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The first episode of the Drama, series WWE Experience season 1, 2 was released in 2004-05-02 by Spike. The TV show was created by and directed by World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon. Actors in the cast include Todd Grisham, Ivory. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Episode #1

air day: 2004-05-02

The host’s for the brand new Sunday morning wrestling present, The WWE Experience, Todd and Ivory introduce the present and its material being highlights and all the recent new “”goss”” from the WWE.

Part 1: Highlights from RAW, Christian vs Grand Master Sexay. Christian dominates the match and will get and simple pin fall over his opponent after and Unprettier. After the match Tomko and Trish come to the ring, and Tomko beats Grand Master Sexay mindless.

Part 2: Highlights from Smackdown! the place Kurt Angle reveals to the world he can not wrestle anymore.

Part Three: Highlights from the match Renee Dupree vs Torrie Wilson. Dupree pretends to be good to her, then suplexes the gorgeous Diva. As anticipated John Cena comes all the way down to the ring to avoid wasting the day.

Part four: Victoria inform’s the American public that voting in all elections is necessary.

Part 5: Highlights from RAW, Kane vs Matt Hardy. Kane simply defeats Hardy and later kisses Lita.

Part 6: Booker T confronts the Undertaker and makes it clear he isn’t inti

Episode 2

Episode #2

air day: 2004-05-09

Part 1: Highlights from RAW. Evolution vs Tajiri, Shelton Benjamin and Edge. The match is mainly even all through its size, however the threesome of Edge, Tajiri and Shelton Benjamin prevail with the pin-fall vitory.

Part 2: Tazz and Dawn Marie go to a baseball recreation which finally rained out.

Part Three: Highlights from Smackdown! the place Booker T goes in search of summary methods to defeat his Judgment Day opponent the Undertaker. He finally will get given a small bag with unknown contents.

Part four: Eugene proves to his supervisor William Regal that he’s a real expertise by outwrestling his far more skilled instructor, and even making him faucet out.

Part 5: An replace on John Cena’s music asperations.

Part 6: For a mom’s day deal with, WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero takes his household to a home present. This ends in tragedy when Guerrero’s mom has a coronary heart assault whereas being confronted by the No. 1 contender JBL.

Part 7: Highlights from RAW the place Chris Benoit retains his World Heavyweight Championship aga

Episode Three

Episode #Three

air day: 2004-05-16

Part 1: Stamboli vs. Booker T Highlights

Book wanted a tune-up earlier than the ppv, and Stamboli sufficed. Irish whip from the Bull countered into an arm wrench kick. and Booker goes to work with a leg lariat adopted by a toe kick to the intestine. Axe Kick is elementary, and Booker will get the three rely.

Part 2: Shelton vs. Hunter Highlights

We are reminded that Shelton Benjamin has overwhelmed the sport twice previously 2 months. Trip goes to work within the NW nook, however Shelton says OH NO and catches the Game with a DDT within the centre of the ring! 1….2……2.86!!! That does not set nicely with Mr. Benjamin, as he units up for the Stinger Splash, solely to overlook and be dumped excessive through clothesline. H takes the time to relaxation on a knee earlier than SHAWN MICHAELS comes working in! A proper from Hunter, a proper from Shawn – once more – one other from Shawn, and one other, after which two more…Triple H is reeling….crushing double axe deal with! A clothesline and one other devastating proper hand later and Trip takes a breather exterior. H

Episode four

Episode #four

air day: 2004-05-23

Part 1 Smackdown Highlight WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: Chavo Guerreo Snr, Spike Dudley, and Chavo Guerreo Jnr. Chavo Guerreo Snr turns into the brand new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Part 2 Canadians Helping Kids Showing Edge and Chris Benoit, journey to Orlando Florida, to take part within the Dreams Take Flight program for teenagers.

Part Three Raw Highlight World Tag Team Championship Match: Ric Flair, Batista Vs Chris Benoit, Edge Shows Benoit and Edge retaining the tag group belts

Part four Mordecai Mordecai makes his mark by attacking Billy Kidman and Akio.

Part 5 The Rock The Coach runs down verbally to try to make Eugene go away Raw. Eugene seems to be upset then immediately The Rock, music begins to play. The Rock say he’s a giant fan of Eugene and they’re about to get the Coach, when Garrison Cade, make the save. But the rock hits cade with a proper hand. Then a spinebuster on Cade. Then the Coach is attacked by Eugene who then connects with a rock forearm smash, then the Rock Bottom and

Episode 5

Episode #5

air day: 2004-05-30

Part 1: Highlights from RAW, Benoit & Eugene vs Coach & Cade. Benoit & Eugene have the higher hand all evening, and when Cade is overwhelmed out of the image, Benoit does the flying headbutt on Coach then Eugene is tagged in and does the identical factor! Eugene will get the straightforward pin fall.

