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The first episode of the Animation, series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command season 1, 2 was released in 2000-10-14 by UPN, ABC. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Patrick Warburton, Wayne Knight, Diedrich Bader, Neil Flynn, Larry Miller, Stephen Furst, Nicole Sullivan, Mark Hamill, Nikki Cox, Kelly McGillis, Ryan Stiles, Ryan Stiles, Brad Garrett, Adam Carolla, Gary Owens. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

Lost in Time

air day: 2000-10-14

The episode opens with Zurg’s dreadnought chasing Cruiser 42. Buzz takes the shuttle to lure Zurg right into a black gap the place he plans to try a “”slingshot manuever”” and keep away from being pulled in with Zurg. However, he’s unable to handle it and enters “”cryosleep”” to await his destiny, presumably to be transported via time (and never torn to subatomic shreds). It stays unexplained why Buzz would wish to ship Zurg to a special time.

He awakens later to search out himself 1000 years sooner or later! He has been dropped at a musuem erected in his honor. His historic motion acquired rid of Zurg, after which ALL evil disappeared from the galaxy. Eventually, there was no want for Star Command, and it was disbanded.

Since he has no job and the museum’s information are a bit off, he accepts a job because the museum’s tour information. He spends his time relating tales of journey to the youngsters who go to the museum and correcting the animatronic Buzz put in there (e.g. it says “”To Infinity, and Even Further!””).

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Episode 2

Rookie of the Year

air day: 2000-10-21

When a summit conferance of the Galactic Alliance is ready to satisfy at Lumini 9 Space Station, Zurg hears inform of it and decides to assault. After heading off Zurg’s forces, Team Lightyear is lounging round Cosmo’s. Ed the Courier reveals up with notices that Mira, Booster, and XR are all up for “”Rookie of the Year””. Due to their competative nature within the matter, Buzz decides to cowl the Lumini Summit himself, and sends the remainder of Team Lightyear off to protect the LGMs, who’re testing out an experimental Matter Transport Device. Zurg sends Warp Darkmatter to nab the machine, which he does (…w/ a big claw, that impresses the LGMs…). Zurg begins to make use of the machine to teleport his hornets straight into Lumini 9 Station. Team Lightyear (sans Buzz) find yourself being zapped to the station after sneaking into Zurg’s Dreadnaught. The machine had by no means been examined on dwelling beings earlier than, and the outcomes are that Mira, Booster, and XR are actually blended collectively into one Three-headed, Eight-limbed being (

Episode Three

Wirewolf (1)

air day: 2000-10-28

Ranger Ty Parsec has been assigned patrol responsibility on Canis Lupus, guarding a particular Galactic Alliance energy station that converts radiation from the planet’s unusual inexperienced moon into usable vitality. Ty laments the boring accountability, unaware that NOS-Four-A2 is lurking close by and stalking his robotic teamate. When the vitality vampire strikes, Ty informs Star Command however insists no backup is required. It arrives anyway within the kind of Team Lightyear, a lot to Ty’s chagrin. Ty has been rescued no much less that 50 instances by Buzz and is sick of being put in that place.

During their subsequent patrol, Ty saves XR from NOS-Four-A2, however requires Buzz to avoid wasting him. The vampire is pushed off however not earlier than by chance biting Ty via the flesh. This places a werewolf-like curse on Ty who is modified right into a robot-ravaging “”wirewolf”” when uncovered to the unusual moon of Canis Lupus. Team Lightyear and Ty himself are unaware of the periodic transformations. The wirewolf eludes a entice, shredding XR within the course of

Episode Four

Rescue Mission

air day: 2000-11-04

Star Command receives a misery name, and the directions on how you can construct a tool that may teleport one to the place the decision is coming from. Buzz is distributed; he’s met by the insectoid Professor Samsa who informs him that his race’s queen is in bother, and that his complete race can also be threatened by some massive, highly effective race that’s making an attempt to wipe them out. The relaxation of Team Lightyear is distributed to assist w/ insect extermination at Cosmo’s Diner. It seems that the bugs which might be plaguing Cosmo’s are the race that contacted Buzz (the machine not solely teleported Buzz, but in addition shrunk him). The largest menace (and the main purpose that Buzz is unable to contact Team Lightyear immediately) is a Remote Disposal Unit that Cosmo is utilizing to scrub up the “”bugs””.

