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The first episode of the series The Hoobs season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was released in by Channel 4. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include . The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Hooblebumper Breakfast

air day:

Tula and Groove determine to have a HUGE Hoob breakfast known as a Hooblebumber Breakfast.

Iver would not really feel like all breakfast, as a result of he is working within the cab, so how can Tula and Groove persuade Iver to eat his breakfast?

Episode 2

Hooby Clues

air day:

The Hoobs are having fun with recreation of Hoob Clues, which is a recreation the place you guess the reply to a set of clues.

They are having fun with the sport a lot, that the they determine to do Hoob News within the type of the sport.

Episode three


air day:

While getting ready for a picnic, Tula’s paw will get stung, and it actually hurts!

The Hoobs be taught what number of stinging issues there are on the Peep planet.

Episode 4

Round And Round

air day:

Iver is counting the whole lot within the Hoobmobile, and is operating spherical and spherical in a rush, a lot that he by no means appears to cease!

Iver scoffs at this, there is not any such factor as one thing that goes spherical and spherical with out stopping… is there?

Episode 5

The Fair

air day:

Roma is coming to go to, so the Hoobs attempt to consider one thing enjoyable to do together with her.

They determine to recreate a good for her on the roof backyard, however how?

Episode 6


air day:

Tula has made Groove a pocket on her Hooby-sticher-upper. But he cannot determine what to place in it.

Episode 7

Funny Tummies

air day:

Iver spots some Tiddlypeeps climbing out of a swimming pool and is amazed to see that they’ve holes of their tummies!

They quickly be taught that their known as tummy buttons (or stomach buttons.), however what on earth are they for?

Episode eight

Shape Sorter

air day:

Groove’s assortment of “Different Shaped Things He Doesn’t Know What To Do With” is getting in Iver’s approach, so he threatens to throw it away if Groove cannot discover a use for it.

Episode 9

Crash Bang Wallop!

air day:

Groove decides to begin a brand new assortment – Round flat issues that make a hoobgroovy noise. But what can he use to begin it?

Meanwhile, Tula tries to be taught a music that the Tiddlypeeps have taught her.

Episode 10

Peep Flowers

air day:

Tula has had a beautiful thought. She decides to take some flowers that the Tiddlypeeps have given her to Huba Hubba.

But as Iver factors out, flowers die after some time and it should be a very long time until they get again to Hoobland, so what can she do?

Episode 11


air day:

Iver and Tula grow to be completely mysterfied when Groove begins successful plenty of egg and spoon races that all of them take pleasure in doing… He usually loses!

Episode 12

Groove’s Wish

air day:

After taking part in along with his toys Waggle and Woof within the muddle cabinet, Groove needs that he might play on his personal with all of them day.

Because he is not positive whether or not the want will come true if he tells Iver and Tula, he tries to make his want come true with out letting them know what it’s!

Episode 13

A Pig Full Of Surprises

air day:

While looking via his assortment of Pigs Of The Peep Planet, Groove discovers a Piggy financial institution containing some cash.

Because there is just one coin, the Hoobs begin to marvel what might be accomplished with the coin… however Greed soo begins to rear it is ugly head amongst all three of them…

Episode 14


air day:

Because they’re such good pals, Tula decides to make a reward for Iver and Groove.

While she’s doing this, the boys attempt to be taught different methods you may earn rewards.

Episode 15

A Hoob In A Mood

air day:

Iver and Tula can perceive what’s fallacious with Groove. He’s in a foul temper, in order that they attempt to learn the way to cheer him up and what’s fallacious with him within the first place! Which is not as straightforward as they thought it will be…

Episode 16


air day:

While studying poetry to Roma, Iver discoverers one about The Man In The Moon.

This fascinates him, so all of them begin searching for any fact within the poem.

Episode 17

Soggy Crispies

air day:

Groove is taking Iver gathering, however Tula has made some hooby crispies.

These go soggy if left for too lengthy, so how can Tula alert Iver and Groove from gathering to get again to the Hoobmobile?

Episode 18


air day:

The Hoobs are studying Jack And The Beanstalk.

Groove is Jack, Tula’ Jack’s mum and Iver is taking part in the enormous.

However, Iver appears nothing like an enormous, so what can they do?

Episode 19

The Drip

air day:

The furry trio are horrified after they uncover a drip within the Hoobmobile ceiling.

