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The first episode of the Family, Animation, series TaleSpin season 1 was released in 1992-07-25 by Disney Channel. The TV show was created by and directed by Jymn Magon. Actors in the cast include Ed Gilbert, Sally Struthers, Jim Cummings, Susan Silo, Janna Michaels. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Episode 1

From Here to Machinery

air day: 1992-07-25

Kit Cloudkicker bumps into Baloo and hides a secret treasure in order that his now to be enemy, Don Karnage will not discover it. Actually Kit will get to know Baloo extra higher and tells him alot of issues. Baloo and Kit are ambushed by Karnage and his pirates. When Baloo and Kit have a livid argument, Kit will get caught from the pirates and Baloo rescues him. Kit apologizes in regards to the argument and tells Baloo that he has a treasure that he needs to share with him…

Episode 2

It Came from Beneath the Sea Duck

air day: 1992-08-01

Returning from the pirates, Baloo and Kit exit to search out the treasure that Kit promised to share with Baloo solely to search out out that it is a one jewel treasure. Later Baloo finds out one other volunteer named Rebecca Cunningham has taken over his job and desires to assist him with job and course of. Then later Baloo goes to Shere Kahn and thells them in regards to the one jewel treasure that Kit took from Don Karnage. With nothing else to say, Kahn wished the 2 to carry again the highly effective jewel solely to search out out that there place was clashed and Becky and her daughter Molly was kidnapped….

Episode three

Time Waits for No Bear

air day: 1992-08-09

After discovering out that Becky and Molly had been kidnapped, Baloo and Kit determine to go and rescue them instantly from the harmful pirates. Kit has the concept later to setup Karnage by appearing like he setup Baloo and Becky. Baloo takes it livid and thinks that Kit betrayed him. Baloo, Becky and Molly escape instantly. Kit feels unhappy with tears discovering out that Baloo did not consider him about his plan. Karnage welcome Kit again to the household. Baloo later determined to go away from all the difficulty that he was introduced into….

Episode four

Mommy for a Day

air day: 1992-08-15

Kit feels completely unhappy about Baloo leaving him and when Karnage welcoming him again to the pirate pack. So when he finds out that Karnage was going to destroy and takeover the world he decides to cease the explosive insanity of Karnages plan. He later will get caught and is dropped to his dying till Baloo rescues him , after listening to his apology on the radio at Louie’s. Then later Baloo goes again to Becky with assist to cease Don Karnages clashing assault. Baloo and mates save the city from the clashing assault and Karnage and his pirates are flown out of the city. Baloo lastly will get his plan fastened and decides to work for Becky with Kit on his aspect and with Wildcat for assistance on fixing the airplane, Baloo was blissful and was prepared for extra adventures together with his seaduck airplane.

Episode 5

I Only Have Ice for You

air day: 1993-03-27

Baloo is threatened to get replaced by a robotic. Prof. Martin Tork is assured that his new machine, the Auto Aviator, can do what any ace pilot can do and higher. However, Baloo factors out that even a machine has to have faults. This makes Tork’s main purchaser, Shere Kahn, start to have his personal doubts within the machine. He makes a cope with Tork that if his machine wins in a race in opposition to Baloo, he’ll purchase a 1000 of them. The race begins, a flight to Tundra City to select up cargo and return. Flight time: About 40 hours. With each freelancing pilot’s, Shere Kahn’s Elite Pilot Squad’s, and Higher for Hire’s jobs on the road; Baloo has to show that machines cannot finest one of the best

Episode 6

Molly Coddled

air day: 1993-01-30

Baloo and Becky buy groceries and Kit is left with the accountability of babysitting Molly. Kit has his fingers full, till Molly’s favourite radio program, ‘Danger Woman,’ comes on. During the business break, Molly needs ice cream. They had been instructed to not go additional then the nook retailer. Meanwhile, Don Karnage sends Mad Dog and Dump Truck to steal items from Cape Suzette by way of sub. When they minimize via the online that retains all sea creatures from getting into Cape Suzette’s harbor, A large squid follows them. When Molly’s wagon rolls all the way in which right down to the docks, Kit asks Molly to not inform her mother how distant they strayed. However, Becky heard all the things and informed Kit that he was reckless and irresponsible. But when the residence constructing is attacked by the squid and the pirates on the unfastened, Kit’s job of defending Molly is much from over.

