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Original Title: The Last Ship
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: TNT
Creators: Hank Steinberg,Steven Kane
Language: English
Description: The last frontier of the mankind which appeared on the verge of disappearance after a pandemic is the destroyer of air force of the USA "Nathan James". Even before the global epidemic began, after the first outbreaks of an unknown disease, from which people in Africa began to die, the command sent a destroyer to the Arctic, along with two microbiologists with a secret mission to find a cure to stop the virus. However, no one expected it to spread so quickly. the Order, which was received by the captain of the destroyer Tom Chandler, provided for a complete lack of communication with the outside world. And when after a long six months of wintering in the ice and waiting for seconded to the destroyer scientists will receive a satisfactory result of research, “Nathan James " tried to establish radio communication with the center, in response, heard only>in addition To the seal team guarding microbiologists during landfall, was attacked by gunmen in helicopters under the Russian flag. No one can understand why Washington is silent, why the detachment that went to the land to protect microbiologists for the experiment was attacked by Russian helicopters, and what they did here for six months. However, soon the captain, his senior assistant Mike Slattery and all the other members of the brave team learn that the world from which they came, no longer exists, that Western civilization is in ruins, that their relatives and friends are likely dead, as well as 80 percent of the world's population. However, their order-to find a cure and save humanity – is still in force, so their warship and every person on Board will do anything to fulfill their historic mission.

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