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The first episode of the Family, series The Story of Tracy Beaker season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was released in 2002-01-08 by CBBC. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Dani Harmer, Lisa Coleman, Nisha Nayar, Connor Byrne, Abby Rakic-Platt, Deepal Parmar, Ruth Gemmell, Darragh Mortell, Craig Roberts, Clive Rowe, Ciaran Joyce. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Tracy’s Return

air day: 2002-01-08

As the above episode title would counsel, our eponymous heroine will not be in the very best of moods as she comes again from (presumably we embrace the phrase ‘but’) one other failed fostering try – and he or she is being very loud certainly, a lot to the dismay of everybody who has ever been concerned in attempting to match her wayward and but surprisingly endearing character with appropriate guardians to this point…

Episode 2


air day: 2002-01-10

Strange noises fill the Dumping Ground within the center of the night time. Jenny investigates, nevertheless it seems to be Tracy, who’s trying via the recordsdata for her mum’s (Annette Bentley) deal with. Jenny and social employee Elaine clarify to Tracy that her mum is aware of the place she is, however they can not give her mum’s deal with. Soon after, Tracy and Justine compete in a recreation of dares to win again Tracy’s room. Justine covers Jenny in flour, Tracy fills Mike’s boots with cheese sauce, Justine steals Jenny’s garments whereas she is having a bathe, and Tracy tries to climb a tree, however Mike climbs after her and pulls her down. Tracy dares Justine to place a worm down her trousers – which she does – however Justine tells Tracy to eat a worm. Tracy hates the thought, however does it, and throws it up later. Justine quits the competitors and says Tracy can have her room again. However, after Justine has packed all her stuff, Tracy tells her she will be able to preserve the room as she likes her new room higher, infuriating Justine.

Episode three

Sneaking In Ben

air day: 2002-01-15

Louise remains to be struggling to decide on between Justine and Tracy. Tracy is fed up with ready for Louise, and stays out too lengthy, lacking out on doing her chore. While out, Tracy meets Ben once more needs to point out him the Dumping Ground, however Jenny says no, as she is offended that Tracy missed doing her chore. Tracy sneaks Ben in anyway, however Justine and Louise spot him. Justine snitches to Jenny, though Louise begs her to not. When Jenny searches Tracy’s room, she finds solely Louise, who swears that there isn’t a one else there. However, simply earlier than Jenny leaves, she hears Ben’s cell phone, and discovers him hiding within the wardrobe. Meanwhile, chef Duke is having issues with rats in his kitchen. Jenny instructs him to get rid of them in a humane method. Duke catches a rat and is about to kill it, however Ryan and Zac persuade him to let it go.

Episode four

Cam’s First Visit

air day: 2002-01-17

There is way exercise within the Dumping Ground. They expect a customer – author Cam Lawson, who’s writing an article in regards to the care residence. Tracy is particularly excited, as she needs to be a author. She even steals older lady Adele’s make-up to attempt to impress Cam. When Cam arrives, she is surprisingly unglamorous, however Tracy remains to be excited to fulfill her. However, Justine ruins it by making enjoyable of Tracy’s life e-book in entrance of Cam, prompting the 2 to get right into a struggle and Tracy to be despatched to her room. Before Cam leaves, she goes to Tracy’s room to make up along with her, however Tracy is livid and makes her go away. When Tracy discovers that Cam has left her a fairy cake, she thanks Cam out of her window simply as she is leaving, and realises that Cam likes her. Meanwhile, Mike is harassed about Cam’s go to and asks for Adele’s assist to get the home prepared. He provides her many issues, however Adele is not going to budge till he agrees to present her an additional late go for that week. She ultimately complies, solely to find that Mike has completed all of it.