Episode 7

Polly Wants a Treasure

air day: 1990-09-18

Baloo has to ship a field again to Cape Suzette earlier than daybreak. Since it was solely midnight, he decides that he can spend just a few hours at Louie’s. But panic ensues when the solar begins to rise. He decides to make use of the excuse that pirates attacked him. Baloo then demonstrates with the Sea Duck how he escaped, however unknowingly loses the field out the again hatch. When he returns to Higher for Hire with nothing, it prices the enterprise $10,000. After promising Becky that he won’t ever once more stray from the schedule, he is given a brand new task. Give a tour of Cape Suzette between 11 and midday. While Wildcat is fixing the airplane, he runs throughout the field lodged within the engine. Baloo can nonetheless get the $10,000 if it is delivered earlier than midday. Not wanting to return on his phrase, he sends Wildcat on the tour whereas he delivers the field. But when it turns into clear that the field holds a stolen treasure; Baloo has to return the products, keep away from Trader Joe and his goons, and get again to Hire for Higher earlier than midday.

Episode eight

Vowel Play

air day: 1990-09-19

Everyone at Higher for Hire is working arduous for a sport hunter named MacKnee who needs his crate delivered. The crate comprises an enormous creature that will get massive when it is moist and small when it is dry. Molly needs to play, however when she tries to get somebody’s consideration it causes MacKnee’s crate to fall off the pulleys and make a gap within the dock. The creature inside escapes via a small crack within the backside of the crate and out the opening. Molly befriends the creature calling him Henry. She’s capable of hold him hidden from everybody since they’re at all times occupied. But when MacKnee finds out his creature’s lacking, he forces everybody to help in it is recapture, even when Henry begins to fly again to it is homeland with Molly on it is again.

Episode 9

The Idol Rich

air day: 1990-09-20

After tricking the pirates, Baloo begins his flight again to Cape Suzette. Over assured, Baloo will get the pirates to chase him via the canyon. However, Air Traffic Control will not clear the Sea Duck as a result of there is a blimp already passing via. Forced to flee the pirates, Baloo sneaks round and safely passes. However, the stunt leads to Baloo getting his license suspended for per week. With the necessity to transport an iceberg to the desert prince, Becky will get a fliers allow and decides that she is going to fly the airplane with the assistance of her e book ‘How To Fly In three Easy Lessons.’ Becky refuses to hearken to something Baloo suggests. After all, he received his license suspended, so what does he know? But when air pirates assault the Sea Duck, Becky quickly learns you can’t study all the things from a e book in in the future.

Episode 10

Stormy Weather

air day: 1990-09-21

While escaping some thugs which can be chasing him, a con artist named Covington hides a talisman within the Sea Duck to be recovered at a later time. When he returns, he finds Baloo and Kit cleansing out the airplane. Fearing his talisman being tossed out, he introduces himself to the crew. But earlier than he will get his fingers on it, Molly (pondering it is a doll) finds the talisman first. Not to lose it so simply, Covington begins courting Becky. Over the following few weeks does all the things to seem good whereas making an attempt to get the talisman again. However, Molly by no means trusts Covington and proves to be a ache. But when Covington turns into determined, he fakes an emergency name from Higher for Hire and volunteers to care for Molly. The two being alone, Covington reveals Molly his true aspect, so Molly reveals him the feats of Dangerwoman.

Episode 11

Bearly Alive

air day: 1990-09-24

Baloo buys a airplane load of junk, figuring he’ll simply repair, shine, or polish them up slightly and promote them as antiques. After investigating a voice from the cargo maintain, they discover a parrot in a trunk. Soon, they’re grounded by pirates who solely take the trunk they received the parrot from. Turns out the parrot is a dwelling map to Juan Toomany’s treasure. Baloo would not consider the this, however Kit provides him an opportunity. But the pirates, after determining that Baloo has the parrot, are proper behind Kit and Baloo has to place apart his resentment of the parrot to save lots of them.

Episode 12

Her Chance to Dream

air day: 1990-09-25

After a tough day of studying spell at college, Kit comes again to Hire For Higher to search out that Becky’s now investing enterprise into sky writing. Baloo has hassle with the primary buyer, spelling their message flawed within the sky. Then a buyer going by the title Weazel begins requesting uncommon messages. Turns out that he’s working with Heimlich Menudo in speaking with all of the criminals in Cape Suzette by way of the sky writings. When the police get sensible to the writings, they arrest Baloo on prices that he is concerned. When they crack the code, it is as much as Baloo to defect the final message, and meaning he has to depend on his shoddy spelling abilities.

