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The first episode of the Reality, series Swamp People season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 was released in 2014-02-03 by The History Channel. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Pat Duke. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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After a season’s storm abbreviated that the culling season, enormous gators are straight back with a vengeance and are somewhat more wider than at any time – to-be encroaching on taxpayers of these bayou. But seekers have attracted a line inside the snowball, attempting to avoid the mortal sin – irrespective of the price tag. With individual lifestyles online and also the maximum gator costs recently, swampers are taking out all of the stops into money in throughout the 30-evening looking season. They would need to hotel to each of brand new plans and also enlarge to unknown lands as a way to monitor the most significant & most barbarous beasts from the bayou.

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Episode inch

Once Bitten

atmosphere evening: 2014-02-03

With the very first day of gator season beneath manner, swampers are within attack against a number of the most important and meanest gators lately. When veteran hunter Troy has been made to draw out a youthful teenager because his deck-hand, he immediately understands that he needs to relaxed the boy’s nerves so as to fulfill his or her tags. An former annoyance hunter has to catch a ninja gator that ate his fatherinlaw’s prized searching canine. When a veteran hunter deck-hand is side-lined from currently being gator piece, he’s left wanting to know that will probably soon be his substitute for the remainder of this season. While the other swamper has to catch a stay loggerhead turtle to get Native American service to emphasise his forthcoming gator season.

Episode two

Aerial Assault

atmosphere evening: 2014-02-10

With contest in the snowball larger than ever, hunters have to enterprise into dangerous and uncharted areas so as to find yourself a powerful beginning. One seeking staff recons at a helicopter onto a aerial adventure to find out whether your remote subject of the swamp are the key for their victory that this season. Another hunter ventures outside to their or her own for the very first time also discovers that getting truly a sacred captain is much simpler said than accomplished. Two hunters move to a roadtrip and has to grab an ominous gator as a way to secure tags out of a neighborhood land owner. Meanwhile, a veteran hunter confronts the beginning of this season with no deck hand and have to rely upon a neighborhood swamper to fulfill in. After discovering their traces poached, one particular crew, unintentionally, spans land lines and eventually become poachers on their own. A priest ventures outside of their or her own and discovers that getting truly a sacred captain is much simpler said than accomplished. While the other staff’s fortune runs outside–forcing them to sacrifice some prime searching spot as a way to keep on speed for your own season. One hunter has to get accustomed to his brand new exceptional deck-hand. One staff belongs to the look to get a ninja gator that’s been attacking priests. Another hunter has to move in it independently with no deck-hand and loyal hunting puppy. One hunter is made to search only following his deck-hand drops sick. A searching staff belongs following a ninja dog consuming gator, even though some other team has to search down a barbarous cannibal gator.

Episode 6)


air day: 2014-03-10

The young swampers simply take matters a lot in a attempt to establish on their own. Tensions involving a team produces a horrible mishap. One hunter defies his dad’s wishes for building a fresh treble hook which he feels are the key to his victory. Another hunter supposes his afternoon to now proceed after having a monster gator assured of earning his deck-hand’s very last day a memorable one.

Episode 7)

Devil in the Door

air afternoon: 2014-03-17

Hunters shed every thing so as to address life-threatening gators and sudden drawbacks. One crew supposes their afternoon to proceed after having a gator that’s terrorizing kiddies in a neighborhood camp. One hunter ventures outside independently to capture some hassle gator. A-team is based upon a covert baiting plan to complete their afternoon, though the other hunter season is at peril right after he injures his spineagain.

Episode 8)

Gator Ghost Town

air evening: 2014-03-24

Swampers drive the constraints of these land lines so as to market their daily life. One crew accidentally spans bounds using an upset land owner. One hunter averts a busy swamp by entering a distant hunting place. Two brothers have been fish and united that an older household searching location, even though the other staff ventures to some forbidden place to take care of a creature bull gator. One hunter threats his own lifetime by simply entering a murdered location. Another hunter experiences an abrupt bass destroy. A team season is really on the verge immediately after their ship engine inexplicably breaks down, although some other hunter has to catch a crazy raccoon that’s invaded his loved ones seeking camp. One loved ones has to maintain a eight feet ordinary as a way to fill several labels that are expensive. Another team enables the anxiety about this season receive the most useful of these while some other team hunts for fresh land to skip several rogue predators. One crew belongs following having a mythical gator they’ve searched for several years. Another hunter goes after a callous cannibal gator. While still another staff starts off their season chose to violate up a country listing.

Episode 12

Way of this Swamp

air day: 2014-04-28

Swampers come at threat of dropping their organizations until friends and family return with their own aid. One hunter has some basic assistance out of their husband or wife plus also a pal. Another hunter is paired along with his companion–while some other team is based in their own airboat to cause them to victory profound from the Texas marsh. One staff awakens maggot-ridden lure on his land lineup to exude nearby gators into his own or her lines. Another team journeys deep in their land to avoid a gator that’s been ruining a neighborhood fisherman’s extremities–even though some other loses half of their afternoon adjusting their airboat and needs to race daytime to purge their afternoon. One workforce has to undergo tremendous lochs in hunt for deeper oceans. Two brothers move soon after two monster brother gators, even though some other team journeys deep into the forests in an ATV seeking a listing putting gator. One hunter has been designed to violate a series of small grabs simply by moving after having a catchy bull gator. Another staff is made to seek out a small skiff assured of grabbing a monster gator, even though some other team journeys into a country park to grab a harmful hazard to community security. One group threats their lifestyles hunting within a electric storm to property a few critters. Another team has to struggle by way of a leaky artery to fulfill labels, though the other staff ventures in to cows country searching for a country listing alligator. One hunter has been suddenly set inside the captain’s chair, whereas some other team has to ensure it is during your daytime if their skipper endures a grisly accident. Another deck-hand insists about changing looking motives and contributes them into a of the finest times of their season. Another hunter has any assistance with his son on the search heavy within the forests in ATV. Time is working out to an third group who’s following a country listing alligator plus also a swamper blows off his season brief to become with his ailing mum’s negative.​​

Episode 19


air daytime: 2014-06-23

Determined to care for some unfinished firm, one particular team yields into a distant hunting area assured of labeling out and reevaluate their catastrophic beginning for their own season. Another team belongs soon after an indestructible gator termed “Metalhead”. And still another team has to possess their very best afternoon of this season to label out.

Episode 20

Day of Reckoning

air evening: 2014-06-30

Some knowledgeable seekers come able to to fulfill their labels whilst some team tries for at some virtually-inaccessible searching location.

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