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The first episode of the Animation, Comedy, series Red vs. Blue season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 was released in 2005-08-29 by YouTube, Rooster Teeth. The TV show was created by and directed by Burnie Burns. Actors in the cast include Matt Hullum, Jason Saldaña, Gus Sorola, Burnie Burns, Joel Heyman, Geoff Ramsey. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Familiar Surroundings

air day: 2005-08-29

Grif remains to be despairing over being again in Blood Gulch, regardless of the others’ makes an attempt to close him up. Meanwhile, again at Zanzibar, Tex, Tucker, and Caboose uncover that Church is again in ghost type once more. Church explains that he was actually scared out of his physique after being ambushed by the Alien within the final episode, although his makes an attempt to clarify this are repeatedly interrupted by Caboose’s stupidity and Tucker’s try and hijack the flashback and showcase his sexual fantasies; Tucker properly ends shortly in order to keep away from getting his head blown off by Tex. Tucker makes use of the catch phrase “Bow-chicka-bow-wow” on this episode for the primary time, a lot to Church’s annoyance.

Episode 2

Hunting Time

air day: 2005-09-05

In Blood Gulch, the Red Team takes potshots at Grif with their sniper rifles in an effort to get him to cease screaming. Grif finally relents, and the group prepares to research their outdated base. Sarge provides a speech about alertness, utterly unaware that Sheila is roaming round behind him. Meanwhile, the Blues put together to hunt the Alien that scared Church. When requested concerning the Alien’s whereabouts, Andy proves unhelpful, merely providing insults as a substitute. Suddenly, the Blues spot the Alien, inflicting them to fireplace wildly and run away in panic – except Caboose, who merely asks, “Did we win?”. The episode ends with Andy laughing and mocking the sudden retreat.

Episode three

Fight or Fright

air day: 2005-09-12

Simmons tries to persuade Sarge that he did see a tank behind him. Donut concurs, however Sarge disregards his testimony as a result of he’s “impressionable”, and Grif merely denies it in an effort to make Simmons look unhealthy. Meanwhile, the Blues insult one another over their earlier panicked, wild fireplace assault on the alien. Tex decides to go in alone and dashes into the advanced whereas the remaining debate Church’s heroism (or lack thereof). Upon coming into the advanced, Tex is straight away reduce down and re-appears in ghost type. Back at Blood Gulch, Simmons and Donut get right into a fistfight/hijacking match over the hovercraft, which Simmons desires to make use of to search out the tank. Believing that Simmons has gone insane, Sarge promotes Grif to his “Number Two” man, however Grif shortly loses the place because of his laziness. On the Blue aspect, Tucker means that Caboose goes into the advanced and converse to the alien. Church likes the concept as a result of he and Tex may sneak in and retrieve their our bodies whereas the Alien is chewing on Caboose. Caboose enters, sees Andy, and asks whether or not he has seen the Alien. As he finishes his sentence he sees the Alien’s shadow on the bottom.

Episode 4

Fair Competition

air day: 2005-09-19

Simmons has utterly fallen out of favor with Sarge, and in reality is now ordered by the choose — Donut carrying a choose’s wig — to face at the very least 200 yards away from the remainder of the Reds. As a outcome, Sarge begins to carry a contest to find out who will likely be his new right-hand man. Grif is robotically disqualified for being Grif, which places the competitors right down to Donut, Lopez’s outdated wrench, and a cranium discovered close by. Simmons laments the ruination of his life, and concedes to himself that possibly he did think about seeing the tank. Sheila’s voice is immediately heard proper behind him, begging to vary. Meanwhile, again at Zanzibar, the Blues are startled to find that Caboose has really managed to tame the Alien, because of his kindness — or, extra probably, that the alien discovered him unpalatable, and not desires to eat him or something that appears like him. The Blues insult the alien whereas making an attempt to know its language, which appears to consist fully of blarg and honk.