Episode 5

Child of the Week

air day: 2002-01-22

Elaine tells Tracy that she will probably be marketed as Child of the Week to potential foster mother and father within the native paper. Tracy is delighted and tells everybody. Elaine is then provided extra space within the newspaper, so decides to promote Louise as effectively. Tracy is initially upset, however she and Louise ultimately bond over it. They agree that they need to not smile, however look unhappy to nonetheless be within the care residence and appeal to extra foster mother and father that manner. However, Justine and photographer Brian persuade Louise to smile. Tracy is livid, however Ben persuades her that she could be doing herself extra favours to smile, so Tracy remakes each her personal and Louise’s adverts and sneaks them into the workplace. Her personal advert is now extraordinarily flattering and asks expressly for very wealthy foster mother and father, and Louise’s photograph now has a bag over Louise’s head. Meanwhile, Duke decides to begin a brand new wholesome meals regime, and makes battered courgettes. The children persuade him that they like them, whereas secretly flushing them down the bathroom.

Episode 6

The Truth Is Revealed

air day: 2002-08-05

Justine’s dad has given her cash to embellish her bed room. Tracy needs to do the identical and may be very offended when she will not be allowed. She storms out of the home to fulfill Ben, who exhibits her his treehouse within the woods. Later, Ben unintentionally falls down the tree, and Tracy runs to get Mike to assist. Ben will get Mike to take him residence, however Tracy is livid when she discovers he isn’t a ‘avenue child’ as he had instructed her, however lives in a really grand home along with his mum. Meanwhile, the remainder of the home assist Justine along with her bed room, a lot to the annoyance of Adele, who has a college undertaking to complete and is distracted by the noise. The undertaking turns right into a fiasco as Justine will get more and more extra demanding, making poor selections and blaming everybody else. Eventually, everybody stops. However, Adele’s undertaking seems to be about designing a room, and he or she finishes it off for her.

Episode 7

Neve Ever Wanna See Him once more

air day: 2002-08-05

It’s Tracy’s birthday, however sadly for her, it is also youthful boy Peter’s birthday. He’s extraordinarily excited, however Tracy is doing her greatest to look cynical and indifferent. Justine laughs at Tracy’s hopes to get one thing from her mum, however the smile is wiped off her face when a card arrives within the publish for Tracy. Mike notices that the cardboard from Tracy’s mum is written in brown felt pen and realises that Peter left the cardboard. However, it fooled Justine and Louise, and Tracy says it’s the nicest factor anybody has ever performed for her. The occasion nonetheless goes improper when Duke unintentionally destroys Tracy’s birthday cake and the sound system goes improper. Tracy sulks in her room. Adele lures her downstairs and divulges that Ben has supplied a brand new sound system. Tracy and Ben make mates once more.

Episode eight

1000 Words About Tracy

air day: 2002-08-12

Cam makes a return go to to the house to interview Tracy for her article. As Tracy and Cam speak, Tracy tries to speak Cam into on the lookout for her mum for her. Cam agrees, and is livid with herself when Jenny tells her that Tracy’s mum already is aware of the place she is, and does not need to get in contact. Tracy is upset and offended, however later forgives Cam, and they comply with meet up once more. Meanwhile, Cam asks Justine and Louise to make a docu-soap about life within the residence. They begin to make one, till Ryan factors out that they might make a extra fascinating movie and earn cash with it. They arrange a scenario with excitable Maxy, who slips within the kitchen and pulls heaps of issues down on him, whereas Justine movies. The workers are livid, however the children are elated to have made a humorous movie – till they realise that Justine forgot to show the digicam on. Zac discovers that they nonetheless have entertaining footage of Justine falling over once they had been making the docu-soap.