Episode 13

All’s Whale that Ends Whale

air day: 1990-09-25

Kit takes a shortcut dwelling, leading to him getting in a struggle. Baloo teaches Kit that when others use their energy in opposition to you, you must begin utilizing your brains. Baloo then begins to seek for a legendary idol which, if discovered, the Sultan of Kafusalum is giving a 13 million torbit reward. He begins his search at Louie’s, who has turned his restaurant right into a ‘Idol Hunters Headquarters.’ There, they meet Col. Spigot, who’s on a quest to go looking and discover the idol within the title of the Thembrian authorities. When Baloo solves the thriller behind the riddle, he claims his prize, solely to have it snatched away by Spigot. After a number of makes an attempt to take it again by pressure, Baloo has to comply with his personal recommendation and begin utilizing his brains.

Episode 14

The Golden Sprocket of Friendship

air day: 1990-09-26

While cloud browsing, Kit pulls a stunt that shakes Baloo. When Kit reassures him that he knew what he was doing, Baloo begins to set some guidelines on Kit’s interest. But when he is approached by Dan Dawson who noticed his aerodynamics, Kit is dazzled by his many compliments. Fearing Kit is slipping from his steerage, Baloo plans to point out him some enjoyable instances at Louie’s the following day. But early within the morning Kit heads again to the airfield the place he and Dan Dawson are perfecting a stunt… that they each plan on acting on the highway.

Episode 15

For a Fuel Dollars More

air day: 1990-09-27

After studying an article, Becky insists Baloo get checked out by a health care provider to see how his well being is holding up. Meanwhile, Kit is taking part in within the Sea Duck. While pretending he is a pilot, he by chance breaks the Googleschlocker Gyrocompass. Fearing punishment, Kit tries to repair it on his personal taking it to a Dr. Ohlmeyer. Baloo’s check-up finds him in good well being, however yet one more take a look at is meant to come back in. When Dr. Ohlmeyer calls Higher for Hire to tell them that the ‘affected person’s’ time is up and that the googleschlocker is kaput, Becky errors him to be Baloo’s physician. Knowing that his final days are upon him, Baloo needs to fly into the Bermuda Trapezoid since he has nothing to lose. But when the reality is revealed, everybody should go cease Baloo earlier than he makes the error of his life.

Episode 16

A Bad Reflection on You (1)

air day: 1990-10-01

Baloo and Louie encounter a ghost that is been within the basement of Louie’s restaurant. When they return to Higher for Hire, Becky believes the story is a canopy for why Baloo did not return with the cargo sooner. To make issues worst, Baloo forgot the cargo again at Louie’s in order that they must return. The two are reluctant to go, so Becky accompanies them. Upon arrival, they discover nothing however the place trying like a large number. They’re additionally greeted by a person named Captain Stansbury, who Becky takes a attraction to. When they discover the Sea Duck will not begin, they’re pressured to spend the night time. But in the course of the night time, they discover that Captain Stansbury is not who they suppose he’s.

Episode 17

A Bad Reflection on You (2)

air day: 1990-10-02

Baloo reveals Kit his secret stash of money he is saving as much as purchase again the Sea Duck. Then they exit to sea to fish and calm down. When their bait of fish and peanut butter sinks within the water, it attracts a whale. After befriending it, Baloo and Kit head again to Higher For Hire. There, they discover on the market’s a reward for the seize and return of the whale they discovered earlier. They contact Seymore of ‘Seymore’s See More Seaquarium’ and the proprietor of Moby Dimple, the whale. But after they return the whale, they discover that Seymore mistreats all his animals. When they name an inspector on him, he has all of the angles coated to cross inspection. When their provide to purchase the whale again with the Sea Duck cash is turned down, Baloo and Kit determine that it is as much as them to free Dimples by their very own means.

Episode 18

On a Wing and a Bear

air day: 1990-10-03

Cape Suzette is holding a Friendship Festival. Baloo decides to capitalize on this by promoting scorching canines. But earlier than he will get an opportunity to promote one canine, Becky asks him to ship a piano to a home situated on a hill. Worried that the supply would take all day, he tips Dunder into serving to him, even if he is imagined to be guarding a field containing the golden sprocket. Meanwhile, Trader Joe and his goons get excited by what’s within the field, in order that they disguise themselves like scorching canine distributors, which solely results in a great deal of mistaken id.