Episode 5

Lost in Triangulation

air day: 2005-09-28

At the Zanzibar fortress, Church asks Gary whether or not he can translate the Alien’s speech for them. Gary reveals the alien’s race had been his creators, however sadly he is aware of just about nothing concerning the race as a result of he was programmed fully with information of the Shisno. The Blues proceed to strive translating what the alien is saying, and finally attain the conclusion that the Alien’s title is likely to be “Honk Honk”. Church even believes that he found out that blarg means sure within the alien’s language, although Tex argues that it may additionally imply no. Meanwhile at Blood Gulch, the Reds proceed Sarge’s right-hand-man contest, which Donut in the end wins. Simmons has grow to be despondent and suicidal, and Sheila (whom Simmons believes is a figment of his creativeness) tries to cheer him up by main him again to her residence, a reconstructed Blue base. Sheila reveals that she has misplaced lots of her recollections because of circuit degradation over time. She is aware of that her remaining mission was to guard the Blue Base from the enemy of the Blues, and although she has forgotten their id, she vaguely remembers it was a military of a special coloration. Simmons, instantly realizing that his life is in peril, unsuccessfully tries to persuade Sheila that the enemy was house pirate cowboy monkey ninjas who had been making an attempt to spherical up some cattle.

Episode 6

The Hard Stop

air day: 2005-10-05

The episode opens up once more on the Zanzibar fortress as Tucker and Caboose are trying to show English to the Alien. Church and Tucker get right into a small debate on whether or not they need to train the alien English or be taught his language. Tucker is satisfied that they need to train English to the Alien and even had created some visible aids. As it seems, Tucker was in a position to get the writing provides from Caboose’s gun which apparently contained crayons as a substitute of bullets. However, when Tucker prompts his vitality sword to chop the poster boards, the Alien jumps over and assaults him. Despite Tucker’s cries for assist, Church watches the Alien because it assaults Tucker in an effort to “evaluate” his combating type.

Back at Blood Gulch, Simmons is on the Blue base with Sheila shut by. He makes an attempt to contact the Red Base, however is greeted with Donut on the road, who tries to impersonate an answering machine. Simmons makes an attempt to get Sarge on the road, however Donut, below directions from an off-screen Sarge, denies Simmons from speaking with Sarge, even after he knowledgeable Donut that he had captured the Blue Base and Sheila. Eventually Donut hangs up on Simmons, however not earlier than letting Simmons know that he actually enjoys his new job as Sarge’s right-hand man. Simmons then declares that he’ll kill all of the Reds and tells Sheila to “lock and load”.

Back at Zanzibar, Tex talks with Andy. Tex, by way of some bluffing and delicate threats of blowing up Andy with a distant detonator, convinces him to assist her translate what the alien is saying. This, nonetheless, does not cease Andy from making impolite jokes about Tex performing extra male than feminine.

Episode 7

Previous Commitments

air day: 2005-10-17

At Zanzibar, Tex and Church argue over whether or not to let Andy translate what the Alien is saying. Church is anxious that Andy’s lack of manners may upset the alien even additional. Eventually, Church relents and agrees to this association out of his curiosity as to what may occur. During this entire dialog the Alien remains to be beating Tucker to a pulp.

At Blood Gulch, the Reds are fracturing much more as Donut is unsuccessful in asking Grif to return to their base. Grif refuses, believing Sarge merely desires him to do work, and never simply eat ice cream. In actuality, Sarge did need Grif to assist him eat a number of the ice cream that he discovered. Simmons — now painted largely blue — performs out his vengeance on the Reds. At first he makes an attempt to trigger the Reds to be jealous of him; he quickly provides up and orders Sheila to assault the Red base.

At Zanzibar, with Andy performing as a translator, the Alien reveals that he got here to retrieve the vitality sword that Tucker discovered. It was a part of the sacred quest that he was on, however the sword has now locked itself to Tucker as he was the primary to search out and use it; this explains why Tex was unable to make use of the sword. As a outcome, Tucker should be part of the Alien on its quest. If Tucker refuses, the alien will destroy the bottom and slaughter everybody in it.

Episode eight

Looking For Group

air day: 2005-10-24

On Zanzibar’s seaside, Tucker finds himself as an involuntary sword-bearer as he’s pressured to partake of the sacred quest that has some resemblance to The Lord of the Rings. After the Alien explains the lands that he and Tucker will journey by way of, Church informs Tucker (the fighter) that Caboose (the wizard), Andy (the archer), and the alien (the healer) would be the group that goes out on this quest. Though this quest is just about a suicide mission, Tucker does warn Church that he higher hope that Tucker survives, or he will likely be pressured to deal with any youngsters that Tucker may need.