Episode 9

Bad Peter

air day: 2002-08-12

Tracy is excitedly ready to be taken out for the day. However, when Tracy sees who’s going to be taking her out – Terry and Jill Brown – she’s horrified to see they’re previous. On the opposite hand, Peter likes the look of them. The day trip does not go effectively, as Tracy is simply too energetic for Terry and Jill to deal with. However, they just like the look of Peter. Tracy overhears Jenny and Mike telling Elaine that Peter would most likely be significantly better suited with the Browns, and is cross with Peter for ruining her possibilities. When Peter tells Tracy that he is not able to be fostered but, she persuades him to be dangerous to place the Browns off. Peter begins pulling some of Tracy’s antics, however when he shouts, ‘I’m badder than Tracy Beaker!’ Jenny realises what has occurred. Tracy screams at Peter, however when she insults his nan, his antics proceed. Terry and Jill return within the center of the chaos, however go away once they see how Peter is behaving. In a rage, Peter throws Tracy’s photograph of her mum out of the window, which Terry catches as he leaves the home. Tracy tells Terry and Jill that she instructed Peter to be dangerous, however he’s garbage at it – as she knew he could be, as he’s her greatest good friend.

Episode 10

Cam’s House

air day:

Episode 11

Dumping Ground Virus

air day: 2002-08-19

Tracy is sick. It quickly spreads across the Dumping Ground, incapacitating everybody however Adele and Justine, the latter of whom is attempting her greatest to get the virus so she will be able to keep away from seeing the dentist. When Maxy picks up the cellphone to Elaine, he lets slip that everybody is sick, and he or she comes alongside to assist, inadvertently making the scenario a lot worse. Tracy and the others attempt to make out that Elaine has the virus to get rid of her, nevertheless it does not work, so Tracy has to assume of one other plan. When Adele mentions to Tracy that Elaine instructed her that one other care residence can also be sick, Tracy will get Maxy to inform Elaine that the opposite residence wants her. Elaine reluctantly leaves, and when Tracy pronounces this to the home, everybody seems to all of the sudden be higher…

Episode 12

Justine’s TV

air day: 2002-08-26

Tracy has been made editor of the Dumping Ground e-newsletter, and is set to seek out an thrilling story. When she learns that Elaine has given Justine permission to have a tv in her room, though it’s in opposition to the home guidelines, she begins a marketing campaign to get Elaine sacked. However, the opposite youngsters are reluctant to affix in, as Justine is letting them watch her TV. Justine turns into increasingly more power-hungry, charging everybody to observe the TV and intentionally taking a number of bookings, so she will be able to provide the service to the best bidder and get extra money. After this, the opposite youngsters are completely happy to affix Tracy’s marketing campaign. Later, Justine unintentionally breaks the tv and Tracy wonders why she is so upset. Justine explains that her dad has gone to work up North, and has given her the TV as a goodbye current. Tracy modifications her marketing campaign to demand that Justine will get a brand new tv, however when Jenny factors out that Tracy is definitely a softie, Tracy explains that she will be able to’t get Elaine sacked except Justine has a TV to get her sacked over.

Episode 13

Tracy and Cam Row

air day: 2002-08-26

Tracy is changing into more and more annoyed with Cam, who has nonetheless not determined whether or not or to not foster her. Banned from phoning her, Tracy enlists Ben’s assist to go to see Cam in particular person. When they arrive at her flat, Cam is out, so Tracy and Ben rearrange the furnishings, play music and eat chocolate. When Cam will get residence, she is livid and takes Tracy again. Tracy later apologises for breaking into her flat, and Cam says that she remains to be contemplating fostering her. Meanwhile, Justine and Louise persuade Jenny to allow them to wash her automotive, for £5. Jenny agrees, solely to the outrage of Zac and Ryan, who had the identical thought. In revenge, Ryan and Zac jam the outside water faucet after which when Justine and Louise attempt to flip it off, Maxy smears the automotive in additional grime. When Cam arrives, Justine and Louise provide to scrub her automotive as effectively, however Cam refuses as she hates having a clear automotive. In revenge, Justine and Louise persuade Ryan and Zac to scrub Cam’s automotive. They wash the automotive, and are livid when Cam does not pay them, inflicting all of them (and Tracy) to get right into a soaking match.

Episode 14


air day: 2002-09-03

The women have been invited to a sleepover, however the guidelines of the care residence do not permit them to go. The three of them unite of their dedication to go anyway. Meanwhile, the boys are tenting exterior within the again backyard.