Episode 19

A Star Is Torn

air day: 1990-10-04

Baloo is informed that he can now not cost meals at Louie’s till he pays off his tab. Meanwhile, Becky comes up with an concept to start out a midair refueling station. Baloo reluctantly agrees, as it’s going to be situated close to Louie’s, however decides he wants the cash. After a pair days he is capable of pay Louie again, who has had no enterprise. When Baloo reveals his supply of earnings, Louie is livid as he is stealing all his clients. Not to be outdone, he opens his personal midair refueling station. The two compete for higher service, however once they begin sabotaging every others stations, Baloo declares struggle.

Episode 20

A Touch of Glass

air day: 1990-10-05

Shere Khan is shedding shipments when they’re delivered on a route referred to as ‘The Master Run.’ When planes strategy the Twin Spires, they disappear off radar. Meanwhile, Baloo is flying blind when his headlights exit, till Kit comes up with a fantastic concept to will get them dwelling safely. But when the media will get a maintain of the story, solely Baloo will get the credit score. On their second job, Kit saves a baby from a fall. Once once more, solely Baloo will get the credit score. Baloo consoles Kit saying that fame is not all the things, so long as you already know who you might be. Later that day, Shere Khan invitations Baloo to his tower. There, he provides him a trophy naming him ‘The Greatest Pilot within the World.’ He then presents him a job that requires him to go on The Master Run. Dumbstruck together with his personal fame, he accepts. But when he makes an attempt to fly the run, he too falls the identical destiny of all the opposite pilots earlier than him.

Episode 21

The Bigger They Are the Louder They Oink

air day: 1990-10-08

Baloo is misplaced at sea whereas making an attempt The Master Run. Turns out Don Karnage has devised a plan that fools all pilots into pondering they’re flying the wrong way up, thus inflicting them to fly up (or down) into the ocean. When Karnage reads Baloo’s ‘Greatest Pilot within the World’ trophy, he mocks and belittles him into melancholy. Kit tries to consider a approach to get out of this mess, however Baloo is wallowing in self pity. When Kit lastly will get everybody free, they’re chased by the pirates. Kit makes a suggestion that can assist them cripple the pirates planes, however all the opposite pilots say that Kit’s plan will not work. Finally Baloo breaks freed from his self loathing and stands as much as the others telling them that Kit is one of the best navigator he ever had and if he says the plan will work, then the plan will work.

Episode 22

A Spy within the Ointment

air day: 1990-10-09

Shere Khan raises gasoline costs as a result of Don Karnage is stealing all of the gasoline drums. Meanwhile, Baloo finds he is flying with an expired pilots license. When he goes to get it renewed, he is reacquainted together with his previous Drivers License Instructor Ralph ‘Love to Flunk ‘Em’ Throgmorton. Throgmorton makes Baloo so nervous that he cannot cross the take a look at. When he seeks different employment, Throgmorton is at all times there, and loses all different jobs on account of a nervous breakdown. When he makes an attempt yet one more time for his pilots license, they stubble upon Don Karnage and reveal his partnership with Shere Khan.

Episode 23

The Balooest of the Blue Bloods

air day: 1990-10-15

Baloo saves the lifetime of Kitten Kaboodle, a well-known star from Starrywood. In return, she invitations him to co-star in her newest film. But once they arrive, it seems the accident wasn’t a coincidence, it is one in a collection of accidents they’ve been occurring on the Kitten Kaboodle film set. Becky tries to elucidate this to Baloo, however he is too star struck by Mrs. Kaboodle. So, alone, Becky tries to resolve the case.

Episode 24

A Baloo Switcheroo

air day: 1990-10-16

Becky decides to solely constitution to the next class clientele. In order to position her advert, she cashes in Higher For Hire’s insurance coverage coverage. However, when the purchasers begin asking her in the event that they’re insured, she tells them they’ve ‘Collateral Insurance.’ When they take off they get the deed to the Sea Duck till the airplane, and it is cargo, reaches it is vacation spot safely. If it would not, they get to maintain the airplane. The first clients need to transport a bag full of jewels to their household compound at Hyena’s Port. Becky takes the job, however Baloo begins to suspect their look could also be a entrance for one thing else.