At Blood Gulch, Simmons’ assault on the Red Base continues. However, he has been so indoctrinated with hatred of the Blues that every one of his insults and assault orders confuse the phrases Red and Blue. Grif, nonetheless watching Simmons and Sheila fireplace upon the Red Base, convinces Simmons to return again to the Red Base. Despite the selfishness of Grif’s causes, Simmons admits he misses the outdated days. However, simply as he’s about to return to the Reds, Sarge sees that Simmons has painted his armor largely blue and is unable to just accept him again. Sarge says he can perceive many issues, even the explanations for attacking one’s personal base out of anger, however to see one among his former troopers put on the colours of the Blues, is unacceptable.

Episode 9

Exploring Our Differences

air day: 2005-11-07

On the seaside of Zanzibar, Church tries to provide some last-minute recommendation and parting phrases to Tucker and the remainder of the quest-team earlier than they start their journey. Tex apparently has a robust attraction to masculine objects, whether or not it was Tucker’s vitality sword, or the Alien’s reasonably muscular bare physique, or particularly one a part of it. Church makes an attempt to say some encouraging phrases to Tucker, however this fails as Tucker frustrates Church’s makes an attempt. As the group leaves, Church remarks to Tex that he’s stunned that she didn’t go together with the remainder of the group as quests normally have a objective of riches or energy on the finish of them. As he finishes his sentence, he assumes accurately that Tex has left.

Back at Blood Gulch, Simmons decides to take Grif again to the blue base as a hostage. After some prodding from Grif about not being “properly treated” as a hostage — in different phrases, Simmons wasn’t being imply to him — Simmons begins hitting him. Simmons pushes Grif into what he thought was a gap, but it surely seems to be a part of a gravity raise that retains placing Grif behind Simmons. The episode ends with Simmons getting annoyed every time he pushes Grif into the outlet.

Episode 10

Setting A High Bar

air day: 2005-11-22

Having arrived on the Great Burning Plains (Burial Mounds), the Sacred Quest group prepares to carry out one of many many duties that the hero of the Alien’s prophecy is meant to do. As the group argues and bickers, it’s revealed by the Alien and Andy that they know what Earth is, and that they do not have a positive opinion concerning the planet. Apparently, the Alien’s race invented the phone a thousand years earlier than people did, which, nonetheless, fails to impress Tucker, because of the restricted verbal communication of the alien race. In the meantime, Caboose scouts forward and claims to acknowledge the realm.

The Alien warns the group that they’re about to come across a monster, which they’ve to beat by distracting it and hitting it is weak spot. Tucker is unmotivated concerning the plan, even to the extent of getting paid no consideration to the main points of the monster’s weak spot. After they lastly leap down the final ridge, they see the cranium of the monster, which Tucker realizes is that of a cow, with a damaged cranium as the one seen stays, presumably because of one of many Red and Blue Teams’ scavenging missions in season three (episodes 43–46); Caboose confirms to Andy and the Alien that that they had been there earlier than.

Back at Blood Gulch, Sarge assumes that Grif is being tortured by Simmons, an idea he is very happy with. Donut, nonetheless, in his present standing as supervisor, breaks the concord by proposing bureaucratic adjustments. Sarge decides that he cannot take this anymore, however is reluctant to rescue Grif – a scenario he simply cannot discover the title for, however lastly settles with conundrum.

Episode 11

Getting All Misty

air day: 2005-12-05

Sarge and Donut enter the Blue Base to rescue Grif with out encountering any perimeter protection, similar to Sheila. Inside the bottom, Grif remains to be taking part in with the gravity raise that Simmons initially mistook for a gap. As Grif runs backward and forward on it, each Simmons and he query how Sheila was in a position to improve the bottom with none instruments or arms. Simmons then concludes that if he may in some way decide the actual fact, he may reconcile with Sarge. At this level, Sarge intervenes, knocking Grif out. Before Sarge can execute Simmons for treason, nonetheless, Church seems and knocks Sarge out from behind. Church errors the largely blue Simmons as a Blue soldier native to the long run.

