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The first episode of the Comedy, Drama, series Greek season 1, 2, 3, 4 was released in 2007-07-09 by ABC Family. The TV show was created by and directed by Patrick Sean Smith. Actors in the cast include Dilshad Vadsaria, Jacob Zachar, Amber Stevens, Spencer Grammer, Clark Duke, Scott Michael Foster, Paul James, Jake McDorman. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

Take a unforgettable traveling together with all the pupils of Cyprus-Rhodes University while they construct friendships, violate events and detect that life is main lessons are learned beyond the class room.)
One’s a winner. They either go-to Cyprus-Rhodes University plus they truly are associated. Poised to turn into the absolute most effective girl from the Greek technique, enormous sister Casey is what an “it” lady needs to really be. Beautiful… lively…amusing and hot…apart from for her brother Rusty.

He’s the winner; or rather he was far back at elevated school-at the very least 3 weeks past. Rusty can shine at the honors engineering application, however, that which he really needs is what exactly the different guys possess. A scream-your-lungs-out fantastic moment. And to guarantee a fraternity.

Casey is horrified and would like absolutely nothing more to do with him. But if Rusty finds her boy friend Evan rendering it using her rival Rebecca, her infant brother unexpectedly sounds interesting in the end.

Oddly sufficient, she isn’t exactly the just man thinking about Rusty. Evan wishes him because of his fraternity even though Casey’s ex boyfriend Cappie believes he proceeds in Kappa Tau. His Bible-toting room mate Dale believes they truly are all mad and can be begging for Rusty’s soul.) But the skies be seemingly blowing off his pleas as Rusty looks destined to turn into a Greek, regardless how sexually inept he really is. Which leads you to contemplate…just how did somebody else who is been “Spitter” are always a toast whatsoever?

Episode two

Hazed and Confused

air day: 2007-07-16

It’s the very first week of faculty and also the very first week of hurry and also neither is moving especially effectively for Rusty. On his own first nighttime seeking to eventually become one using his assurance brothers, then he also dropped asleep to the project. His “brothers” permit him understand that they certainly weren’t overly delighted by departing Rusty to rush off to course lace sneakers, together with gloomy ft and coated sand. Rusty’s professor wasn’t amused. Rusty needs to produce a romantic date to get a Kappa Tau social gathering but as only speaking with a lady turns him right into a blithering idiot, it will be difficult to persuade somebody he is interesting. So he resides to Casey to get support.

Episode 4)

Picking Teams

atmosphere day: 2007-07-30

Everyone is requested to suit-up and choose components as Kappa Tau and also Omega Chi head head to mind to ground hockey. But that is perhaps not quite as simple as it seems. Casey is flashing for Evan and Omega Chi, obviously) So much in order that she lays Cappie to get a collapse. But didn’t perform it to simply help her guy or maybe to get straight back at Rebecca? Because Casey and Rebecca can be “sisters” nevertheless they certain do not play as a staff. When Rebecca finds that Casey of all “Casey and Evan” was previously with Cappie, she employs the exact advice to back-stab Casey and receive himself encouraged into ZBZ’s mind of Athletic Support. That’s if Casey reveals what she is manufactured from–no body will overcome her. Vesuvius bash does not overeat. Meanwhile, Casey and Evan return on the right track because he presents her into his parents that are powerful over dinner. But an abrupt look by Rebecca, that a Senator’s girl, immediately bonds her into Evan’s moms and dads, leaving Casey to really feel to be an individual for this particular blue blood clan.

Episode 6)

Friday Night Frights

air: 2007-08-13

In Casey’s bidding to eventually become president of Zeta Beta Zeta, she attempts to triumph over her sorority pledges by projecting a slumber party that seems scary as soon as the lights move outside. Meanwhile, exactly the exact stormy nighttime in Cyprus Rhodes University attracts problem to Cappie if he receives a sudden visit in the stunning and mysterious lady termed Destiny.

Episode 7)

Multiple Choice

atmosphere day: 2007-08-20

As per week processes, the strain is slowly constructing Rusty since that could be set to keep up his own mark while staying in touch his societal lifestyle in the fraternity. Of class, Cappie gets got the replies for him personally will it be the ideal issue to really do? Cappie perhaps not just gift suggestions Rusty using a attractive supply of assistance nevertheless if he’s tasked with Casey to a college undertaking, Casey is enticed yet more with her history. Couples are dividing aside. There’s Casey and Ashleigh–most useful good friends and sorority sisters as freshman season, today they truly are about the workouts. Lack of service–Casey to get Ashleigh–would be your problem. But someone else’s waiting at the wings to reveal Ashleigh she is quite a pal, also that someone’s Rebecca. Who will predominate in this the eventual kitty struggle? Meanwhile, as Rusty’s romantic relationship with Jen K. wakes upward, he yearns to get longer private moment together with her however his judgmental room mate Dale is consistently close to, which makes it problematic for both 2 love birds to devote some time independently.

