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Darika was raised inadequate. Her house is created from timber. This resulted in her not having any close friends come over because they’re frightened of ghosts. However, this girl isn’t ashamed but alternatively pleased with her dwelling. She believes it is unique and amazingly elegant . Her status educated Darika the worthiness of cash ever since she had been little.

Darika doesn’t take interest because she’s afraid that she will undergo a failed marriage like her mother’s. Her mum isn’t a man since she fell so in deep love and also eloped with him, leaving her daddy. His authentic colors showed and he begun to cheat on her. Her mum could not carry it anymore and made a decision to divorce him. She came back back to her dad transporting Darika.
Darika spent a couple days at the condominium had to return to Warang. Her boss is busy getting ready for its 50th anniversary since the opening of the company. Mom Luang Chankaan Thatsanai (Ken) may be your mind leader. He’s a youthful male of high status who has graduated from Harvard with his master’s degree at 26 decades old. He’s Khun Dararai, a reputable and well-known man in society’s kid. Chan Thatsanai is a writer. Chan can be. His outfits has to be arranged with all the shades of shade.

His dad gave him the time and energy to study and learn more about the organization for 2 decades. After that, care for the business of your family and he must accept the position. Darika works at his own business plus they’ll ultimately cross course. Does the remaining part of the narrative perform?

Darika could be a funeral director’s granddaughter. She is a strong individual and hearted lady who seeks money. Fate happens to have her stumbling mind over heels when she matches with a thriving man of perfect background Prajan and qualities. We see ourselves here again as we go back to get part two of Dao Kien Duen.

The narrative commences a girl whose grandma is still a youth manager, with Darika. Darika’s best friend, Thuwaiwanjak Phuttan, must go on a business trip because of his job. He asked her to check after his condo. Darika agrees because that really is the only amount of time in her entire life where she gets to remain in contrast for her monthly leased room that she’d leased out since she attended college and will not hesitate. In addition, the condominium is still close for her work place which is more suitable for her. She can conserve money and use it to different items. Darika really loves her job since she has compensated. It gets her happy to have the ability to fend for herself and maybe not rely upon a man.