Hoobs hate water, so what are they speculated to do about it? And what triggered it within the first place?!

Episode 20


air day:

While looking via his collections, Groove discovers a chest.

However, he has heard that pirates prefer to steal treasure chests so how can they shield the chest from being stolen?

Episode 21


air day:

Groove finds the previous Hoobamaflip within the muddle cabinet. It’s a machine that flips Hoobychews in order that they style even higher.

However, it is not likely working very nicely…

Episode 22

Magic Words

air day:

It’s Shoobedy Shiny day in Hoobland. A day the place All Hoobs put on a Shoop-Shoop and have enjoyable!

Tula has made Groove a Shoop-Shoop, however he would not need to put it on… All Tula must do is say the Magic Words…

Episode 23


air day:

Groove has discovered one thing in one in every of his collections that simply appears extremely boring.

What can the Hoobs do to it to make it look lovely?

Episode 24

Funny Sounds

air day:

The Hoobosandwich hammer is making a moderately unusual noise… but it surely sounds fairly humorous.

This will get The Hoobs within the temper for fun, in order that they attempt to discover some extra humorous sounds.

Episode 25


air day:

There is an area on the wall that wants filling, so he trio determine to place an image there. But what of?

Hubba Hubba offers them the concept to have a contest, as a result of that approach Roma can take part!

Episode 26

That Noise

air day:

While taking part in a fame of “Hooby Whack ‘n Grab,” Iver hurts his arm and has to remain downstairs.

But after some time, he begins to make a very bizarre noise that will get the others moderately apprehensive…

Episode 27

Our Friend Flash

air day:

Groove has made pals with a tortoise, which he has lately been having plenty of enjoyable with.

Until at the moment, when Flash the tortoise seems to be lacking…

Episode 28


air day:

Groove cannot cease sneezing for some motive, so the Hoobs attempt to work out why.

Iver is especially eager to get the query answered as Groove’s sneezing retains making him leap!

Episode 29

A Doob For A Hoob

air day:

Groove is speaking to somebody within the muddle cabinet, but it surely’s not Iver, Tula, Roma, Hubba Hubba or the Tiddlypeeps so who on earth is it?!

Episode 30

Big Day In

air day:

Iver had been planning a giant time out for the others, however it’s pouring with rain, in order that they have the concept to have a Big Day In as an alternative.

But what are you able to do inside on a wet day?

Episode 31

Miss Hoob

air day:

The heavy visitors has been annoying Roma, but it surely’s one of many perks of her job!

This will get Tula pondering of one other job she might do… How a couple of instructor?

However Groove and Iver aren’t the best college students to show…

Episode 32


air day:

Episode 33

The Shoobage

air day:

Episode 34


air day:

Episode 35

Get On With The Game

air day:

Episode 36

Groove The Greedy

air day:

Episode 37


air day:

Episode 38


air day:

Episode 39


air day:

Episode 40

Hurry Up!

air day:

Episode 41

A Place For Tula

air day:

Episode 42

Mums And Dads

air day:

Episode 43


air day:

Episode 44

Warm Juice

air day:

Episode 45

Telling Tales

air day:

Episode 46

Every Hoob’s A Star

air day:

Episode 47

Riddle Me Ree

air day:

Episode 48

Little Round Somethings

air day:

Episode 49


air day:

Episode 50

Tula’s Big Day

air day:

Episode 51

Creepy Crawlies

air day:

Episode 52


air day:

Episode 53


air day:

Episode 54


air day:

Episode 55

Tula In Wonderland

air day:

Episode 56


air day:

Episode 57


air day:

Episode 58

Robin Hood

air day:

Episode 59

A Whale Of A Time

air day:

Episode 60

A Problem With The Pansies

air day:

Episode 61

Seeing Clearly

air day:

Episode 62

The Old Bamboo

air day:

Episode 63

Down In The Middle

air day:

Episode 64

Somebody Loves You

air day:

Episode 65

Don’t Drink The Water!

air day:

Episode 66

Iver The Robot

air day:

Episode 67


air day:

Episode 68

Rude Hoob!

air day:

Episode 69

Hoozleberry Blues

air day:

Episode 70

Sir Iverlot

air day:

Episode 71

Yee Haw!

air day:

Episode 72

Iver’s Big Trip

air day:

Episode 73

Bedtime Story

air day: