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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, series Red vs. Blue season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 was released in 2008-05-26 by YouTube, Rooster Teeth. The TV show was created by and directed by Burnie Burns. Actors in the cast include Matt Hullum, Jason Saldaña, Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction may be your first step season of this action comedy machinima string Red vs. Blue, made by Rooster Teeth Productions and dispersed through the Rooster Teeth internet site. Red compared to Blue: Reconstruction is put within per year later The Blood Gulch Chronicles and selects up at which in fact the Red vs. Blue: Recovery One mini-series left off. The credits to its preview state which Reconstruction stars a few listeners in the initial Blood Gulch Chronicles, and Recovery One voice celebrity Shannon McCormick. On May 26, Rooster Teeth published Chapter One of Reconstruction. The season commences an age of Red vs. Blue referred to as The Recollection Trilogy which relates into this sixth, seventh, and 8 season of this collection. The season reasoned on October 30, 2008 together with all the 19th phase) It has been followed up from the Relocated mini series, and after that from the seventh season eligible Red vs. Blue: Recreation.

Reconstruction retcons a number of the most significant plot details out of your Blood Gulch Chronicles, these since the Freelancers as well as also the civil warfare, which makes that the string to greater of the dramedy compared to the parody which has been.

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Episode Guide

Episode inch

Reconstruction (inch)

atmosphere daily: 2008-05-26

Project Freelancer sends a Recovery Force into Outpost 17-B) at hopes of figuring out what transpired there.

Episode two

Reconstruction (two)

atmosphere: 2008-06-02

Agent Washington occurs at Blood Gulch and can be composed by a few recognizable faces.

Episode 3

Reconstruction (3)

atmosphere day: 2008-06-09

Wash hunts out Caboose expecting due to his assist in locating the Meta

Episode 4)

Reconstruction (4))

air daily: 2008-06-16

Caboose aids Wash in quest for this evasive Meta.

Episode 5)

Reconstruction (5))

atmosphere day: 2008-06-30

Caboose and Church support Wash if he experiences immunity in the others within his analysis.

Episode 6

Reconstruction (6)

air day: 2008-07-08

Wash tries to regain the Delta AI found in representative South

Episode seven

Reconstruction (7))

air daily: 2008-07-15

The one particular at which everyone loves the exposition.

Episode 8)

Reconstruction (8))

atmosphere day: 2008-07-22

Wash carries on his hunt to find your own Meta.

Episode 12

Reconstruction (12)

air day: 2008-08-25

Church strives to clarify his unconventional state to Wash.

Episode 13

Reconstruction (13)

air day: 2008-09-08

The crew attempts to procure an vehicle to get their forthcoming attack on Command.

Episode 14

Reconstruction (14)

air day: 2008-09-15

When the car acquisition goes awry, Wash has been made to take things in to their own palms.

Episode 15

Reconstruction (15)

air day: 2008-09-22

The group is made to divide so as to infiltrate command.

Episode 16

Reconstruction (16)

air day: 2008-09-29

Wash clarifies the roots of Project Freelancer whereas Church fights with all the graphics he is receiving out of your Epsilon AI. Meanwhile, that the Reds hatch a snowball strategy.

Episode 17

Reconstruction (17)

air day: 2008-10-13

The Reds keep their industrial espionage whereas Church deals with current revelations.

Episode 18

Reconstruction (18)

air day: 2008-10-20

Under assault against Recovery representativesand also the Reds and also Blues re-group and start to vibrate their closing aim.

Agent Washington faces the Meta as well as also the Director of Project Freelancer.

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