Episode 5

Star Smasher

air day: 2000-11-11

LGMs develop distant trash compactor; Zurg steals it, compacts 42, after which compresses Capital Planet’s solar with a view to kind a black gap. Buzz places on warmth resistant energy armor (that scale back right down to oven mitts when not in use), flies into the occasion horizon of the black gap, and prompts trash compactors in reverse, thus returning the black gap to it is star-state.

Episode 6

Enemy Without a Face

air day: 2000-11-18

Team Lightyear get separated and meet up with the final Beletor and the final Krnozian, who’re warring over possession of their residence planet. It seems that they are truly of the identical race, however small leech-like critters had hooked up themselves to the backs of their necks and precipitated them to behave violent (violent thought is what the critter feeds off of). In making an attempt to return the critters to Star Command for additional research, they escape, reproduce, and fix themselves to Team Lightyears’ necks. Upon arrival, they spill unfastened and ravage Star Command. Cold air stuns the critters, so XR turns the air-con to freezing, thus fixing the issue.

Episode 7

Good Ol’ Buzz

air day: 2000-11-25

With a wrist-mounted time journey machine, a 150 12 months previous Buzz (which might make him from about 110 years sooner or later…see “”Lone Wolf””…) travels again to “”now”” to forestall Mira from being killed. Unfortunately, it occurred so way back that he cannot fairly recall simply how, when or the place Mira goes to die (…and, it might appear, time journey turns one’s reminiscence to “”Swiss Cheese””…Quantum Leap reference?).

Episode Eight

Return to Karn

air day: 2000-12-02

Mira is assigned to accompany the Galactic President and Smoltz (one of her advisors, and of the identical race because the President) to a convention. Mid-trip, they’re attacked by Zurg and compelled to make a crash-landing on Karn. Forced to keep up radio silence, to forestall Zurg from monitoring them, they try to forestall being eaten, mauled, and in any other case laid low by the varied Karnian beasties. Not solely is Zurg scouring the face of Karn searching for them, however so is the remainder of Team Lightyear (aided by Dr. Furbanna). Eventually, it’s disclosed that Smoltz is definitely a turn-coat, working with Zurg to attempt to seize the President (he helped to decide on Mira for the mission, pondering that she’d be the best to wrangle). With a bit of fortunate help from a mom Narlzak and her younger (…massive tunneling Karnian beasts, resembling a cross between a mealworm and a Dune Sandworm…), handle to avoid wasting Mira and the President from Zurg’s plans.

Episode 9

Speed Trap

air day: 2000-12-09

Due to a “”diplomatic fake pas”” with the Porcelon Ambassadorial Delegates (…the Porcelons appear like large-ish bogs…we shan’t go into any extra element in regards to the fake pas…), Team Lightyear is delegated to visitors responsibility. They spot a big freighter going nearly the velocity of gentle (…the native velocity restrict is about .45 gentle velocity…), that is not aware of hails. The freighter slams into, and destroys, the resort moon Sand De Soleil, and continues on in the direction of the solar of Capital Planet (…the ensuing influence might, doubtlessly, trigger the solar to go supernova…). Team Lightyear board the freighter to search out it deserted, apart from a maniacally tidy robo-cleaner referred to as “”Care-Bot””. They try and plant fees to explode the ship, however Care-Bot considers them muddle and disassembles the bombs. Meanwhile the bots have set Cruiser 42 adrift, so the workforce is trapped. Booster is distributed right down to the engine room to try to energy down the engines whereas Buzz, Mira, and XR try to

