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The first episode of the Action & Adventure, series The Aquabats! Super Show! season 1, 2 was released in 2012-03-03 by Hub Network. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1


air afternoon: 2012-03-03

While exploring a collection of strange assaults on take out bars, Crash is seized from the maniacal Manant, per half-man, half-ant monster which he needed a genie make to him personally if he turned into a young child. Siphoning Crash’s expansion ability to expand himself into human-size, ” Manant plans to utilize the hauled expansion juice to generate an army of large rodents to shoot across the whole world. Part One of those revived Aquabats possess them wreck landing to the moon and also encounter distance bees with Bat Commander currently being caught from Mooncheese, the star from this skies.)

Episode two

Mysterious Egg!)

air evening: 2012-03-10

The Aquabats incubate a huge eggrather than understanding that the mayhem which may happen as it hatches. It’s as much as JImmy that the Robot to conserve daily!

Episode 3

Eagle Claw!)

atmosphere afternoon: 2012-03-17

EagleBones’ estranged brother plots childbirth and yields to an epic guitar solo show-down.

Episode 4)

Laundry Day!)

atmosphere: 2012-03-24

A run in with dirty muck creatures renders The Aquabats needing of the trip for the laundromat, wherever they come across a wicked master mind along with also her brand new monstrosity.

Episode 5)


atmosphere: 2012-03-31

After The Aquabats rescue a bunch of Beach-goers out of Motorcycle Riding mummies,

Episode 6)

Haunted Battletram!)

air: 2012-04-07

After that the MC Bat Commander prevents a burrito out of a grave-site, the Battletram is obscured through an angry phantom.

Episode 7)

Cowboy Android!)

atmosphere afternoon: 2012-04-14

After rescuing miners by a big mole creature, The Aquabats experience a robot gunslinger at a bogus Western city.

Episode 8)


air evening: 2012-04-21

While golf club, The Aquabats come across the mystical Uberchaun who supplies these three struggles they need to conquer in order to you shouldn’t be murdered indefinitely.

Episode 9

Pilgrim Boy!)

air afternoon: 2012-04-28

The Aquabats interrupts a shape shifting Pilgrim Boy whereas Detroit is under assault with way of a huge insect.)

Episode 10

Floating Eye of Death!)

atmosphere afternoon: 2012-05-05

Exhausted soon after having a playing with a stone concert, The Aquabats tug in an armored vehicle stop to capture a few snooze. Their calmness and silent is equally shortlived, but once the mythical Floating Eye of all Death invades their remainder place, changing its inhabitants in to dumb zombie drones. Holing upward from the power retail store, The Aquabats has to discover a means to conquer the flying menace until they overly begin falling prey into its soul-stealing powers. It’s that a Cartoon! : As Jimmy’s antivirus applications falls in and calms his mind ailments, The Aquabats race to flee from Jimmy’s human body until they overly have been now destroyed.

Episode 11

Night of this Cactus!)

atmosphere daytime: 2012-05-12

When a unusual meteorite crashes from the town, The Aquabats get to the scene expecting to offer it for a few quick money, simply to locate it owns dangerous other-worldly abilities. With The MC Bat Commander horribly caged out of its own effects, the group needs to discover a means to not just reestablish their boss to his previous self however in addition saving a closeby female in the clutches of some mad cactus monster brought alive from the meteorite’s sam-e abilities. It’s that a Cartoon! : After escaping from Jimmy’s human body and also successfully restarting the distance pig, The Aquabats establish a path to get a bizarre neighboring world to fix the Battletram. Commercial: S.C.A.B.S.

Episode 12


air evening: 2012-06-02

In the center of travel to some sort of excursion, The Aquabats are enticed to some dishonest road-side side-show advertisements a “real-life CobraMan”, simply to find yourself with the Battletram stolen with means of a wrestling mask-wearing carnival-barker termed Carl (modeled following co-director/performer Chapman’s Strong Bad personality). Facing specified unemployment with no transport, the ring needs to obstacle Carl into a allornothing duel using his CobraMan creature to recover their automobile, or else they will need to come back for their daily tasks. It’s that a Cartoon! : ” When that the Battletram lands on earth occupied by favorable barbarians, ” The Aquabats decide to try to obtain a method back home with all the aide of some magical dagger. Commercial: Scruffy Scruff

Episode 13


atmosphere evening: 2012-06-16

Down in the fortune and outside of cash, The Aquabats decide to try to locate the chance to re establish their superhero standing as a way to aid offer their excess of product. When a undercover alien invasion masterminded from the hive Space Monster “M” defeats the town’s other, much more capable superhero bands, it truly is as much as The Aquabats exclusively to rally their collective strengths preventing him until he destroys our entire world. Guest starring “Weird Al” Yankovic as SuperMagic PowerMan! , Stephanie Allynne as Lanolin Lady! , also Dallas McLaughlin as Space Monster “M”. Former Aquabats associates Corey Pollock and Boyd Terry seem as fellow super heroes Chainsaw and Catboy, their individual Aquabat point titles. It’s that a Cartoon! : ” Using the magical dagger to correct the Battletram, The Aquabats fly to distance in the place where they match The Time Sprinkler, who yells the ring right to some time-loop replicating the past year in these lifetimes, economically sending back them into the string’ original episode. Commercial: Poppin’ Shocker! Electrode Suit

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