Episode 10

Black & White and Read All Over

air evening: 2007-09-10

When a scandalous narrative while in the faculty paper strikes stands trashing the Greek strategy, both brothers and brothers of all Omega Chia, Zeta Beta Zeta and also Kappa Tau have been in a frenzy to to work out who’s exactly the under cover culprit may possibly be. Meanwhile, soon after browsing a few troubled seas along with her own boyfriend, Ashleigh turns into Calvin to get service as well as goes as much as going to on him, simply to know he comes with a trick.

Episode 11

A New Normal

air: 2008-03-24

A broken hearted Rusty and also Casey return into school to get a brand new session soon after the fall out from your paper article which flipped into the Greek method inverted. Under the watchful eye of Dean Bowman along with also a freshly assigned ZBZ countrywide rep, ” Casey provokes a-Greek carnival in service of this dean’s preferred charity.) At the carnival, ” the Plain White T’s yield for yet another operation because the Kappa Tau band. As the freshly appointed president of Zeta Beta Zeta, Casey confronts the examination of some federal representative delegated to enter and receive the sorority straight back on trail. But that the sorority proves to become the least of her troubles because she fights as being a just only girl for more Evan also to just accept Cappie’s brand new connection together with her fierce enemy, ” Rebecca.

For Rusty, it really is his fight with all the reduction in the very first enjoy Jen K. that commences to hurt his own partnership with his own fraternity brothers in addition to his fellow assurance course. Also, within a bid to greatly help Calvin recover his area at the Greek technique, Rusty struggles difficult to simply help him match together with all the brothers in Kappa Tau nevertheless also the final result might wind up devoting their friendship.) Meanwhile, Casey’s competition with Rebecca intensifies if she sees about Rebecca’s fresh association. Rusty attempts to decode the position to rescue his friendship with Calvin but uncovers that it just hastens the competition. Meanwhile, Casey finds the only real means to rid ZBZ of all Lizzi, the conservative federal rep divides them, will be really to forgive Frannie and reinstate her at a “diamond” agency.

Episode 15

Freshman Daze

air: 2008-04-21

With the yearly Greek Ball coming, Casey and also Cappie remember a massive development in their professional season, also Casey is additionally reminded of the hierarchical action by Frannie who experienced a significant influence on her lifetimespan. Cartwrights

air evening: 2008-04-28

When that the ZBZ women convey their urge to go back with all the Omega Chi’s, Casey is placed at a situation of needing to handle her previous relationship together with Evan thoughts to, inducing her to appear to grips with her suspicions about him. Meanwhile, Rusty comes with a brand new crush and strangely it really is Dale who assists for yourself a date using this lady. However, considering that Rusty has just had a relationship while in years past his or her eagerness to come across something brand new only could back fire. Rusty strives to cover up some thing out of his mom and dad however Casey wishes him to come fresh in a effort to receive their mom and dad off her instance. Everyone normally takes good care Senator Logan whilst his spouse strives to possess him despise Cappie. Dale appears like the sole individual who’s joyful to visit with his favorable mom and dad. Purr-fect

atmosphere evening: 2008-05-12

The ZBZ women toss a loony contest one of themselves since both trainer another fraternity at a succession of online games.) Casey coaches the Lambda Sigs and eventually ends up making a beat on a few of those fraternity brothers. Meanwhile Rebecca strives to trainer that the Kappa Tau’s as well as at that time sometime evaluations her connection together with Cappie. Cappie strives to knock out constraints.

Meanwhile, Rusty finds himself brought into Tina, your ex who would like to shoot down the Greek process.

Episode 21

Barely Legal

air: 2008-06-02

Spring Break is nearly the following, Cappie will get his ability to clinic together with their phony ID’s, resulting Rusty to a catchy circumstance.

Meanwhile, Casey proceeds on Evan to get assistance with her or his last evaluation and at the method she starts to wonder her or her future. Cappie and Casey research their fresh friendship in some period when Rebecca requirements Cappie’s consideration. Evan seems to go ahead and retreat feelings and also eventually ends up having a comfortable individual. Rusty contributes to faculty and also on his long ago he reunites with older pals.

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