Part 2: Victoria having a Diva picture shoot.

Part Three: Highlights from Smackdown, Eddie Guerrero vs The Basham Brothers. Eddie destroys the previous tag group champions after which GM Kurt Angle makes him signal a contract saying that he is not going to sue Kurt if he will get injured whereas wrestling.

Part four: Clips proven of the Guerrero household coaching.

Part 5: Highlights from Smackdown, Booker T vs Scotty 2 Hotty. Scotty is definitely disposed of by the 5 time WCW Champion, after which the Undertaker sends a message to Booker with a lightning bolt throughout the ring.

Part 6: Clips from the assembly between the Rock and the Governor of California the massive Arnie.

Part 7: Highlights from Raw, Evolution vs Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho. The mat

Episode 6

Episode #6

air day: 2004-06-06

Part 1: Highlights from RAW, Randy Orton vs Shelton Benjamin. If Benjamin wins he’ll get an Intercontinental Championship title shot at Bad Blood. After an exhilarating match with plenty of pure mat wrestling Benjamin end’s off Orton together with his modified powerslam and will get the pin fall.

Part 2: Highlights from Smackdown! with Chavo Classic up towards Funaki. Chavo Classic hits Funaki with many slaps and finally with a failed drop kick, Funaki wrestles himself out of the match (with the assistance of Chavo Jnr). Classic simply will get the pin fall victory.

Part Three: The at all times sizzling Stacy Keibler is proven getting some Bargains within the UK.

Part four: Highlights from RAW, the World Tag Team Champions Edge and Chris Benoit defending towards La Resistance. After a number of close to falls, Edge accidenly spears Benoit, and the challengers take benefit by ending of Edge with their finisher leading to NEW World Tag Team Champions.

Part 5: John ‘Bradshaw’ Leyfield is proven whinging about how he ought to’ve gained the

Episode 7

Episode #7

air day: 2004-06-13

Part One Eric Bischoff, Johnny Nitro And Coach. Showing the three of them speaking about Eugene. Bischoff pronounces that Eugene and The Coach, in a match at WWE Bad Blood, Johnny Nitro, thinks this can be a joke and says he needs a match with Eugene tonight.

Part Two: Highlight From Raw Johnny Nitro Vs Eugene Eugene wins the match. When Eugene, hits a Double Axehandle for the 1-2-Three.

Part Three: Highlight From Smackdown! Eddie & JBL Showing Eddie Guerreo stealing JBL, limo with him in it. Showing Eddie driving the limo throughout city after which driving him again. And trashing the limo with garbage.

Part Four The Rock At The MTV Movie Awards Showing The Rock on the MTV film awards. Apparently The Rock was nominated for the perfect combat scene for the film The Rundown.

Part Five Highlight From Smackdown! US Title Match Involving John Cena, Booker T, RVD, Rene Dupree. John Cena retains the US Title by Defeated Booker T, RVD, and Rene Dupree.

Part Six Highlight From Raw La Resistanc

Episode eight

Episode #eight

air day: 2004-06-20

Part 1 Highlight From Smackdown! Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman explains that he holds The Undertaker conscience within the type of Paul Bearer. And at Great American Bash, The Undertaker will face the Dudley Boyz, in a handicap match. And if he does not do the fitting factor Paul Bearer, will likely be suffocated by cement.

Part 2 Highlight From Raw: No 1 Contender Triple H says he the No 1 contender after beating Shawn Michaels at Bad Blood. Eric Bischoff, says there may be another person right here unbeaten, Eugene he says beat Eugene subsequent week and you’ll be the primary contender.

Part Three Edge and Jericho In Ireland. Showing Edge and Jericho in Ireland. Edge dressing up in a Medieval Regalia. Chris Jericho placing on a masks.

Part four Highlight From Smackdown! RVD & John Cena Vs Booker T & Rene Dupree The match ends in a no contest when The Undertaker comes down the ring. He Chokeslams Cena, after which Chokeslam on RVD, then he hits the Tombstone Piledriver on John Cena.

Part 5 Employee Recrui

Episode 9

Episode #9

air day: 2004-06-27

Part 1 Highlight From Smackdown Van Dam Vs Rene Dupree Dupree Defeats RVD, with a roll over for the victory

Part 2 Raw Diva Search Showing the Diva search in Chicago, and displaying a few of the women who made it. And somw who had been launched

Part Three Al Snow Raises Fund Showing Al Snow, sponsored a motorbike trip in reminiscence of his late sister who handed away from Leukaemia. Show WWE Superstars who confirmed up in help of Al Snow trigger and researched on the illness.

Part four Highlight From Smackdown! Eddie Guerreo Vs Luther Reigns. The match ends when Guerreo, hits the Frog Splash. Goes for the pin and JBL, breaks up the three rely. DQ victory for Eddie.

