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Ekapope (New) Police Man he’s son among of the four God who have ‘nilakarn’ key (half god half human). Nalika(Grace) is Eakapope young sister. Eakapope know he has the capability however it is hidden by him. 1 day Eakapope struggle with awful individuals (which really is the 9 killer god), Natcha came and aid him, she informed him which they are the killer god which found find the key/map. Kraiyut (Aof) additionally boy one of many four god. And one 2 god heirs have been Ping & Beam Pong. All of these together struggle with Nakhin, Rashen(Hem) and Paranang(Sal) have been sent to simply help Natcahe and also Eakapope……blah…blah…blah…blah…There’s lot of fighting at the end they all win around Nakhin and also his 9 killer god.

After enough time of separate coming Natcha whois tida of paradise she’s’s god thus that make Eakapope maybe not dare to disclose his feeling for her because he have to live on the planet however Natcha have to call home at paradise. After all Nakhin is brought by Natcha straight back into this paradise for the punishment. Krayut end up with Nalika, whilst Rashen follow Paranang to live with her at the ‘samoot entire world'(Seaworld?)
Natcha (Kwan) asking for the mother (Kanwalee) consent to go down to the planet to get Akhin to redeem for the dad. Because don’t want her daughter to be in 15, however, her mother not permit. Kanwalee by no means realize that behind innocent, prim and the adorable of Nattcha is she has have robust and extremely skillful heart from her dad. If she still a kid, even her mother and father not make it possible for her to find fighting but Nattcha never hear, she covertly went to hear from ‘ajarn Poo’ (which is her dad teacher way too). Ajarn Poo admit in Natcha skilled strong and great, ” he mentioned Natcha is not Theptida of all Thep Phitak but she Theptida Payayom.
Natcha escape her mother and go to the planet to find Akhin. So that the narrative started.
3 months after. . Eakapope struggle suddenly and together with all the individuals that are Undesirable Natcha help him and came, they both smile and walk into every

Thep Oma could be the evil thep along with Thep Akara (Kwan dad) was awarded the duty by ‘Jao Sawan’ (paradise proprietor) To catch Thep Oma and set him in the ‘nilakarn’ jail (paradise prison?) Which will be no one can escape. The ‘nilakarn’ prison key had been divide into 4 role and contribute to 4 Thep Ongkarak(God Guard?) . Even the four religions want to cover at the human world that no one may see them.

Akhin is Thep Oma son, there’s no prove to put him in the jail that Thep Akara keep him at his castle . Akhin find out that ‘nilakar’ key was awarded. Akhin take care of go to universe with his 9 killer god guard and escape himself . ‘Jao Sawan’ so mad that he not put Akhin in the jail from damage therefore today he could escape. Thep Akara admit his fault also the punishment is accepted by him.