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” the narrative of The Rising Sun series, “ Roy R-AK Hak Liam Tawan, is all about a Thai girl name Praedow/Seiko who got her own master a scholarship. Praedow’s wonder impressed Takeshi, the second son of an extremely strong loved ones, Onizuka. He kept follow with her but never approached her. Ultimately, Ryu cousin assisted him to speak with her and also their connection started off. As soon as Praedao found out Takashi & Ryu were associate of gokudō, she had been scare and distances herself out of them and advised them to leave her alone. Takashi failed to gave upward, each day he would go near Praedow’s class and watch. The problem is Takeshi have fiancé, and challenging beginning if his dad and brother died out of a automobile bomb, so he had to turn into an Oyabun the mind of Onizuka’s gang, however he announced he won’t wed his fiancé before he revenges his dad his dad brother’s passing. Aiko, his fiancé found out therefore she dictate the gangster to kidnap her then that he had been in deep love with Praedow Takeshi went to rescue her and problem’s begun when he took her in and announced that she is his mistress…. As he has turned into the mind of their family, people are assaulting his own level. She becomes a victim and also a mark for all his enemies. What’s going to Praedow really do? Can she stay with him? What about Takeshi adore for her?