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Original Title: Lost Girl
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Syfy,Showcase
Creators: M. A. Lovretta
Language: English
Description: We bring to Your attention continuation of the well-known series of a genre of a fantasy under the name "Lost FAE " or "Call of blood ". This is the fourth season, so if you first heard about the " lost ", then we recommend that you use the search on the site and see the previous series. So, since the release of the latest series of the third season enough time has passed and many could simply forget about all the series. We remind you: in the center of events we see a girl who grew up in the most simple and ordinary family, but it happens that she learns about her true nature and she has to hide. Hiding in the dark for years, one day, she meets FAE, where he learns the truth about himself. From this moment begins a new life with new adventures. Now a little about the actors: Bo - the main character, a beautiful brave girl perceiving everything that is happening around too close to heart. Throughout the series, she will try to find out their nature and find the real parents. Kenzi is a Russian thief with an adventurous character who repeatedly gave her a lot of trouble. Despite her thieving nature, she is a kind, sincere person and a devoted friend. Bo will have to save kensi from ridiculous situations more than once. Lauren-studying FAE doctor, she from the first meeting is attracted to Bo, she, in turn, is not exactly breathing to the scientist. Dyson is a light FAE werewolf. Closed a wicked personality, also has amorous feelings towards Bo. Hale is Dyson's best friend. He works as a detective, and by nature a womanizer and a merry fellow. A friend of kensi's and often because of this gets into all sorts of trouble. Well, about the main characters briefly told, then you need only look. Time: 43 minutes on our website absolutely free of charge!

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