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Ahead Tommy Lee Silver Series Drumsticks

$ 29.95

Use the sticks that Tommy Lee uses.

These aluminum sticks with replaceable nylon sleeves have ergonomically tuned handle diameters. Precision alloy core provides negligible weight and balance variations. Super-hard replaceable polyurethane covers protect both sticks and gear. Vibration-reduction system reduces hand fatigue. Super cool silver sticks really add visual impact to your stage presence. Concert size is slightly longer than studio size.

Ahead Tommy Lee Silver Series Drumsticks Features:

  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Precision alloy core
  • Super-hard polyurethane cover
  • Vibration-reduction system
  • Concert Size - 17”, .595” diameter
  • Studio Size - 16-5/8” .595”, diameter

Ahead drumsticks are truly ahead of their time. Order now.