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Original Title: Babylon Berlin
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Netflix,ARD,Sky 1
Creators: Tom Tykwer,Achim von Borries,Henk Handloegten
Description: Berlin, Berlin-a story about a girl of school age - Lola, who lives in a small German town. At this age, the girl's thoughts only about two things, how to successfully pass the final exams and as soon as possible to start living with her boyfriend, building his family life. However, the guy goes to the capital for unexpected reasons, and after, she receives a letter in which he learns about not very pleasant things - Honey, I'm sorry, we can't be together. I found another. An ordinary girl, in the place of Lola, having endured a week, would start to build a new relationship and eventually forget her boyfriend, but she is not one of those. Lola intends to go to Berlin to find the guy and personally check the one because of whom he left her. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that Lola has never been in big cities...

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