Part 5 Young Voters Showing a highlight on WWE marketing campaign to register younger voters to exit and vote. Victoria additionally thinks they need to vote has nicely.

Part 6 The Rock The Rock reveals up on Raw, and him and Randy Orton, have a confrontation.

Part 7 Highlight From Raw Triple H Vs Eugene The match ends in a no contest. When Trip

Episode 10

Episode #10

air day: 2004-07-04

Part 1 The Right Thing Has Been Done Paul Heyman believes that he was instrumental within the Undertaker, resolution to buried Paul Bearer alive and may thank him. The Undertaker interrupts Paul Heyman, and says if he’s keen to kill the one particular person he cared for, then think about what I’ll do to you.

Part 2 Highlight From Raw: William Regal Vs Triple H. Special Ref: Eugene The match ends in A DQ. The Winner by DQ, Triple H, when Regal hits Triple H with the Brass Knucks.

Part Three Highlight From Smackdown!: Sable Vs Torrie Wilson Torrie Wilson wins the match when she hits the Edgecution, out of nowhere for the 1-2-Three.

Part four Raw Diva Search NYC Showing a expertise competitors displaying folks singing, dancing, to audition for the diva search.

Part 5 Highlight From GAB: WWE Championship Match: Eddie Guerreo Vs JBL Still photos displaying how JBL, grow to be the brand new WWE Champion.

Part 6 Highlight From Smackdown! WWE Championship Match: Bradshaw Vs Spike Dudley. Highlights of Brads

Episode 11

Episode #11

air day: 2004-07-11

Part 1 Highlight From Raw: GM Eugene Gm Eugene has seven Raw superstars within the ring to play a recreation of musical chairs. Chris Jericho wins the sport of musical chairs. And he has earned a shot on the I-C title later that evening.

Part 2 Highlight From Raw I-C Title Match Randy Orton Vs Chris Jericho Orton retains the title when he rolls up Jericho, utilizing the ropes for the pin.

Part Three Highlight From Smackdown! Champion Vs Champion Bradshaw Vs El Gran Luchadore The match ends in a rely out when JBL geese out of the ring. When he figures that EGL, is actually Eddie Guerreo who made a change underneath the ring with some one else.

Part four Highlight From Smackdown! United States Championship Match John Cena Vs Booker T John Cena is stripped of the U.S Title. When he hits Kurt Angle, who then ordered Luther Reigns, to seize the ustitle belt.

Part 5 Raw Diva Search in LA. Showing some women who’re making an attempt to make the reduce to be a Diva.

Part 6 Ric Flair Book Promo Ric Flair appeara

Episode 12

Episode #12

air day: 2004-07-18

Part 1: Todd begins by displaying recapping his interview with Ric Flair. Flair claims that there are at all times some type of freaks in the way in which. Then the Hurricane approaches Flair and asks him to signal his e-book. Flair says he’s insulted by folks such because the Hurricane, and in return the Hurricane says Flair’s e-book wasn’t nearly as good as The Rock’s, Hogan’s or Foley’s. Then Flair beats Hurricane foolish and challenges him to a match. The match ends with Flair making the Hurricane faucet to the figure-four, displaying his superiority.

Part 2: The diva search section is proven the place Triple H, Randy Orton, Edge and Y2J choose the ten finalists. After this a Heidenreich promotion is aired with Paul Heyman speaking up this beast of a person.

Part Three: Highlight from Smackdown the place John Cna throws Luther Reigns by way of a wall after which should face Kenzo Suzuki, Renee Dupree and Booker T in a Three vs 1 handicap match. After eliminating Duree and Suzuki, Booker was too good for Cena and picked up the win for the group of three.


Episode 13

Episode #13

air day: 2004-07-25

Part 1: Raw highlights with the match between Batista and Chris Benoit. Batista mainly beats the hell out of Benoit, getting imself disqualified for attacking Benoit whereas he was caught within the ropes.

Part 2: Highlights from the match the place JBL destroyed the rookie he pulled out of nowhere after which declared there isn’t a one worthy on Smackdown! to face him for the title at Summerslam. Then The Undertaker comes out and beats JBL, declaring the match for Summerslam. JBL vs The Undertaker!

Part Three: Spike and Funaki roam the streets in search of meals.

Part four: GM Kurt Angle lets Booker T maintain the US title for the day.

Part 5: Highlights from the John Cena vs Luther Reigns match on Smackdown! Booker T tries to assist Luther win, however as an alternative hits him with the US title belt and Cena will get the pin fall.

Part 6: Highlights from the RAW diva search.

Part 7: Highlights from RAW, the Intercontinental Championship Match between Edge and Randy Orton. Edge Retains the title.