The Sacred Quest group finds itself in a swamp (Backwash), the place Andy says they’ll relaxation and sleep for some time. However, with sturdy allusions to The Lord of the Rings, Caboose notices that one thing has been following them. Andy confirms that this Gollum-like creature has been following them because the starting of their journey. Later that evening, Tucker awakes to search out that he’s apparently alone within the swamp. As he begins to search for his companions, the mysterious determine approaches Tucker from behind (as he’s getting used as bait). The Alien ambushes the intruder, who seems to be Tex. She then joins the group after being promised the sword upon completion of the search.

Episode 12

Talk Of The Town

air day: 2005-12-13

In the basement of the Blue Base in Blood Gulch, Simmons covertly talks to Donut about holding his true id hidden from Church. Donut, nonetheless, doesn’t really acknowledge Simmons. Church quickly seems after dropping Sarge’s physique into the basement, and the three proceed to load Sarge and Grif into the jeep.

Meanwhile, the Sacred Quest group reaches the sting of the Great Freezing Plains (Containment) that the Alien had talked about. This explicit a part of the search requires that the hero acquire entry to the temple forward, which is closely guarded by numerous guards. With this info, Tucker desires to retrace their steps to recuperate a mitten that Caboose misplaced, however Tex takes the initiative and decides to assault the temple guards below the safety of her cloaking system.

Back at Blood Gulch, Church and Simmons drop off Donut and the still-unconscious Sarge and Grif outdoors the Red Base. Church suggests to Donut that he mislead Sarge and Grif once they get up, making them assume he rescued them. Donut asks what Church desires, primarily based on the precedent set by the Blues’ give up in 22. Church, contemplating the Reds’ failed rescue mission not a lot a give up as a “total ass-kicking”, decides to maintain the Reds’ jeep, inflicting Donut a lot despair. As Sarge begins to recuperate, the episode ends with Simmons knocking him out once more in an effort to defend the secrecy of his id.

Episode 13

Sneaking In

air day: 2005-12-20

Back on the Freezing Plains, Tex makes an attempt her covert assault contained in the temple guarded by the Red and Blue Grunts who first appeared at Battle Creek. Sneaking up behind a blue Grunt, she makes an attempt to knock him out, with out a lot success. Although she has to spend time beating and capturing him, the others pay no consideration to his exclamations of ache and grievance. It is barely when Tucker yells in response to their aloofness that they start to fireplace. Now below assault, the remainder of Sacred Quest group runs for canopy whereas Tex kills the remaining troopers within the temple.

In Blood Gulch, Donut, apparently having taken Church’s recommendation to lie and painting himself as a hero, is ending his debriefing with Sarge and Grif. While the Reds focus on and mock Donut’s contrived story, Church briefs Simmons on every Red Team soldier, ending with a vital opinion of Simmons. His ego thus wounded, the latter runs again to Blue Base to cry. Once out of Simmons’ earshot, Sheila asks Church whether or not he realizes that he had been speaking to Simmons. Church confirms that he does.

Episode 14

You Keep Using That Word

air day: 2006-01-13

In Blood Gulch, Church relishes the truth that the Blue Team now possesses all three autos throughout the canyon. Sheila, nonetheless, is sad and begins to indicate indicators of jealousy and annoyance — this portion was moved to the Deleted Scenes part of the DVD.

Back on the Freezing Plains, Andy frantically orders Tucker to open gates of the temple through the use of his sword as the important thing. The doorways open, revealing an alien ship. The Alien rushes in the direction of the ship, dropping Andy within the snow. Tex and Tucker grow to be agitated, because the Alien had by no means disclosed — not even to Andy — that the search would contain a ship, which Tex calls for as her reward, nor that the sword can be used as a key. After taking off within the ship, the Alien seems to make dive assault on the opposite Quest members; on the final second it’s proven he was firing at a Grunt sneaking up on them. However, the Alien’s final intentions are left ambiguous, as Wyoming immediately weapons the ship down. As Tex leaves to pursue Wyoming for destroying her reward (the occasions of that are portrayed within the miniseries Red vs. Blue: Out of Mind), the Battle Creek troopers start to respawn, convincing Tucker and Caboose to go away.

Back in Blood Gulch, Church orders Simmons to scrub the Reds’ jeep, the latter, unaware that his id is understood, challenges Church’s authority. In response, Church tries to reveal that he had led the Blood Gulch Blue Team 800 years prior to now and, within the course of, unexpectedly makes contact with a descendant of Vic. This descendant, who calls himself Vic Jr., scoffs on the concept of “Blue Command”, leaving Church confused and questioning the end result of the Red and Blue civil struggle.

