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The first episode of the Animation, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, series Teknoman season 1, 2 was released in 1992-02-25 by UPN. The TV show was created by and directed by Hiroshi Negishi. Actors in the cast include Barbara Goodson, Julie Maddalena, Kerrigan Mahan, Michael McConnohie, Michael Forest, Mike Reynolds, Paul Schrier, Richard Epcar, Simon Prescott, Tom Wyner, Steve Bulen, Wendee Lee. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

Friend or Foe

air day: 1992-02-25

The Earth is invaded by hordes of monstrous Spidercrabs underneath the management of the Venomoid warlord, Darkon. His first goal is the Space-Ring, an enormous orbital area station surrounding the Earth. Suddenly, an armored determine seems — the Teknoman, Blade — who makes an attempt to cease the assault, however is confronted by Daggar, one of many mutant Teknomen underneath Darkon’s management. In the following battle, Blade is badly wounded and despatched plummeting towards the planet under, the place his explosive impression creates a big crater. The Space Knights, Ringo and Star, are despatched to research and are amazed when the injured Blade emerges from the crater. They take him again to their base and nurse him again to well being. They don’t have any clue as to Blade’s identification or the place he got here from, and neither does Blade, who can keep in mind solely two issues: his title is Blade and he should cease the aliens from conquering Earth.

Episode 2


air day:

The “Blue Earth” is broken and is compelled to make an emergency touchdown on the Space-Ring. Ringo questions Blade about his capacity to remodel, however Blade claims he nonetheless cannot keep in mind something. Ringo suspects Blade is hiding one thing and is set to seek out out what.

Episode three

Power of the Space Knights

air day:

In an try to position Blade underneath his command, General Galt orders an armed take-over of the Space Knight Command Center. But his plan is foiled by the intervention of the President of the Terran Planetary Council. Meanwhile, a bit of the Space-Ring has change into indifferent from the station and is falling towards Earth.

Episode four

Falling Star

air day:

The Space Knights are despatched into motion towards the aliens. The mission is successful, however Blade’s power is sort of completely depleted and he’s left drifting helplessly in area. Ringo thinks that he and Star ought to head for Earth whereas they nonetheless can, however Star insists that they return and save Blade.

Episode 5

Time’s Up

air day:

Blade tells Tina he now realizes that if he stays in his Teknoman guise for longer than thirty minutes, the Teknoman aspect of his being will take over. He will lose his “soul” and change into a slave of the Venomoid Warlord Darkon. He makes Tina promise to have Ringo blast him out of the sky earlier than that may occur.

Episode 6

Shatterd Crystal

air day:

The Space Knights obtain a misery name from the Space-Ring, supposedly from survivors of the earlier assault. Blade and the Space Knights are despatched to rescue them, however it turns on the market are not any survivors.

Episode 7


air day:

Maggie makes an attempt to design a Teknobot which, when Blade enters its Interlock Chamber, will amplify the facility of his shattered Tekno-crystal and allow him to remodel into Teknoman once more. Meanwhile, Daggar declares that he’ll name off the attacking Spidercrabs if Blade is handed over to him. Blade steals a rocket and flies off to fulfill Daggar one-on-one, carrying a bomb he believes will blow Daggar (and himself) to atoms.

Episode eight


air day:

General Galt, anxious to know the supply of Tekno-power, sends Balzac to infiltrate the Space Knights within the guise of a struggle correspondent. Meanwhile, the aliens are attacking Earth with the pc managed Space-Ring laser cannon. Commander Jamison tells the Space Knights that they need to alter the pc’s laser-control program with out trying to destroy the pc. If the pc is broken or destroyed, its back-up system will swap on all of the lasers and the Earth can be destroyed. Balzac accompanies the Space Knights on their mission. After boarding the Space-Ring, a battle between the aliens and Teknoman units off the back-up system, and Balzac is the one one who can work out learn how to disable the system.

Episode 9


air day:

One of Jamison’s outdated buddies, Dr. Silas Random, a very long time opponent of the navy’s efforts to take management of the planetary authorities, is in control of an Earth-bound convoy carrying important provides. Random transmits a number of messages over an “”open”” channel (one that may be picked up by Venomoids), main the Space Knights to consider that he is planning to steer the convoy right into a entice.

