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Original Title: Wentworth
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: showcase
Creators: Lara Radulovich,Reg Watson
Language: English
Description: Wentworth-a popular Australian TV series, which is based on no less popular Australian project called"Prisoner", which was broadcast from 1979 to 1986. Note that the project was eight seasons and almost seven hundred episodes, so the potential for similar indicators of the current remake is huge. And here before us is in its fifth season. The series is named after the Australian women's prison. This is a very cool swirling drama, telling about the life of the inhabitants of this sad place on both sides of the bars. Their rigid rules that reglamentary the lives of inmates. If anything, these rules are partly official and partly unofficial. But the second is no less rigid and binding than the first. And neglecting them can cost the offender is very expensive, and the price can be life itself. The structure of the series"Wentworth" is that each episode tells the story of one of the characters. Before the viewer is a series of difficult female destinies and characters, tells how they lived before they were imprisoned, and how they came to life such that they were in this place - someone behind bars, and someone in the form of a jailer. And suddenly it becomes quite obvious that despite the fact that they are on different sides of the isolating, zonal delimiters of the prison territory, the difference between them is very small. And all of them, by and large prisoners. Starts the series"Wentworth" story about the circumstances that led to jail a young woman named Bee Smith. She's accused of going to kill her husband. Here she is in a state of uncertainty as a pre-trial detention, until the final decision of the court in her case. And the heroine has to adapt on the move to the system of hierarchy that exists in this prison, to find ways to communicate with both prisoners and employees. Her life depends on it. Then the viewer of"Wentworth" gets acquainted with Frankie Doyle-a very arrogant and evil leader of one of the prison groups, and Erica Davidson – the head of the prison. And forth, forth before eyes pass all new and new characters, main of which are: Inmates: Bi Smith Prison staff: Managers: < I > in the first season, Erica Davidson was the head of the prison, But in the second and third she was confused by Joan Ferguson, who eventually became a prisoner herself and acted in this status throughout the fourth season . Finally, in the fourth season it took Faith Bennett, a longtime assistant when the two chiefs, which finally reached the Supreme power. Officers:Matthew Fletcher Who have yet to meet the audience? How will the relations and destinies of familiar characters? All this can be found in the fifth season of this highly dramatic and eventful and emotional series. Series Wentworth season 5 all series in Russian you can download for free on our website at any time of the day!

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