Episode 10

Holiday Time

air day: 2000-12-16

“”Holiday Time”” is derived from “”The Grinch who Stole Christmas”” with parts from “”The Matrix”” (together with slow-motion projectile dodging.) A enjoyable episode with some of one of the best animation within the collection. Evil Emperor Zurg steals the “”Chrono-Disruptor”” from Santa (sure, the REAL Santa). This is a tool that enables the Jolly Old Elf to cease time and ship all these presents in a single night time. Zurg then goes on a terror spree. He basically steals Christmas proper out from underneath the Space Ranger’s noses, who’re helpless to mount a protection. Meanwhile Santa tries to persuade Team Lightyear that he’s the real article with a view to get their assist. He lastly will get Buzz to consider by relating a story from Buzz’s childhood, one thing nobody ought to know. We get to see Buzz as a child in a flashback to when he singed his cat Fluffy’s tail with a laser. (sure, he is sporting the hood). This can also be the second episode we hear about that rocket toy he wished however by no means acquired as a child. Santa takes Buzz to his homewo

Episode 11

Opposites Attract

air day: 2000-12-23

Comm. Nebula sends Team Lightyear to Mahambas 6 to analyze a gravity drawback. It seems to be Gravitina, making a distraction so she will be able to see Buzz and ask him out. He, of course, refuses, and he or she’s then satisfied it is as a result of of her head. To get even she zaps Buzz with a gun that makes HIS head big, and because it’s inflicting an issue at Star Command (he has a bit of a “”head drawback””, if I could joke outrageously) he has to go away. Well, Buzz determined he did not like these preparations, so he went to confront Gravitina. Anyway, workforce Lightyear was there, that they had tried the identical factor earlier than, it did not work very properly. Buzz Lightyear defeats Gravitina, his heads again to regular, everybody (besides, presumably, Gravitina) lives fortunately ever after.

Episode 12

Ancient Evil

air day: 2001-01-06

While on an archeological expedition, learning “”Planet X””, the LGMs come upon the quasi-Egyptian resting place of an historical highly effective being referred to as “”Natron the first”” (…who’s often known as “”Natron the Destroyer”” and plenty of different “”Natron the [REALLY NASTY THING]”” names…). Zurg has despatched Warp Darkmatter to scope out the LGM’s findings, in the meantime. When Natron awakens, he freezes the LGMs in some kind of stasis discipline, and drains Warp’s life-force with a view to soup himself as much as a state nearer to his former glory. This leads to Warp growing older right into a wizened previous man. Natron rants on a bit about how he had been laid low 1000’s of years in the past by somebody often called “”The Protector”” (…of whom we discover out completely nothing…), and units off to take over Capital Planet. Warp and Team Lightyear got down to cease Natron; Warp helps Team Lightyear for the reason that solely means that he can regain his correct age is that if Natron is defeated. They handle to reverse the method that Natron used to empty the

Episode 13


air day: 2001-01-13

As an auto-piloted freighter is making an attempt to make a routine transport run, it’s attacked by Valkyran raiders (…the first ones are named Brun, Sig, and Hilda…). The Valkyrans are an Amazonian race that has been round far longer than the Galactic Alliance. In making an attempt to battle the Valkyrans, Team Lightyear is stymied by the Valkyran ships’ potential to section out in a dimensional warp, thus rendering the ship unreachable. Planning for extra raids by the Valkyrans, the LGMs whip up a system that may detect ships which might be phased out through some kind of synthetic intelligence type’ve factor (Commander Nebula tries to clarify it, and the LGMs provide little assist in clearing issues up; since Nebula clearly does not perceive it himself…). When utilizing the section detector thingie, Star Cruiser 42 is struck by a reasonably large vitality jolt. This causes the experimental detector to unexpectedly grant the working techniques of 42 to turn out to be sentient (…and feminine, to XR’s delight…). XR is the on

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