Episode 10

Bold Soldier Boy

air day:

Blade, Star and Ringo are assigned to assist a Special Forces Commando Squad retrieve three ultra-speed assault fighters from the Space-Ring. When the “”Blue Earth”” is broken by Spidercrabs, Ringo and Star are compelled to return to Earth. Slade fights his solution to the Space-Ring the place he meets Captain Miles O’Rourke, chief of the Commando Squad. O’Rourke resents an outsider interfering along with his mission, simply as Blade resents having to help in a navy operation. But as they battle their manner towards a typical goal, a mutual respect develops between the 2. Later, when Blade congratulates O’Rourke on the “”success”” of the mission, the Commando chief reminds Blade that through the so-called “”success,”” they misplaced three males and asks, “”How do you assume the households of these three will really feel once they hear of their loss? War is not numbers, Blade, it is individuals. Never neglect that.””

Episode 11

Brother Beware

air day:

During a mixed Space Knight/navy assault towards the Spidercrabs infesting the Space-Ring, a younger cadet is partnered with a seasoned veteran who teaches him concerning the glories and horrors Episodic of struggle. After the battle, Blade will get an disagreeable shock!

Episode 12

Sibling Rivalry

air day:

When the Space Knights are given shore go away, Tina, Maggie and Star go to the shopping center. When they see Blade there, they name out to him however he does not reply to their greeting. Later on, they be taught Blade wasn’t on the mall. In truth he is been with Mac on the Command Center all day. The girls are amazed, saying, “”This man might have been Blade’s twin!”” Blade instantly is aware of what this implies — his twin brother Saber, considered one of Darkon’s most deadly warriors, has come on the lookout for him. Shortly thereafter, the twins meet and Saber mocks Blade for being weak, for refusing to acknowledge the darkish aspect of his Tekno-nature and rejecting the present of limitless energy Darkon has provided them. The twin brothers battle, and Saber positive aspects the higher hand simply as Blade’s thirty minute time restrict is about to run out.

Episode 13

Family Feud

air day:

The Venomoids assault a nuclear fusion plant with a view to steal the Earth’s power. When Blade rushes to oppose them, Saber seems and the 2 Teknoman do battle as soon as once more. During the battle, extra photos from Blade’s childhood flash by way of his thoughts. He sees himself and Saber taking part in as brothers with their sister, Shara.

Episode 14

Saber Strike

air day:

Blade has been in his Tekno-mode too lengthy and he cannot change again. He sinks deeper and deeper into the darkish aspect of the Teknoman persona. In an try and get him to remodel again to his “”human”” self, Tine, who reminds Blade of his sister Shara, dangers her life by confronting the inhuman monster which Blade has change into.

Episode 15

Spy Game

air day:

Balzac discovers Commander Jamison’s secret underground analysis laboratory under the Command Center. While the Space Knights are responding to an alien assault, Balzac bypasses Jamison’s safety system and enters the lab. To his shock, Balzac finds Jamison, who’s recognized his true identification all alongside, ready for him. Balzac’s shock will increase when Jamison offers him the knowledge he is been despatched to seek out. A complete report of all analysis regarding Tekno-power and its potential use within the creation of a Tekno-suit.

Episode 16

Sword and Steel

air day:

General Galt orders Commander Jamison’s Space Knights to guard a facility that produces Zeetron, a substance important to the manufacturing of the navy’s Tekno-suits. An enormous squadron of aliens assault the power and Blade, afraid that he’ll lose management once more and damage his buddies, is reluctant to remodel into Teknoman. Star lastly convinces Blade to remodel and he, as Teknoman, goes to defend the power. But his assist seems to be pointless.

Episode 17

The Visitor

air day:

The new “”TEKNOMAN”” seems to be Balzac, sporting the navy’s newly developed Tekno-suit. Meanwhile, Balzac’s pal Marlow, the scientist answerable for designing the Tekno-suit, is damage whereas trying to move the go well with’s Zeetron energy supply to a secure location. Balzac blames Blade for Marlow’s accidents and accuses him of cowardice as a result of Blade delayed his transformation.

Episode 18


air day:

Shell-shocked, Blade has been put within the “”care”” of General Galt, who’s learning him in an effort to enhance the design of the navy’s Tekno-suit. Star and Ringo break into Galt’s headquarters to attempt to free Blade so he may also help towards the Venomoids.

Episode 19


air day:

Despite the aliens’ livid assault towards the Allied Military Command’s headquarters, Blade refuses to remodel himself into Teknoman. He fears the Venomoid monster he’ll change into if he exceeds the thirty minute restrict. Frustrated by Blade’s reluctance, Ringo takes issues into his personal fingers by hijacking Tekno-suit Number Two and going out to fulfill the enemy.

