James Earl Jones. Meanwhile, the girls find out whether they are able to behave like “grown-ups”.

Episode 15

The Locomotive Manipulation

air day: 2014-02-06

Sheldon and also Amy move to a visit to wine region using Howard and also Bernadette; Penny and also Leonard hurry Raj’s puppy into the veterinarian.

Episode 16

The Table Polarization

air day: 2014-02-27

Leonard purchases a dining area dining table also it induces Sheldon to re evaluate the fluctuations in his lifetimespan Meanwhile, Wolowitz can be obtained an opportunity to return straight back to distance and Bernadette fights with if or maybe to invite him.

Episode 17

The Friendship Turbulence

air day: 2014-03-06

Bernadette strives to negotiate peace in between Sheldon and also Wolowitz; Penny gets a embarrassing deal; Raj needs Amy to create to some woman in his own benefit. Meanwhile, Raj’s ‘Murder Mystery’ bash begins some struggles over the group.

Episode 19

The Indecision Amalgamation

air day: 2014-04-03

While Raj is wracked with guilt after he attempts todate two females at the same time, Penny wrestles with if to play some part at a nostalgic film and Sheldon is ripped looking for from 2 gambling platforms. Meanwhile, a dual connection involving Raj, Emily along with also the Wolowitzes leads to humiliation for Howard. Penny and Sheldon are mad whenever they detect Amy and Bernadette tended to prevent going out together with them.

Episode 23

The Gorilla Dissolution

air day: 2014-05-08

A awful day induces Penny to re evaluate her daily life decisions — for example Leonard. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette fight to take care for Mrs. Wolowitz, and Raj will get dating information out of Sheldon.

Episode 24

The Status Quo Combustion

air evening: 2014-05-15

Sheldon get mad about his livelihoodand also the devastation of this comicbook shop and Leonard and also Penny’s long term dwelling structures. Howard and Bernadette can not maintain grip of the carer because of his mom. With his whole world shifting him around, Sheldon believes a important transfer.

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