Part eight: Highlights from Smackd

Episode 14

Episode #14

air day: 2004-08-01

Part 1 Highlights from Raw Number One Contender match: twenty man battle royale. Randy Orton wins the battle royale. And turns into the primary contender to face Chris Benoit at Summerslam.

Part 2 Highlights from Smackdown. U.S Championship Starts with eight superstars all claiming the fitting to the title. Then Vince McMahon struts all the way down to the ring and informs everybody that the brand new GM, is Teddy Long. He units up an eight man elimination match for the title later tonight.

Part Three # J.B.L promo Showing residence films of JBL, nonetheless photographs of him in his American soccer days

Part four # WWE on the Democratic National Convention Showing Linda McMahon, Mick Foley and Chris Nowinski displaying up in help of the Smackdown your vote marketing campaign.

Part 5 Ric aptitude e-book signing Ric aptitude signing his e-book in Charlotte, NC

Part 6 Raw highlights one other diva gone We say goodbye to Julia. Has she is voting off.

Part 7 Highlights from Smackdown Eight Man Elimination match for the U.S Championship It

Episode 15

Episode #15

air day: 2004-08-08

Feature 1# Raw Highlights Triple H Vs William Regal Not a lot of a match has Triple H, makes use of brass knuckles and will get DQ. Post match Triple H utilizing the Sledge Hammer on Regal. Todd informs us that Regal has suffered a concussion and a damaged orbital bone.

Feature 2# Smackdown Highlights A Number One Contender Match For The U.S Championship. John Cena Defeated RVD, to grow to be the primary contender for the U.S Championship.

Feature Three# Smackdown Highlights Kurt Angle In The Ring Return Kurt Angle takes on Charlie Haas, his first match since Wrestlemania 20. Kurt Angle hits his patented Angle Slam on Haas. Then used an ankle lock with a leg bar for the faucet out victory.

Feature four# Raw Highlights Another Diva Gone We now say goodbye to a different wanna be diva

Feature 5# Rey Mysterious Visit To Petco Park We see Rey Mysterious go to to Petco Park in San Diego. To throw the primary pitch on the Padres recreation. He explains that he grew up watching the Padres.

Feature 6# Raw Highlig

Episode 16

Episode #16

air day: 2004-08-15

Feature 1# Highlights From Smackdown Team Relay Match. Team Cena (Rvd, Charlie Haas, and John Cena) Vs Team Booker T (Rene Dupree, Booker T, and Luther Reigns. Team Cena wins the group relay match.

Feature 2# Highlights From Raw. Wedding Contract Signing. Shows the contract signing. And Jeff Hardy hitting Kane with a quick case after which displaying Kane beginning to sit up zombie model.

Feature Three# Another Diva Gone The Coach is nearly to announce who’s the following to go, when Randy Orton, involves the ring. And he pronounces that Chadra, is the following to go. He then says it future that he’ll grow to be the following heavyweight champion at Summerslam. Also Trish Stratus, involves problem the wanna be Divas to a dodgeball match at Summerslam.

Feature four# Behind The Scene Of The Summerslam Ad Campaign. The Director behind the Summerslam adverts Barry Boss, give us a rundown of how the Olympics stylized Summerslam spots got here collectively.

Feature 5# Highlights From Smackdown Orlando Jord

Episode 17

Episode #17

air day: 2004-08-22

Feature 1# highlights From Raw: WWE I-C Championship Match Edge Vs Kane Edge retains his title when he hits the Spear on Kane for the win.

Feature 2# Smackdown Throwback Shown a function from the very first Smackdown, from August 26th 1999. The primary occasion match between Triple H and The rock, for the WWE Championship. With particular visitor referee, Shawn Michaels, which ended with Shawn Michaels, hitting The Rock with the Sweet chin Music.

Feature Three# Highlights From Smackdown Kurt Angle &Luther Reigns Vs Eddie Guerreo& Rey Mysterious Jnr Guerreo and Mysterious win when Mysterious, hits Luther Reigns with the 619. And then Eddie hits the Frog Splash to get the pin fall over Luther Reigns. Meanwhile Kurt Angle comes out with some paint and pours it over Eddie Low Rider.

Feature four# Highlights From Raw Diva Update Another wanna be Diva is gone.

Feature 5# Highlights From Smackdown John Cena Vs D-Von Dudley John Cena wins the match when he hits the F.U on D-Von Dudley.


Episode 18

Episode #18

air day: 2004-08-29

Part 1: Highlight from SmackDown! the perfect of Five Series for the WWE United States Championship, Match #2: Booker T vs. John Cena.