Episode 20

Mind Game

air day:

It’s apparent to Ringo that Blade and Star’s mutual shyness is stopping them from growing the romantic relationship they each need. During a racquetball sport, Ringo offers Blade some “”man-to-man”” recommendation about learn how to resolve the scenario. Meanwhile, Blade’s sister Shara leaves Darkon’s base on the moon to seek for Blade and to warn him about Darkon’s plans.

Episode 21


air day:

Arriving on Earth, Shara finds herself in a desert village the place she transforms into her Teknowoman persona to save lots of a little bit woman from a Spidercrab. Meanwhile, Jamison rushes to develop a brand new and devastating weapon with which Blade can defeat Saber — an anti-matter warhead missile.

Episode 22


air day:

Saber, main an assault which has virtually destroyed the Space Knights’ Command Center, calls for that Blade come out and battle him. Ringo buys a while for Blade and the Command Center by attacking Saber in Tekno-suit Number Two.

Episode 23

In the Beginning

air day:

Blade tells the Space Knights the story of how he grew to become concerned with the Venomoids. His actual title is Ness Carter and his household was aboard the deep-space analysis vessel “”Argos”” when it encountered a wierd alien craft close to the rings of Saturn. Thrilled on the prospect of an encounter with extra-terrestrials, they boarded the vessel, solely to be attacked by horrifying creatures known as Teknopods, which just like the Terran plant known as the Venus Fly Trap, swallowed them complete.

Episode 24

Shara’s Secret

air day:

Shara warns Blade about Darkon’s secret underground base on the darkish aspect of the moon. She additionally warns him concerning the imminent arrival of three extra evil Teknoman – Lance, Axe and Sword – who’re being despatched by Darkon to assist Saber destroy Blade.

Episode 25

Forget me Not

air day:

Mistakenly believing that the aliens are utilizing the Space-Ring as their headquarters, General Galt launches an Ultron Bomb to destroy it, regardless of the hundreds of thousands of human lives which can be endangered by the ensuing particles falling to Earth. Blade succeeds in destroying the bomb. Meanwhile, an ailing Shara leaves the Command Center with a view to assist Blade by destroying Saber and his Teknoman cohorts.

Episode 26


air day:

This is a recap of the collection up so far, informed from Star’s point-of-view. An unidentifiable, hooded determine picks up an audio-computer chip from the abandoned space close to the demolished Space Knight Command Center. When the hooded determine opens the chip’s casing, the voice of Commander Jamison narrates the story of “The efforts of the Space Knights on behalf of the planet Earth, including those of Ness Carter, better known as the Teknoman, Blade.”

Episode 27

Red Saviour

air day:

In a Middle Eastern village, a younger boy named Rashid errors Ringo (in his Tekno-suit) for the legendary Red Savior. According to legend, the Red Savior will defend the residents from the alien invaders. When Axe and the opposite evil Teknoman present up, Ringo’s finest simply is not sufficient.

Episode 28

Running on Empty

air day:

Just because the batteries of the “Green Earth” (The SPACE KNIGHTS’ floor car) are in want of recharging, the group finds a city that has a generator. Fearing that use of the generator will end in discovery by the Venomoids, the townspeople refuse to assist the Space Knights. In spite of the city’s precautions, the Venomoids assault.

Episode 29

Tekno- Trap

air day:

Ringo goes house and discovers that his mom and father are casualties of the struggle with the aliens. He additionally finds out that his hometown has been devastated by a gang of roving outlaws often called the Hyenas, who show to be no match for the Space Knights. Ringo donates is household property as a playground for the native faculty kids. As they proceed on their journey, Blade and the opposite Space Knights determine the one solution to attain Darkon’s moon base is to sucker Axe right into a entice and to take his Tekno-crystal. They discover a city which is brightly lit, a certain invitation for a Spidercrab assault. It seems that the city’s inhabitants are members of a Special Forces Mortar Squad who’re making an attempt to lure the aliens right into a entice, which appears to slot in completely with the plans of the Space Knights. Axe takes the bait and, together with a squadron of Spidercrabs, assaults the city.

