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The first episode of the Kids, Animation, series Transformers: Robots In Disguise season 1, 2, 3 was released in 2015-03-14 by Cartoon Network. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Will Friedle, Khary Payton, Darren Criss, Mitchell Whitfield, Constance Zimmer. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

Years immediately after the Great War, that the Autobot jail boat Alchemor crashes on Earth close Crown City, sparking a bulk Decepticon jail-break. Meanwhile, to a reconstructed Cybertron, warfare veteran Bumblebee has become working like a street cop, mentoring Cadet Strongarm. Bumblebee is alerted to the threat on Earth with an sight of some ghostly Optimus Prime, who sends into a local distance bridge.  

Episode Guide

Episode 1

Pilot (1)

air evening: 2015-03-14

Assigned to the solo assignment to Earth, Bumblebee abruptly finds himself cooperating with a staff team.

Episode two

Pilot (two)

atmosphere evening: 2015-03-14

Bumblebee along with also his fresh team needs to discontinue a Decepticon from attaining neighboring Crown City.

Episode 3

Trust Exercises

atmosphere day: 2015-04-04

The Autobot workforce needs to learn how to come together while they experience two Decepticon fugitives.

Episode 4)

More Than Meets that the Eye

air evening: 2015-04-11

As Russell nervously tries befriending the local kiddies, Fixit – craving exactly the activity of the subject mission – becoming in way over his mind.

Episode 5)


air evening: 2015-04-18

Beleaguered Bumblebee has to learn how to result to their or her own manner while the crew struggles to attract into a brutish Decepticon whose stasis fighter was detected by individual governments.

Episode 6)

As that the Kospego Commands!)

air evening: 2015-04-25

Sideswipe’s devotion to this team arrives to question because to or even Bumblebee monitor a Cybertronian crime-boss.

Episode 7)

Collect ‘Em All

air day: 2015-05-02

As Denny and also Russell operate to fend off some covetous souvenir collector, Bee along with also his team pursuit a collector in the own – a Decepticon having a spontaneous desire to hoard everything “shiny.”

Episode 8)

True Colors

atmosphere afternoon: 2015-05-09

When Grimlock unexpectedly starts off attacking his team mates, Bee ought to find out the way the stalwart Dinobot has become friend to foe.

Episode 9

Rumble at the Jungle

air afternoon: 2015-05-16

While Strongarm’s earliest “solo” assignment is marred through an over protective Bumblebee, Denny’s and also Fixit’s competition arrives to your mind.

atmosphere: 2015-05-23

The Bee Team welcomes a seeing Autobot veteran only intime for you to fend off a Decepticon widow bent on monopolizing certainly one of those Bots’ most prized possessions.

atmosphere evening: 2015-05-30

While in quest for an visionary Decepticon, Bumblebee is vulnerable to some poison which affects his adulthood, leaving the remaining portion of this Bee Team to bargain with both the unmarked fugitive plus also a female chief.

Episode 12

Hunting Season

air evening: 2015-06-06

When two competitions Bounty Hunters property around Earth, Bumblebee finds there is an amount on his own mind.

Episode 13

Out of Focus

air evening: 2015-06-13

While Bee along with also his Team take to to attract into a bunch of Decepticon burglars, Optimus devoting himself to get some forthcoming wicked that’ll endanger the two Earth and also Cybertron.

Episode 14


air daytime: 2015-06-20

Bee along with also his staff experience a fresh Decepticon who unwittingly directs them to detect Steeljaw’s gang. It’s upto Russell to save them. Meanwhile, Springload and Quillfire create a escape.)

Episode 18

Deep Trouble

air evening: 2015-07-18

Grimlock strives to cover up a personal accident whereas the Autobots monitor an aquatic Decepticon.

Episode 20

The Trouble with Fixit

air evening: 2015-08-01

Fixit desires a restore project out of Denny, nonetheless it goes wrong and he also transforms to a sentry bent on wiping out fugitives.

Episode 21


air daytime: 2015-08-08

Steeljaw and also his band figure out how to have in the scrap yard to discharge cryogenically Decepticon offenders that the Autobots have seized until today. Our personalities might need showing adorable to hamper their strategy and also recover constraint of this scrap yard.

Episode 22

Similarly Different

air evening: 2015-08-15

Grimlock finds still another Dinobot widow together with whom he sympathizes. He aids them flee, however, it doesn’t get very long to ruin all and terrorize the human beings. Our personalities might need to combine forces to discontinue it. Denny redecorates a engine dwelling also Russell is fearful of exactly what the daddy left.

Episode 23

The Buzz on Windblade

air afternoon: 2015-08-22

Sideswipe matches a lady Autobot termed Windblade to a assignment to get Optimus Prime. She agrees to synergy with Bumblebee’s Team to create into a Decepticon which comes with a remarkable similarity to some Queen Bee.

Episode 24

Ghosts and Imposters

air evening: 2015-08-29

When Bumblebee determines to clearly show his workforce the exact attractiveness of Earth, he chooses him to some ghosttown within the Far West by which a Decepticon ready to improve shape expects them. As they miracle throughout the city, ” the ‘Bots enter in to various hi jinks and seals set off by them. Afterwards, Bumblebee finds his group fighting with some thing n’t genuinely there and quits them. The Decepticon unlocks numerous holes at the ground, trapping the ‘Bots.

Episode 25

Battlegrounds (1)

air day: 2015-09-05

In the aftermath of some upcoming hazard to Earth by Steeljaw’s group, the Primes elect to ship Optimus there regardless his coaching maybe not nonetheless complete.

As Optimus attempts to go back to Earth to handle the cryptic “Evil” he has prophesied, ” the Bee Team need to protect against Steeljaw’s Pack in teleporting the exact very same hazard onto Earth.

Episode 26

Battlegrounds (two)

air day: 2015-09-12

Reunited together with Optimus Prime, Bee along with also his Team have to utilize whatever they will have heard to block the annihilation of equally Earth and also Cybertron.

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