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WCW Monday Nitro was a professional wrestling telecast Developed by World Championship Wrestling, Produced by Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff. The show aired Monday nights on TNT, going back with all the World Wrestling Federation’s Monday Night Raw on March 26, 2001 from September 4, 1995. Production stopped right after the WWF purchased WCW.

The debut of Nitro commenced also a ratings battle involving the WWF and WCW that lasted for six decades and saw each company resort to use to compete with your contest, the Monday Night Wars. In mid-1996, Nitro began to attract improved ratings centered around the effectiveness of the nWo narrative, an wrestling steady that wished to take over WCW. Nitro continued to beat on Raw for 8-4 months, forcing WWE owner Vince McMahon to change the way he did business. Fan interest from the storyline waned, since the nWo storyline increased stagnant, and Raw begun to advantage Nitro from the evaluations out.
The turning point for the organizations came throughout the January 4, 1999 broadcast of Nitro, throughout that commentator Tony Schiavone gave the exact consequences of matches for away . Nitro was live and as Raw was recorded, Bischoff believed that knowing the effect will dissuade viewers. Excited by the prospect of seeing WWF underdog the WWF Championship is won by Mick Foley, a huge numbers of Nitro viewers changed channels to watch Allied, after the title was won by Foley, switching straight back into Nitro. From that week Raw beat on Nitro with a considerable quantity from the evaluations, and WCW was never able to recover that the success it once needed.