Episode 30

Lady in Waiting

air day:

The “”Green Earth”” comes upon a mysterious citadel the place they’re greeted by a robotic named Torg, the servant and companion of Gloria, the mistress of the citadel. In complete denial concerning the alien invasion, Gloria claims to be awaiting the return of her grandfather, who left the citadel six months earlier. Ringo, nonetheless, discovers that Gloria’s grandfather handed away a 12 months earlier than the invasion, which signifies that Gloria resides in a fantasy world, out of contact with actuality. When the aliens assault the citadel, the Space Knights attempt to persuade Gloria to depart with them, however she insists on remaining within the crumbling citadel.

Episode 31


air day:

After Blade and Ringo rescue a lady, Rachel, from an alien assault, she invitations the Space Knights to spend a while at her farm. There they uncover that the person dwelling along with her is none aside from Balzac, General Galt’s spy, for whom they bear little affection. But Balzac, it seems, is a modified man.

Episode 32

Axe- Trap

air day:

Blade, understanding that he strolling right into a entice, solutions Axe’s telepathic Tekno-summons and goes to fulfill him in fight. The different Space Knights are prevented from becoming a member of Blade in his battle with Axe, and watch helplessly as Blade fights what seems to be a dropping battle.

Episode 33


air day:

Blade is combating Axe, who was Grand Goddard (Ness&Cain’s karate teacher and one of many crewmen aboard the “”Argos””) earlier than being remodeled right into a mutant Teknoman. Axe encases each of them in an internet of impenetrable thorns, the place he intends to battle Blade to the top.

Episode 34


air day:

Near Iceland, Balzac and Ringo have to chop by way of the ice and go underwater with a view to retrieve a micro-chip wanted by Commander Jamison on the new Command Center in Alaska. When they’re attacked by aliens, Blade is about to go and assist them when SGT. O’Rourke orders him to not! O’Rourke then explains that, based on Jamison’s present analysis, Blade’s physique cells are disintegrating as a result of many Tekno-transformations he is undergone. The subsequent transformation may very well be his final.

Episode 35


air day:

Blade, Ringo and Star be part of the remainder of the Space Knights on the new Command Center, the place Blade’s situation continues to worsen. Blade means that they harness the facility of one of many Venomoid spore crops to the Teknobot’s Interlock Chamber, with a view to power his evolution right into a “”tremendous”” Teknoman. He has solely a fifty-fifty likelihood of surviving the method, throughout which he can be immobilized for 3 hours. One hour after the method has begun, Lance assaults the Command Center which, with out Blade’s safety, appears doomed to destruction.

Episode 36


air day:

As Blade undergoes the evolutionary course of that may rework right into a “Super” Teknoman, Lance, in an effort to switch Saber as Darkon’s favourite, launches an assault on the Space Knight’s Alaskan Command Center.

Episode 37


air day:

Flashback Episode

Episode 38


air day:

Due to the psychological trauma inflicted by Blade’s transformation into Teknoman-Plus, he does not do not forget that his buddies know him by his Tekno-name (Blade). He insists on being known as by the one title he remembers — NESS. Meanwhile, the alien spore crops rising everywhere in the planet are about to mature into Tekno-pods, able to remodeling all of the people on Earth into mutant Teknomen, slaves of the Venomoid Warlord, DARKON.

Episode 39


air day:

Because he has assumed his Teknoman mode, Blade’s reminiscence loss has worsened and he momentarily forgets that he has the power to remodel into the Teknoman-Plus mode. So when he confronts Saber (in his “normal” Tekno-mode) Blade is not any match for his twin.

Episode 40


air day:

Blade and the opposite Space Knights be part of forces with the late Captain O’Rourkes commando squad in an effort to regain entry to one of many Space-Ring’s launching ports. One member of the squad is Angela, O’Rourke’s widow. Sword, in the meantime, is destroying the ports earlier than the Earth power can get to them.

Episode 41

Battle of the Space Ring

air day:

Releasing Saber from his jail, Darkon imbues him with the identical super-evolved Tekno-powers that Blade now possesses as Teknoman-Plus. Though Saber is aware of that the bodily stress brought on by the acquisition of those new powers might result in his personal destruction, he gladly accepts them as the sting he must destroy his twin brother.

Episode 42

Beginning of the End

air day:

On board the “Blue Earth,” Ringo and Balzac run into Sword (a.okay.a. Katherine), who makes an attempt to destroy them with a view to defend her grasp, Darkon. In the following battle, Balzac and Ringo are badly injured and Sword is destroyed.

Episode 43

Final Battle

air day:

You’ll must tune into Teknoman to seek out out what occurs when Blade encounters Saber. This is their “Final Battle”!