Part 2: Miss Stratus on Stage – Trish lately took it upon herself to carry out a comedic routine on the second City neighborhood theatre & stage in Toronto, Ontario. We catch highlights of the bit, which embrace her narrowly avoiding a chair shot, and her ruthless pounding of a defenceless sock pocket. Fellow solid member Sandy Jobin-Bevans provides, “”Watch out WWE followers – you do not know if she’s going to be good or dangerous..she’ll activate you!””

Part Three: Highlight from SmackDown!: Don’t Touch my Car! -Eddie Guerrero chases Kurt Angle backstage, all the way in which to his automobile! Angle repeatedly emphasizes that this 1980’s gold sedan with a California tag is “”his automobile.”” Eddie responds with taking out the rubbish on stated machine, and smashing it with a pair positioned sledgehammer pictures. Kurt makes the getaway, and then GM Teddy Long reveals that that was certainly his automobile!

Part four: S

Episode 19

Episode #19

air day: 2004-09-05

Part 1 Highlight From Jericho’s Highlight Reel: Showing the confrontation between Edge and Chris Jericho over Edge’s harm and the I-C belt. And the return of Christian, who assault Jericho.

Part 2 Smackdown! In The Southern Hemisphere Showing the Smackdown! Stars in Papua New Guinea. And then displaying RVD, in Brisbane. Charlie Haas saying that it’s a nice honour to satisfy the followers all all over the world. Also present the Best of 5 collection between John Cena Vs Booker T, which Booker t gained to go 2-1 up.in Sydney.

Part Three Highlight From Smackdown! Six Man Tag Team Match RVD,Rey Mysterious Jnr, and John Cena Vs Rene Dupree,Kenzo Suzuki, and Booker T: Rvd, Rey Mysterious and John Cena win the match. When Rey Mysterious hits the 619, and the Springboard Leg Drop on Dupree, for the 1-2-Three.

Part four Smackdown! Throwback: June 5 2003. Showing Rey Mysterious and Matt Hardy match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. In which Rey Mysterious bought the win when he reverse a Matt Hard

Episode 20

Episode #20

air day: 2004-09-12

Part One Highlight From Smackdown! Paul Heyman W/Heidenreich Vs Funaki Showing Paul Heyman with out Heidenreich, which makes Teddy Long mad who then informs Paul, if his man cannot work tonight, then he’ll simply need to fill in for him. Paul thinks the choice is ludicrous. Teddy informs him he gonna face an Smackdown announcer. Paul says he can defeat any announcer he can throw at him particularly that runt Michael Cole, then Michael Cole interrupts. Hey Paul I can take you out like that has he snaps its fingers. Which makes heyman storm onto the ramp however wait. Tony Chimel says its Heyman Vs Funaki, The match begins with Funaki knee to heyman’s head, Funaki hits Heyman with lefts and rights mixture. Then Heindenreich, seems beats up Funaki, with a Huge Stomach Crusher then Heyman makes the three rely himself. Heindenreich continues on the assault on Funaki, whereas Heyman slaps Michael Cole, after which Heidenreich comes for Michael Cole, who bolts into the group. With Hei

Episode 21

Episode #21

air day: 2004-09-19

Part 1: Highlights from RAW, Christian and Tyson Tomko lose to Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels. It begins with Michaels on the Highlight reel, after which Christian and Tomko attacking the opposite two. The match follows with Michaels hitting the Sweet Chin Music after dodging a kick from Tomko. After the match Jericho is knocked out of the equation, and Michaels suffers the same destiny.

Part 2: Highlights from Smackdown, John Cena equals his collection with Booker T 2-2. The match is usually even, with each males hitting excessive affect strikes, however John Cena finally hits the F-U after Booker T makes the error of going for his scissor kick.

Part Three: The Smackdown! Throwback

Part four: Billy Kidman and Torriw Wilson go shark swimming.

Part 5: Highlights from RAW, the Seattle Slugfest. Joy is eradicated for the Diva Search competitors, after which the 2 remaining diva’s Christie and Carmella beat the hell out of Coach, after Vince McMahon introduced that subsequent week he has an enormous suprise for everybody subsequent

Episode 22

Episode #22

air day: 2004-09-26

Part One Highlights From Smackdown! Undertaker Vs Viscera & Gangrel The Undertaker wins the match when, he hits the The Tombstone Piledriver, on Gangrel to get the 1-2-Three.

Part Two Wrestlemania Press Conference Showing WWE stars attending the press convention like Triple H, who says Hollywood goes Wrestlemania, jack. Also reveals Randy Orton absorbing the adoration of the followers.

Part Three Highlight From Raw I-C Title Match Chris Jericho Vs Shawn Michaels Shawn Michaels win’s by DQ when, Christian comes within the ring and assaults Michaels. Christian throws Jericho right into a Tomko Big Boot. And Tyson holds Shawn whereas Christian slaps and punches Michaels.

