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Original Title: The Neighbors
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ABC
Creators: Dan Fogelman
Language: English
Description: People are different, and not everyone wants to understand the state of the other, even if he is not close, because this is the humanity to evaluate a stranger and understand it. The protagonist of the movie Neighbors on the warpath is an ordinary family man who has a small child and a sweet wife. He works and comes home from work in the evening to spend time with his family. It would seem his life is all well and fine, but it's his neighbor. A young guy who is a student lives alone in a big house and almost every day he has different parties. Of course the guy can be understood, because he is young, he wants to walk and have fun. The main character understands this, but soon it all goes very far. After all, the guy is so brazen that every party buzzes with loud songs, screams and constant cries. A small child can not sleep, he is constantly capricious, well, the main character does not get enough sleep goes to work and there he has problems, as his boss does not like what kind of work is his subordinate. The hero of the film Neighbors on the warpath decides to take very serious measures to convince his young neighbor that you need to lead a more peaceful life. Simple conversations and conversations this problem certainly can not be solved, but you can use a very cunning and unusual plan that will quench this student and find him a very good, common language. To understand people you need to do a lot, to enter into his position, to feel everything that a man has to feel, what he needs to do and of course also very tired. Will the main character make his young and restless neighbor feel all that he has to experience? The answer to this question you will receive only after you watch this movie. Watching this beautiful movie Neighbors on the warpath you will find yourself in the epicenter of all events and will experience all that is necessary to overcome the family man, and of course you will see a large number of funny scenes in which you will appreciate the humor. Positive emotions from watching this movie you certainly provided. And better watch the movie with family or surrounded by close people, but in General the film can be estimated at 8 points out of ten, this unpretentious Comedy with a nice plot and very good ending.

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