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The first episode of the Documentary, series Deadliest Warrior season 1, 2, 3 was released in 2010-04-20 by Spike. The TV show was created by and directed by Gary Tarpinian, Tim Prokop. Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

This can be just a set of incidents for season 2 of all Deadliest Warrior.

Season 2 was declared from the Team and from Spike, and a video match. A teaser picture published on Twitter reveals a Ballistic Gel chest supporting a podium. A video movie has been submitted for Deadliest Warrior for its folks that signed up for Warrior Den using a number of the weapons such as season 2. The firearms trailer just revealed firearms. Season 2 originated April 20, 2010, in 10 pm ET.

Episode Guide

Episode inch

SWAT vs. GSG 9

air afternoon: 2010-04-20

An epic match up comprising SWAT, the elite special forces of U.S. police, in opposition to Germany’s GSG 9, the ultra-secretive paramilitary arm of this German Police. Utilizing sniper rifles, shot firearms and paralyzing stun resources among those planet’s roughest authorities forces will probably proceed head to head at a early, never-before-seen fire-fight for the passing.

Episode 2

Attila The Hun vs. Alexander The Great

atmosphere evening: 2010-04-27

Attila that the Hun, that the barbarian horseman who terrorized Europe, struggles Alexander that the Great, record’s biggest military tactician.

Episode 4)

Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior

air evening: 2010-05-11

The Aztec Jaguar happens around the Zande Warrior at a struggle which attracts several of these holiest firearms nonetheless.

Episode 5)

Nazi wairuna vs. Viet Cong

air evening: 2010-05-18

The Nazi wairuna, Adolf Hitler’s homicidal jolt soldiers of ww-ii , combat the Viet Cong, the murderous masters of jungle warfare. Two of their absolute most deadly foes confronted by American GIs sq off at a damn show down utilizing system firearms, flesh-burning flame throwers, along with flying toxin flames.

Episode 6)

Roman Centurion vs. Rajput

air day: 2010-05-25

Worlds collide each time a Centurion, commander of Rome’s bone-crushing militaryand assumes to the Rajput, India’s biggest fighter.) In a struggle for the final, those 2 warriors encounter having a chest-splitting javelin, a snakelike coiled S-word, and also a constant battle-tank.

Episode 7)

Somali Pirates vs. Medellin Cartel

air evening: 2010-06-08

Somali Pirates, contemporary, RPG-blasting hi-jackers of this high seas combat that the Medellin Cartel, Colombia’s most infamous drug lords. In this outstanding match up, those two barbarous crime gangs will confront using machine guns, machetes and exceptionally volatile car boats.

Episode 8)

Persian Immortal vs. Celt

air day: 2010-06-15

A Persian Immortal, the expert killer which drove that a 6th century BC warfare system, conflicts a Celt, the big Iron Age European clansman. Horse-attracted chariots dash to some mortal show down with barbarous S-word beat-downs, spears, clubs and battle axes. Deadly spymasters of this Cold War confront having frightening top secret arsenals: Limit mini-machine firearms, bursting spikes, barbarous shoe knives along with neck-slicing garrote cables.

Episode 10

Vlad that the Impaler vs. Sun Tzu

atmosphere daily: 2010-06-29

The Transylvanian butcher who had been the inspiration for its mythical Count Dracula faces China’s lethal warlord and grasp strategist.

Episode 11

Ming Warrior vs. Musketeer

air evening: 2010-07-06

Ming Warrior, the advanced killer that set passing land mines and buoyant arrows to devise China’s biggest empire faces away with all the Musketeer, the e-lite French fighter whose talent with the rapier and also musket had been mythical.

Episode 12

Comanche vs. Mongol

air evening: 2010-07-20

The Native American commando is compared contrary to the Asian warrior who defeated more land than every other creature ever.

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