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The first episode of the Animation, series Voltron Force season 1, 2 was released in 2011-06-16 by Nicktoons. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Ty Olsson, Tabitha St. Germain, Alan Marriott, Vincent Tong, Ashleigh Ball, Gabe Khouth, Doron Bell, Garry Chalk, Andrew Francis, Shannon Chan-Kent, Sam Vincent, Mark Hildreth, Ron Halder. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode Guide

Episode 1

New School Defenders

air day: 2011-06-16

After Voltron’s victory over Lotor and his military, the Robot Lions misplaced management throughout a celebratory occasion and practically destroyed a metropolis. Because of this, Galaxy Alliance commander Sky Marshall Wade ordered the Lions to be dismissed from their obligation as defenders of the universe and disbanded the Voltron Force. Since that day solely the Galaxy Alliance has been in control of defending the universe whereas Lance, Pidge, and Hunk are appearing officers within the military, Princess Allura is ruling her house planet Arus, and Keith is a fugitive from the Alliance. Daniel is a mischievous and curious scholar within the Galaxy Alliance air faculty. Daniel and fellow scholar Vince are recruited into the Voltron Force as junior cadets and later turn into members of a resistance in opposition to Sky Marshall Wade, throughout which Keith infiltrates Wade’s secret base and searches for the Black Lion. Now, as a part of the resistance’s plan, Daniel and Vince sneak into Wade’s room and change out his prized pin with a faux one and head again to “The Den”, the resistance headquarters. The motive is that the four insignias on the pin are literally the keys to reactivate the Lions. Meanwhile, Keith discovers his Black Lion and breaks it and himself out of the bottom, contacting Pidge and attempting to flee Wade’s safety.

Episode 2

Defenders of Arus

air day: 2011-06-16

Daniel and Vince meet a fellow Cadet named Larmina, who’s revealed to be Princess Allura’s niece and the trio are given their “Voltcoms”, particular gauntlets that entry particular talents inside them and can enable them sooner or later to pilot the Lions. As Pidge and Hunk go to rescue Keith from drifting into area (as a result of the truth that Wade’s experiments on Black Lion have left it barely with any energy), a Robeast is shipped to Arus by Kala and Maahox to battle the Voltron Force. Lance and Allura understand that they have to struggle it with out the opposite three Lions. When the struggle will get an excessive amount of for Lance and Allura, Daniel and the others get to the Green (Vince and Larmina) and Yellow (Daniel) Lions to assist struggle off the Robeast alongside Lance and Allura, however even that proves to be not sufficient to show the tide. Pidge and Hunk save Keith and ship him into Arus’ environment to crash land on the planet, by chance decapitating the Robeast and destroying it. As Lotor watches in anger, Maahox explains how the identical Robeast was from his time and the beasts will not be sufficient to defeat the Voltron of at present.

Episode three

Defenders of the Universe

air day: 2011-06-16

After the occasions of Part 2, Wade goes insane and kidnaps the Alliance and replaces its troopers with robots, whereas moreover holding Coran hostage. Meanwhile Lotor and Maahox plot to ship a brand new Robeast to Arus to destroy Voltron as it’s powered by a mix of Kala, the strategist that Maahox terminated on the finish of Part 2 and Haggarium, the substance that Kala’s power apparently stabilized and resurrected Lotor. As the Lions struggle the Kala Robeast (with Daniel piloting Red Lion together with Lance as a result of an harm he sustained in Part 2) and Keith and Larmina fend off Wade’s robots on the bottom, Wade (on one other planet with Coran as his hostage) sends a large Robot Lion to battle each Voltron and Kala. At one level the Kala Robeast actually absorbs the facility of Wade’s Lion (thusly severing the connection between Wade and the Lion) and kinds a Mega Spider. Vince informs the crew that he has accomplished the repairs of the Black Lion which sends Daniel again to the Castle utilizing his “Speed Claws” Voltcom skill to retrieve it. Keith and Larmina board the Black Lion and upon Keith’s command unite to kind Voltron. During the skrimish, they be taught that their assaults aren’t working and all however the Black Lion are too weak to kind the Blazing Sword as a result of being surrounded by Haggarium-laced webs. But, after a lift from Vince’s Voltcom, Voltron goes to full energy, kinds the Blazing Sword and defeats Kala. Maahox, a scientist who seeks to revive Lotor, succeeds in bringing him again to life and explains how lengthy he has been gone and the adjustments which were made to his military.

Episode four

Coran, Coran

air day: 2011-06-23

The Voltron Force receives a misery name from Coran, however after they attempt to rescue him, they fall right into a lure set by Sky Marshal Wade. Meanwhile, the cadets quickly be taught it is a Coran imposter that is really a robotic strapped with a bomb and should face it in a struggle.

Episode 5

Joyride of Doom

air day: 2011-06-30

Daniel convinces the group to borrow the Lions so he and the cadets can sneak off to go to Planet Doom, Lotor’s house planet, however they quickly discover themselves kidnapped by Maahox. Meanwhile, Lotor invades the Castle of Lions and takes Allura hostage, and Voltron debuts a brand new skill throughout the rescue.

Episode 6

The Hunkyard

air day: 2011-07-07

Hunk takes the cadets on a bonding mission to his secret junkyard known as The Hunkyard to be taught teamwork and to construct “crush cars” to allow them to have their very own automobiles. However, cadet bonding day involves a halt when a military of Waderoids powered by Haggarium assault them and kind collectively to make a large scrap monster out of junk.