Part Four Smackdown! Highlights Steve Austin Showing Steve Austin favorite Smackdown reminiscence. Perfoming in entrance of the ustroops in Iraq, for Smackdown for the Christmas episode.

Part Five Raw Search Diva Search Look Back Looking again on the diva search. Showing the perfect moments.

Part Six Make a Wish Foundation.

Episode 23

Episode #23

air day: 2004-10-03

Part One Highlights From Smackdown! Undertaker Message To JBL. JBL on the mic, and desires The Undertaker to get within the ring. He says The Undertaker is not going to play thoughts video games with him at No Mercy useless or alive Leyfield fears no man. Undertaker music performs however he doesn’t come out? Undertaker voice says it began with 4, first Viscera and Gangrel and now Orlando… The digicam’s pans to the sector rapters, and there Orlando Jordan hangs on a life measurement Undertaker image.

Part Two WWE Taboo Tuesday Press Conference Showing Vince McMahon saying that that is the primary time WWE followers will get to resolve who will face it Champions. Triple H doesn’t assume this can be a good concept. Shawn Michaels and Stacy disagree saying that it is necessary the followers stay an integral a part of the WWE product.

Part Three Highlight From Raw: Shelton Benjamin Vs Triple H Shelton wins the match by DQ when, Triple H hits Benjamin, within the face with the belt, for the DQ. And he then hits Benjamin with a P

Episode 24

Episode #24

air day: 2004-10-10

Part One Highlight From Smackdown! Mark Jindrak Vs Big Show Luther Reigns and Kurt Angle attempt to assist Jindrak, when Angle, trieds to hit the Big Show, with a metal chair however he turns round and whacks angle with it as an alternative. And Eddie Guerreo, comes down and begins preventing with Reigns. The huge present wins the match when, he hits Jindrak with The Chokeslam for the 1-2-Three.

Part Two Highlight From Raw Christy, Bischoff, Carmella,Eugene. Showing Uncle Eric bringing Carmella to satisfy Eugene. She likes Eugene, and apparently she would love him much more if he was bald. Eugene will get too excited and upsets Carmella and we discover out that it is has been a ruse. Then the diva winner Christy comes down the ring slaps Carmella, and kisses Eugene.

Part Three Highlights From Raw Shawn Michaels Vs Christian Shawn Michaels will get the 1-2-Three when, he nails the Diving Elbow, then the Sweet Chin Music for the Pinfall.

Part Four Tough Enough Semi-Semi-Finalist Showing completely different folks claiming to

Episode 25

Episode #25

air day: 2004-10-17

Part One: Highlights from RAW World Tag Team Championship Match William Regal & Eugene vs. La Resistance. The British crowd go wild as Eugene and William Regal out wrestle La Resistance all match, till Regal hits Grenier with the brass knucks and will get the pin fall. BUT Eric Bischoff decides to restart the match and after one other exhausting fought match, Conway hits Regal within the abdomen with the flag pole, and Grenier will get the duvet to retain the World Tag Team Championship for La Resistance.

Part Two: WWE Slam of the Week, Hardcore Holly defeats Bradshaw by rely out.

Part Three: Highlight from SmackDown! Hardcore Match for the WWE Championship Hardcore Holly vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield. This was your typical smashfest. No actual wrestling occurred, it was simply Hardcore Holly smashing JBL with bin lids and different weapons. Hardcore will get many close to falls, however after giving some of the brutal chair pictures I’ve ever seen, JBL will get the pinfall to retain the WWE Championship.

Part Four: WWE Rewi

Episode 26

Episode #26

air day: 2004-10-24

Part One Highlight From Smackdown! Shannon Moore Vs Heindenreich Heidenreich wins when he hits Moore, with the Black Hole Side Slam for the Pinfall.

Part Two The Survivor’s Series Press Conference Showing the press convention for The Survivor’s Series PPV in Cleveland Ohio. Showing JBL, Vince McMahon, Triple H and Ric Flair speaking concerning the PPV.

Part Three Taboo Tuesday Part one Showing screenshots of Shelton Benjamin I-C title win. Eric Bischoff getting his hair shaved. Trish Stratus retaining her title. And Christy successful her match.

Part Four Big Show on Star Trek Showing the Big Show making a visitor star appearances on a episode of Star Trek Enterprise. Showing stars of the present Scott Bakula, saying he had nice vitality. And Jolene Blalock likes him has nicely.

Part Five Tough Enough Al snow picks the eight finalists. They’re John Meyer, Nick Mitchell, Mike Mizann, Chris Nawrocki, Daniel Pudier, Ryan Reeves, Daniel Redimer and Justice Smith.

Part Six Highligh

Episode 27

Episode #27

air day: 2004-10-31

Part One Highlight From Smackdown! Kurt Angle Vs Rey Mysterious Jr Rey Mysterious will get the win when, Eddie Guerreo, Frog Splashing Angle, and places Mysterious on prime of Angle, letting Mysterious get the pinfall.

