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Original Title: American Dad!
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: FOX,TBS,Seven Network,Fox8,7mate
Creators: Mike Barker,Matt Weitzman,Seth MacFarlane
Language: English
Description: Barry Seal from childhood was in love with the sky and wanted to become a pilot. Growing up, he entered the aviation school and graduated with honors, becoming one of the youngest pilots operating at such an early age Boeing 747. His incontinence and arrogance are the cause of tensions with the authorities. After another manifestation of disrespect for the senior ranks of the arrogant guy fired from the service. Financial problems had played a detrimental role in his life. Once in a stalemate, an experienced pilot agrees to make money on the side. He arranges for the transfer of illegal goods abroad. Constant cooperation with smugglers allows you to earn enough for a comfortable existence. An enterprising person tries not to think about the moral side of illegal activities. You can watch online Made in America in good quality for free, without registration.One day, Barry finds out that he is transporting illegal drugs on the plane, but it is impossible to retreat. Noticing a happy, high-class pilot that is engaged in smuggling, he is lured by an influential drug cartel, offering a large sum for illegal activities. Gradually, gaining experience, Forces becomes the authorized person in drug dealers. Becoming a prominent figure in the criminal environment, he comes to the attention of the CIA. Intelligence Agency is in no hurry to arrest a professional that has strayed from the righteous path. Operatives plan through it to get to the top of the drug business. The pilot agrees to cooperate with government services and begins to issue classified information about future transactions. He finds himself between two fires. Criminals are trying hard to find the traitor.

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