Episode 7

Lion Riders Return

air day: 2011-07-14

The Voltron Force travels to the peaceable planet Ariel to defend a race of lion-riding warriors from Sky Marshal Wade who’s extracting a robust metallic ore known as corite from their mines with Haggarium tipped drills. While enjoying their online game, the cadets are interrupted by a mysterious ally named Daigo asking for assist from an impending hazard with the Krelshi, Ariel’s historical lion protectors, and journey with the remainder of the crew on the mission.

Episode eight

Flash Forms a Go!

air day: 2011-07-21

The Force begins noticing a number of giant holes being fashioned at completely different places on the planet. The crew learns that no matter is creating the holes is seemingly a Robeast looking for the hidden lairs of the Lions. Lance takes the Red Lion and Daniel to research and practically destroys the Lion after they encounter the assailant. When the crew lastly encounters the attacker, the crew makes an attempt to kind Voltron however earlier than they will complete the formation it hits them and splits them up. They strive a number of extra instances and fail every time till Keith calls a retreat. Vince explains that it takes 36 seconds for the formation to complete and that the crew must discover a method to speed up the transformation. Daniel and Vince take Red Lion out to check the speculation after they encounter the creature which seems to be an enormous eye. Lance is infuriated that Daniel and Vince once more took a Lion for a joyride however the others chide Lance for lecturing the duo as an alternative of thanking them. When the beast assaults once more the crew heads out and at last kinds Voltron by having Daniel’s Voltcom activate Flash Form, which skips the acquainted instructions and kinds Voltron instantly. Voltron assaults the attention and kinds the Blazing Sword to complete off the creature, however a shard of it returns to Maahox to seemingly divulge to him the Lion’s location.

Episode 9

Dark Blue

air day: 2011-07-28

Vince’s efforts to show himself to the crew find yourself with him trapped aboard a Haggarium-filled delivery vessel that is sinking in a bottomless ocean planet. But he and Voltron debuts a brand new skill whereas underwater.

Episode 10

Wanted and Unwanted

air day: 2011-08-04

Keith permits himself to get captured by robots with the intention to get aboard Wade’s invisible jail vessel known as the Void so he can escape political prisoners of the Den Resistance. However, Daniel will get caught with him and meets Keith’s buddy Manset who helps him survive on the within whereas Wade throws Keith into the “Black Hole” the place he encounters Chief Kalon of the Lion Riders. Daniel then has to struggle Kloak, an invisible warrior who guards the Void generator so he and Keith can escape the ship and get their buddies to security.

Episode 11

Predator Robeast

air day: 2011-08-11

Voltron Force face a tricky problem after they tackle a robust newly fashioned enemy when Lotor’s 5 predators unite to turn into one villain. Meanwhile, the cadets check out a brand new fortress protection system for when the crew goes away on a mission, however Lotor’s ships enter the atomsphere along with his 5 robeasts: a minotaur, large fish, snake, panther, and dragon.

Episode 12

Hungry for Voltron

air day: 2011-08-18

When Princess Allura and her blue lion are caught in Sky Marshal Wade’s blockade of the Planet Ebb, they’re compelled to struggle in his fight enviornment.

Episode 13

Clash of the Lions

air day: 2011-08-25

The Voltron Force travels to Earth to complete the struggle with Wade as soon as and for all, however are hijacked by Wade’s Voltron-controlling gadget.

Episode 14

Inside the Music

air day: 2011-11-03

After Wade’s defeat, cadet Larmina is tasked with organizing a universe victory live performance unaware that Lotor’s spies have infiltrated the celebration.

Episode 15

Rouge Trip

air day: 2011-11-10

When the cadets journey to Earth for a pizza run,they encounter a harmful Voltron-obsessed with sinister intentions.

Episode 16


air day: 2011-11-17

After Pidge’s brother misses his yearly communication name, The Voltron Force go to his house planet the place they discover it overrun with Ninja Scientist Zombies.

Episode 17

Ghost within the Lion

air day: 2011-11-27

After the Blue Lion is stolen, the remaining lions observe it to a planet which is a barely inhabitable frozen world. When they find the stolen lion, the Voltron Force come head to head with a outdated buddy who appears to have switched sides.

Episode 18


air day: 2012-02-29

Maahox’s pet assaults the Voltron Nexus.

Episode 19

Five Forged

air day: 2012-03-07

The Voltron Force returns to Planet Ariel and should survive the challenges inside a collection of mines which maintain clues to the origin of Voltron.

Episode 20

Dradin, Baby, Dradin

air day: 2012-03-14

The Voltron Force heads to the planet Dradin the place ex-members of Lotor’s military are poised to take over.

Episode 21

I, Voltron

air day: 2012-03-21

Daniel turns into the last word defender when his consciousness is transferred into Voltron.

Episode 22

Crossed Signals

air day: 2012-03-28

The Voltron Force receives a misery name which will have led them again in time!

Episode 23

Roots of Evil

air day: 2012-04-04

After engineering a seed that may develop Dark Energy, Maahox seeds Arus in hopes to reap the power and as a aspect impact destroy the Volrton’s Base Planet within the course of.

Episode 24

The Army of One

air day: 2012-04-11

King Lotor is replicated into a military of clones who try and take over Planet Arus and destroy Voltron.

Episode 25

Deceive and Conquer

air day: 2012-04-18

Episode 26


air day: 2012-04-25

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