Episode 15

Open Evening

air day: 2002-09-03

It’s Tracy’s mother and father’ night and he or she has to place up with Elaine the Pain seeing her instructor. Elaine is nervous about Tracy’s education and is anticipating a foul report – if she will get to see Tracy’s instructor that’s. Meanwhile, Peter has hassle with a bully and the boys and Ben pitch in to vary his clothes fashion.

Episode 16

The Postcard

air day: 2002-09-10

Justine is giving her dad a tough time for not visiting when he stated he would. He stated he left a message – and he did. Tracy took the message, however simply forgot to go it on. Meanwhile, a postcard arrives to the DG addressed to Tracy – from her mom. Is it real?

Episode 17

Where’s The Work

air day: 2002-09-10

Tracy is not going to hand in her homework. She claims a canine ran off along with her e-book, however not even Elaine the Pain will fall for that one. She insists that Tracy is mendacity to cowl up for not doing the homework.

Episode 18

Helpful Tracy

air day: 2002-09-17

Tracy is nervous that her behavioural issues are what’s placing Cam off fostering her. She proclaims that she’s going to turn into the nicest, kindest, most useful particular person round. Meanwhile, it is Maxy’s clothes allowance day and it almost ends in catastrophe when Maxy locks Jenny’s minivan keys after which Mike’s automotive keys within the van, throughout a pair of trainers that Jenny preferred however Maxy did not.

Episode 19

New Girl

air day:

Episode 20

Treasure Hunt

air day: 2002-09-24

Elaine has determined one of the best ways to get everyone collectively will probably be a Treasure Hunt. They will be taught all about friendship and teamwork. Naturally, it’s doomed.

Episode 21


air day: 2002-09-24

Tracy needs Elaine to rush up Cam in the direction of fostering. Elaine explains that fostering could be a busy step for a busy single lady. Tracy instantly sees an answer: discover Cam a person and so they can get married. She appears to love Mike, so he’ll do. Meanwhile, within the Dumping Ground, the tables are turned on Jenny and Duke when Justine and Louise respectively fill in for his or her positions following a row over Louise utilizing Justine’s make-up.

Episode 22

Temporary Care Worker

air day: 2002-10-01

It’s clothes allowance day. Tracy has been saving up and needs Jenny to take her out to get a complete new wardrobe. What she will get is Leah, a brief care employee who’s filling in whereas Jenny’s in hospital following an operation to take away an ingrowing toenail.

Episode 23


air day: 2002-10-01

It’s Peter’s final day on the Dumping Ground earlier than he goes to reside with Terry and Jill. Everyone attends his occasion, besides Tracy, who’s secretly taking care of two large African land snails for the weekend. Later that night time, it is full moon, and Zac has hung up garlic throughout his and Ryan’s bed room in order to scare off vampires. And the snails escape from their cage. So, quickly sufficient, everyone seems to be creeping about everywhere in the DG.

Episode 24


air day: 2002-10-08

Tracy has had sufficient of ready for Cam. They had been presupposed to go swimming, just for Cam to face her up. Tracy visits Ben and realises his mother and father could be good for her.

Episode 25


air day: 2002-10-08

The video recorder is damaged. The children determine to have a sale and purchase a DVD participant, however the gadgets they need to promote do not quantity an excessive amount of, so it is an ideal alternative to scrub out the loft. The temper for promoting is shattered nevertheless when Mike pronounces that he’s leaving the Dumping Ground to go to a different care residence.

Episode 26

The End!

air day: 2002-10-14

Cam has to purchase a brand new flat. When Tracy finds out, she’s determined to assist ensure that there will probably be a superb bed room for her. Cam nonetheless will not conform to fostering Tracy and the 2 get into an enormous row. Eventually the row is resolved and Cam asks Tracy to maneuver in along with her. Tracy agrees, packs immediately and has a stunning goodbye from all of the workers and kids.

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