Episode 25

Whistlestop Jackson, Legend

air day: 1990-10-22

After narrowly escaping an attacking band of nomads. Baloo accuses Becky of being too cussed, pigheaded, and at all times trying to find a get wealthy fast scheme. When they arrive again at Cape Suzette, Wildcat informs Baloo they a brand new pontoon. When Baloo tells Becky, she tells him that her subsequent concept will purchase him a complete bunch of pontoons. Truffles value $50 a pop, and he or she’s going to produce to fulfill the demand. She buys a truffle sniffing pig which eats all the things it sees. But when approaching their vacation spot, the pontoon provides away and they’re pressured to land. To make issues worst, the natives do not take too kindly to pigs on their island.

Episode 26

Double or Nothing

air day: 1990-10-24

After her automobile is destroyed by a person posing as a valet, Becky accuses Baloo of being too gullible. They’re then employed by Jack case who claims he is on a mission from the federal government. He seeks the assistance of Higher for Hire to help him in delivering a package deal. After following Jack’s instructions, Baloo realized that they are over the Thembrian Boarder. When they’re attacked by the Thembrians, Jack bails out telling Becky one very last thing: Mums the phrase. When Baloo and Becky are captured, Becky refuses to disclose the rationale for being in Thembrian territory, which solely results in long run imprisonment.

Episode 27

Feminine Air

air day: 1990-10-30

Baloo is informed he is the long-lost 13th Baron of Bruinwald. He’s then taken to his Chateau and launched to his employees: a butler and a prepare dinner. However, ever since his arrival there appears to be a number of makes an attempt on his life. Turns on the market’s a Bruinwald Family Curse which makes it is members expire beneath peculiar circumstances.

Episode 28

Last Horizons

air day: 1990-11-01

Baloo and equipment are employed to fly Professor O’Bowens, an archeologist, to a forbidden temple to discover a mystical idol. After he acquires it, the pirates reveal themselves and demand the idol. Not to lose the it so simply, O’Bowens provides the idol to Kit and Baloo and tells them to return with out him. He warns them to not look into the idol’s eyes throughout a thunder storm, however the two get curious as to what would occur and tempt destiny, leading to them switching our bodies. The two should then address their new positions till O’Bowens returns, and keep away from the pirates who’re nonetheless looking for the idol. However, they discover they’ve till dawn the following day to return to regular or be trapped like this ceaselessly.

Episode 29

Flight of the Snow Duck

air day: 1990-11-05

Shere Kahn is making an under-the-table cope with the Finance Minister of Klopstokia to provide Kahn Enterprises unique supply contracts. At Higher for Hire, Baloo is happy that Whistlestop Jackson, the legendary ace of the skies, helps Higher for Hire, even when he is simply going to be the vice chairman. Jackson presents to point out Baloo just a few pointers, however Baloo finally ends up bailing him out. Becky blames Baloo for displaying off, enraging him to pretend an damage so Whistlestop must make the following supply and reveal that he’s a fraud. But the following supply is to Klopstokia, and if carried out correctly will end in an unique supply contract. This will get Kahn’s consideration and he’s not about to let Whistlestop, his previous rival, get the higher hand… once more.

Episode 30

Save the Tiger

air day: 1990-11-07

Baloo’s favourite document, handed down by his father, is damaged and so is Baloo’s coronary heart. He finds the final current document is on the market at an vintage retailer for $100. With $50 of Kit’s hard-earned cash for beginning money, Baloo units out to point out Kit that you just need not work arduous for ‘straightforward cash.’ However, the straightforward road requires them to cross Trader Moe, who’s not about to lose his trades to somebody muscling in on his motion.

Episode 31

The Old Man and the Sea Duck

air day: 1990-11-08

Cool Hands and different pilots give Baloo some ribbing that he works for a lady. This can be beginning to lose enterprise for ‘Higher for Hire.’ Trying to show that he is nonetheless a fantastic pilot, Baloo enters himself into the Great Air Scavenger Hunt, which has been gained by Cool Hands yearly. Baloo goes to ask Becky for the day without work for the race, however she beats him to it by telling him she must spend the day for drumming up publicity. However, she wants the Sea Duck to do it, and issues worsen when nobody will sponsor Baloo. It comes right down to the D.O.A. (Daughters Of Aviation). Not giving up, Baloo clothes like a lady and calls himself Tan Margaret. When Tan is assigned a airplane he is shocked to be given the Sea Duck. Turns out it was donated to D.O.A. for this contest to drum up publicity, and the navigator will probably be Becky.