Part Two Highlight From Raw Batista Vs Maven Batista tries to hit Maven with a Powerbomb, however Maven reverses to a Sunset Flip, to a cradle for the pinfall.

Part Three Tough Enough Al Snow brings out the Tough Enough finalists to the ring. And provides them their first problem – twenty seconds to verbally, insult The Big Show. Each one cuts a promo till the Big Show, comes all the way down to the ring and Body Slam every of them for his or her first check.

Part Four Highlights From Raw WWE I-C Title Match Shelton Benjamin Vs Chris Jericho. Benjamin retains the I-C Title when, Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho, however Benjamin reverses that for a Bodyscissors for the 1-2-Three.

Part Five Highlights of the Contest to decorate up has WWE stars Showing folks dressing up has WWE star

Episode 28

Episode #28

air day: 2004-11-07

Part One Highlight From Raw World Tag Team Title Match Chris Benoit& Edge Vs La Resistance. La Resistance regained the World Tag Team Title’s when Edge, distracts the Referee, Conway & Grenier double teamed Benoit, after which hit him with the Au Revoir for the win. After the match Edge decked Benoit with the belt after which put him within the Crippler Crossface.

Part Two Tough Enough This week’s problem noticed Kurt Angle come down the ring. And made them do Squat thrust problem. One by one every contestant dropped out till it was all the way down to Chris Nawrocki, Daniel Puder in the long run Chris Nawrocki wins the problem. His prize for successful, a match with Kurt Angle. Angle defeats Marwick rapidly after which invitations Puder into the ring and defeats Puder has nicely.

Part Three Highlight From Raw Shelton Benjamin Vs Viscera Benjamin hits Viscera with the T-Bone for the Pinfall.

Part Four Inside seems to be At The Commercial For The New Smackdown Vs Raw Game Showing how they made the industrial wi

Episode 29

Episode #29

air day: 2004-11-14

Part One Highlight From Smackdown Eddie Guerreo & RVD Vs Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak Eddie and RVD win the match when, each RVD, and Guerreo hit the Jindrak with a Five Star Frogsplash for the pinfall.

Part Two Rasheed Wallace Showing Detroit Piston and NBA Champion Rasheed Wallace, sporting a reproduction World Heavyweight Title Belt. Wallace purchased one for all his group mates to commorate their successful the tourney final season.

Part Three Highlights From Raw: Randy Orton Vs Batista Orton wins the match with a roll up on Batista, for the pinfall.

Part Four Tough Enough Nick Mitchell is reduce from Tough Enough. This week problem was the Torrie Wilson Sex Test. Which Involve all of them kissing Mae Young. Mae picked Daniel Puder to be the winner. His prized was a lap dance by Mae Young.

Part Five Connecticut Grand Opera And Orchestra Showing Linda McMahon attended a gala occasion on the Connecticut grand opera and Orchestra, accepted the Arthur M Sackler, Award on the beha

Episode 30

Episode #30

air day: 2004-11-21

Part One Highlight From Raw World Tag Team Match Three Way Match Robert Conway & Slyvain Grenier Vs Tajiri & Rhyno Vs Eugene & William Regal. Rhyno and Tajiri had been eradicated when Rhyno tries to Gore Grenier, however hits the turnbuckle as an alternative. Conway holds Rhyno toes whereas Grenier will get the pinfall. Eugene and Regal grow to be the brand new World Tag Team Champions when Eugene crops the People Elbow on Grenier for the 1-2-Three.

Part Two WWE Armageddon Press Conference Showing Michael Cole pronounces the the following PPV, is Armageddon, displaying JBL, Big Show, Booker T and Kurt Angle all speaking concerning the PPV.

Part Three J.B.L Radio Show JBL has is personal radio present on Saturday’s, 9-11am Eastern Time. They proven him speaking about Professional athletes, Michael Moore, Stem Cell Research.

Part Four Highlights From Smackdown! Teddy Long Annoucement. J.B.L was within the ring. When The Undertaker, involves the ring signifying he needs a WWE Championship match this brings Eddie Guerreo, Booker T all the way down to

Episode 31

Episode #31

air day: 2004-11-28

Part One Highlight From Smackdown! Rob Van Dam Vs Kenzo Suzuki RVD, will get the win by DQ, when Hiroko, stops RVD, from nailing the Five Star Splash. And Kenzo chokes him with a bandana inflicting the DQ.

Part Two Blade Trinity Showing Triple H new film Blade Trinity, displaying his co-stars Ryan Reynolds, saying he his a very good actor. Jessica Biel saying he fancied her.