Episode 15

Getting Debriefed

air day: 2006-01-23

In the Red Base, Sarge makes an attempt to bury his disgust and hatred towards Grif in an try and consolidate no matter troopers the Reds have left to combat the struggle with the Blues. Sarge’s personal private disdain for Grif nonetheless leaks by way of as he disclosed that he has tried to homicide Grif numerous instances whereas everybody was asleep. Outside of the bottom, Simmons — nonetheless largely blue — and Donut have a verbal combat. Donut, nonetheless below the impression that Simmons is a Blue soldier, refused to permit Simmons to move with out being shot at. Eventually, Sarge and Grif come out to see what’s taking place and acknolwedge who Simmons actually is. Simmons, although nonetheless seemed down upon by Sarge for his obvious betrayal, nonetheless desires to move alongside Blue Army information to the Reds.

Caboose, Tucker and Andy return to the Blue Base. According to Tucker, Tex remains to be pursuing Wyoming, the search was a failure, and the Alien died. Frustrated that the search failed and that Tucker didn’t instantly reveal that Wyoming remains to be alive, Church orders Tucker to report these type of occasions instantly in future.

Episode 16

Under The Weather

air day: 2006-02-10

At the Blue Base, Tucker turns into ailing. Church and Caboose focus on Tucker’s illness, which apparently he caught when the Sacred Quest group stayed in a single day in a swamp. Church suggests the sword’s energy supply might be giving off radiation. Church and Caboose have a fairly gentle and pleasant dialogue relating to the character of the sword, as Tucker rolls in ache. This pleasant dialogue even extends to Church mentioning that he would like to “live in [Caboose’s] world for about 10 minutes” simply to have some enjoyable.

At the Red Base, Simmons persists in making an attempt to enter the Red Base to relay important details about the struggle to the Reds. However, he nonetheless meets resistance from Donut and Grif till he in a short time adjustments out of his largely blue armor to his authentic maroon armor. Apparently Simmons realized this potential due to his excessive shyness, which has led him to by no means use the bottom’s bathroom for 3 years.

Back on the Blue Base, Church and Caboose query Andy on what is likely to be inflicting Tucker’s illness and recommend that he, being a machine (and thus not in a position to get sick) go into the bottom, discover out what’s flawed with Tucker and report again. Since Andy is a bomb, the one resolution he can present is to explode the bottom with Tucker inside, killing all of the germs and all the things across the base within the course of. Finally, out of frustration, he tells Church and Caboose that if they need a medical prognosis, they should discover a physician. With that, Caboose says to Church “Please don’t do it.”

O’Malley and Lopez bicker over who ought to choose up the phone that’s ringing inside their secret lair, whereas Doc decries their bickering. It seems that every one three have survived their encounter with the Alien and that O’Malley has continued in his pursuit of taking up the universe. It would appear from Lopez’s perspective towards O’Malley, all these makes an attempt have failed miserably and this has brought on Lopez to grow to be fairly cynical and disrespectful towards O’Malley.

Episode 17

Right To Remain Silenced

air day: 2006-03-02

Simmons manages to enter the Red Base by accurately guessing the weak password established by Grif and Donut. Simmons desires to report the Blues’ plans, however Sarge nonetheless considers him a traitor and insists on holding a trial with himself as each choose and prosecutor. This trial is shortly aborted, nonetheless, when Grif argues that Donut will wish to act as a bailiff in hotpants. As a outcome, Simmons’ sentence is summarily commuted to the cost of a hefty high-quality, to be cut up between Sarge and Grif.

Meanwhile, O’Malley, Doc and Lopez return to the gulch. As O’Malley approaches the Blue Base, he’s greeted with a “warning shot” from Church, who reveals to Caboose that he was really making an attempt to hit O’Malley. O’Malley accuses the Blues of trying an ambush, however Church explains that he simply desires to ascertain just a few floor guidelines on the outset: O’Malley is meant to enter the bottom, give a prognosis for Tucker, after which depart. In alternate, O’Malley calls for one thing “mysterious”, “frightening”, and “pure evil”, in addition to a 20-dollar upfront copayment. Church agrees and asks Caboose for 30 .

Episode 18

Things Are Looking Down

air day: 2006-03-16

The episode begins with Sarge, Simmons, and Grif racing towards the Blue Base. Sarge worries that, because the Blues have re-established contact with their Command, they could be receiving new intelligence, weaponry, and troopers to assist of their efforts for the struggle. Grif, nonetheless, means that the Blue Command may merely be giving the identical “generic” directions that Red Command has been giving the Reds. Eventually the dialogue adjustments gears and the Reds ponder the place Donut might be. Simmons spots him standing subsequent to a rock, speaking to one thing. After looking by way of his sniper rifle, Grif sees that Donut is speaking with Lopez.

Back at Blue Base, Church introduces O’Malley and Doc to Andy. An awkward second for O’Malley happens when Church notes that Andy had initially been designed to kill O’Malley. Andy feigns an explosion, horrifying O’Malley. Church and Andy share a superb snigger, whereas O’Malley is unamused.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the Reds collect round Donut and Lopez. Donut reveals that he had taken 4 years of Spanish in highschool, however, from the subtitles offered, he can neither converse it or perceive it fluently. Eventually, after Donut fails to speak Sarge’s request to Lopez, Sarge beneficial properties root entry into Lopez to power him to play again the message from Red Command saved in his reminiscence. Unfortunately, the message, which really accommodates the generic directions that Grif had talked about beforehand, is performed again in Spanish. The Reds are at a loss on translate the message till Simmons mentions that the Blues had a bomb that might translate the message. Although Grif discourages the concept when he reminds them the bomb can explode by way of distant detonation as all the group huddles round it, Sarge desires to retrieve it.

Episode 19

Two for One

air day: 2006-03-20

While Doc examines Tucker contained in the Blue Base, the Reds digress right into a dialogue on the relative appropriateness of hand at hand fight, sniping, and nuclear warfare. Eventually, Sarge, with Lopez’s head in tow, heads out to steal Andy from the Blues.

Doc returns outdoors to provide Church and Caboose his prognosis of Tucker. After prolonging his rationalization of Tucker’s situation for dramatic impact, he discloses that he believes Tucker is pregnant, primarily based on the presence of two completely different heartbeats. Incredulous, Church goes with Doc to verify the prognosis, leaving Caboose alone with Andy.

When Caboose has his again turned, Sarge surreptitiously swaps Lopez’s head for Andy, leaving Caboose below the impression that Andy had grow to be a “real boy”. Shortly realizing that Andy is ineffective with out Lopez, Sarge returns, distracts Caboose, and swaps Lopez’s head for a cranium. Upon seeing the cranium, Caboose believes that Andy has died and, in hysteria, delivers an prolonged soliloquy lamenting the lack of Andy.

Episode 20

The Arrival

air day: 2006-04-01

The final episode of season 4 begins as Doc tries to persuade an incredulous Church of Tucker’s being pregnant. When Doc discloses the reality to Tucker, he doesn’t imagine him both, pondering he himself has impregnated somebody and invents excuses. Caboose enters the bottom with the cranium, asking for assist, proclaiming that Andy is lifeless. After Caboose explains how he discovered the cranium, Church decides to go away the bottom.

Meanwhile, Andy performs again the message from Command in English for the Reds. After listening to the generic directions, Sarge turns into depressed, and whereas Grif tries to cheer him up, Donut spots Church approaching with Sheila. Sheila then fires, horrifying the Red Team, which regroups behind a rock formation. Sarge requires reinforcements, and Simmons makes an attempt to barter a give up from the Blues. Annoyed, Church explains what has simply occurred again at his base. To Church’s dismay, Andy lets slip that it’s potential for Tucker to be pregnant, because the Alien’s race propagates by infecting different lifeforms with parasitic embryos. Caboose then calls Church to tell him that O’Malley has moved to a different host because the Reds had been utilizing their radios, and that Tucker had his child. Higher-pitched Alien speech might be heard off-screen. Church returns to Blue Base, and Donut follows him, desirous to see the infant. Sarge stops him, and orders him to attend for the ship being despatched by Command. Donut argues that it might be weeks, even months earlier than the ship arrives. A ship then promptly lands on high of Donut.

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