Part Three Highlights from Raw Steel Cage Match Chris Benoit Vs Edge Benoit wins the match when, Edge spears Benoit, by way of the metal cage door. Allowing Benoit the win.

Part Four Tough Enough Daniel Rodimer is eradicated this week on Tough Enough. This week problem his an arm wrestling match. The first match is The Miz Vs Daniel Puder wherein Puder win’s simply. The Second match is Justice Smith Vs Ryan Reeves this one is nearer however Reeves finally wins. In the ultimate Puder, win’s fairly simply.

Part Five Highlight From Smackdown! Booker T & Eddie guerreo Vs JBL & Orlando Jordan JBL and Jor

Episode 32

Episode #32

air day: 2004-12-05

Part One Highlight From Raw Ric Flair Vs Jerry the king Lawler. Ric Flair wins the battle of the Legends, when he forces Lawler to faucet when Flair locks within the Figure Four.

Part Two Christmas Divas Showing Miss Jackie, Torrie Wilson, and Dawn Marie choosing out Christmas outfits to pose for the festive version of the Smackdown Magazine.

Part Three Highlight From Smackdown! The Basham Bros W/JBL Vs Booker T & Eddie Guerreo The Basham Bros, dumped Booker T, out of the ring after which Danny will get Guerreo with a roll up together with his toes on the rope for the 1-2-Three.

Part Four Tough Enough Ryan Reeves is eradicated from Tough Enough this week. This week problem is that they need to dressed up in ladies garments, and hit on Hardcore Holly. The winner of this week problem is the Miz.

Part Five Highlight From Raw. WWE World Tag Team Title Match. William Regal & Eugene Vs La Resistance. Regal and Eugene retain the Tag Team Title’s when Eugene, hits the Stunner on Conway for the 1-2-Three.

Episode 33

Episode #33

air day: 2004-12-12

Part One Raw Title Contention. Vince McMahon struts his manner all the way down to the ring. And says that each Chris Benoit and Edge had been each defeated thus cancelling each other victory out. Triple H thinks this implies the title is all his. But Vince declares the World Heavyweight title vacant.

Part Two Highlights From Raw Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho Vs Triple H & Batista. Benoit and Jericho get the win Via DQ. When Triple H will get a chair and whacks Benoit at the back of the top inflicting a DQ.

Part Three Highlight From Smackdown! Cruiserweight Battle Royale for the No 1 Contendership for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Funaki wins the Battle Royale. And will get his title shot at Armageddon, towards Spike Dudley.

Part Four Highlights From Raw I-C Title Match Shelton Benjamin Vs Christian Shelton Benjamin retains his title, when he hits the T-Bone Suplex on Christian for the 1-2-Three.

Part Five Triple H Book Signing Showing Triple H on the Borders Bookstore at Charlotte, NC, to si

Episode 34

Episode #34

air day: 2004-12-19

Part One Highlight From Smackdown! JBL Parade JBL has a ticker tape parade and celebration. He compares himself to Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. He additionally referred to as himself the best Champoin of all time. Which brings out Kurt Angle to the ring and, tells him to not come out to the ring and placed on a excessive Championship celebrations. Which results in a confrontation which ends up in Teddy Long, making a WWE Championship match between the 2 for in a while that evening.

Part Two Highlight From Raw Randy Orton Vs Edge Randy Orton will get the win when, Orton tries the RKO, blocked by Edge, he then tries an Edgecution, however that’s block. Orton then reverses and hits the RKO for the 1-2-Three.

Part Three Tough Enough Finale Al Snow introduced the winner of Tough Enough- And the Winner is Daniel Puder. Al Snow additionally pronounces that Pudimer can be entered into the Royal Rumble 2005.

Part Four Highlight From Raw Maven, Christian And Tyson Tomko Vs Eugene, William Regal and Shelt

Episode 35

Episode #35

air day: 2004-12-26

Part One: Clips from Smackdown in Iraq are proven, the place Mr McMahon reveals his true American spirit by praising the troops for his or her very exhausting and grueling work, and luggage the media for, nicely, being the media. He then introudces Lilian, who sings the US nationwide anthem. Afterwards, clips of the Smackdown superstars are proven socialising with the troops.

Part Two: Clips from the good RAW debuts of Eugene and Shelton Benjamin is proven. It confirmed Eugene medaling with the Rock, Coach and his Uncle Bischoff, and in addition getting fortunate with Christy. We additionally bought to see what made Benjamin well-known, defeating Triple H by pinfall on his first evening on RAW.

Part Three: Highlights of the Undertaker vs. Heidenreich from Smackdown! Is proven. The Undertaker dominated this match, a lot in order that Michael Cole discrived the Dead Man as an “”Apache helicopter.”” Heidenreich had wished this match for thus lengthy, however he didn’t respect the chance as when the occasions bought to powerful for the monster, he simply walke

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