Episode 32

War of the Weirds

air day: 1990-11-13

Baloo is pouting that he is by no means had a parade in his honor. When requested what he is ever carried out to earn a parade, Baloo remembers his journey to search out Panda-la, metropolis past the final horizon. No one believes him and Baloo turns into decided to search out it and earn his parade. After weeks of looking, Baloo provides up. But earlier than he can flip again for dwelling he is caught in a whirlwind and grounded. He begins trying to find assist and finds a big, lovely metropolis. It’s Panda-la, and the natives honor him upon his arrival. They repair his airplane and provides him items for his return dwelling. When Baloo arrives again at Cape Suzette, he is greeted by everybody and a celebration is underway. But the festivities barely get deliberate when your complete metropolis of Panda-la is upon them: within the air. With sufficient fire-power to down Cape Suzette’s total military and defenses, it is as much as Baloo to save lots of the day.

Episode 33

Captains Outrageous

air day: 1990-11-15

While Molly is being babysat by Wildcat, they learn a e book a couple of Snow Duck. Afterwards, Molly needs to see snow, so she and Wildcat stowaway on the Sea Duck when Baloo goes to Thembria to ship pink flamingos. Upon arrival, they make snowballs, snowmen, and go sledding. Unfortunately, having enjoyable is outlawed in Thembria so they’re imprisoned. While everyone seems to be making an attempt to determine a approach to escape, Molly reassures them that the Snow Duck will come and rescue them. But when she begins to surrender hope, Wildcat says it is nonetheless vital to maintain your creativeness operating. This provides Molly an concept that can get them out.

Episode 34

Plunder and Lightning (1)

air day: 1990-11-19

Baloo helps a airplane in misery earlier than it crashes. Turns out the that the airplane was transporting Shere Khan. Khan guarantees Baloo something in return for his saving his life. After asking for just a few small objects, Baloo begins to get grasping. He visits Khan each morning and asks for extra issues, together with sufficient cash to pay again Becky and give up Hire for Higher. Khan is aware of he is being taken benefit of, so he arranges Baloo to be kidnapped. Kit and Becky liquidate all the things Baloo owns with the intention to pay the ransom, together with Hire for Higher. But once they make the drop-off, not all the things goes in accordance with plan.

Episode 35

Plunder and Lightning (2)

air day: 1990-11-20

Behind schedule, Kit finds a passage that can get them dwelling faster. Baloo complies, however then inquires why he is by no means heard of this route. Kit tells him it is the Mirle Pass. Baloo panics, as a result of the Mirle Pass takes a miracle to get via. They find yourself touchdown within the ocean and Baloo bangs his head. When he wakes up, he cannot keep in mind something together with fly. When Wildcat and Kit take him again up, they get caught in a thunderstorm. They’re pressured to bail, however Baloo will get trapped behind within the Sea Duck. He’s rescued when a person named Joe McGee coaches him down over the radio. McGee makes an attempt to assist him overcome his concern of flying and keep in mind his many profitable flights.

Episode 36

Plunder and Lightning (three)

air day: 1990-11-21

Baloo needs a two week trip, however Becky refuses to grant him one. Baloo comes up with the concept of getting Wildcat faux he is a Dr. Gesundheit the Rocket Scientist. Wildcat then asks Baloo to fly to Mars and ensures free publicity. Becky goes together with the charade and is given a radio to speak to whereas he is ‘in area.’ Becky spends all day speaking to Baloo, asking him to carry again objects from area. Baloo begins to improvise, however finally pretends that he is attacked by Martians and throws the radio into the lake. However, it seems the navy was listening in on their communications and start making ready for a Martian invasion.

Episode 37

Captain Outrageous

air day: 1990-09-06

Kit introduces his buddy, accident-prone Oscar Vandersnoot, to his membership, the Jungle Aces, however Oscar wants an journey to hitch. When Kit decides to get Oscar his journey, he will get greater than what he bargained for when Don Karnage kidnaps Oscar for ransom.

Episode 38

The Time Bandit

air day: 1990-11-23

Baloo asks Becky for his paycheck a day early. When she refuses, Baloo has a trick up his sleeve. He asks an area radio character to say on the air Friday that it is Saturday. He then goes to Becky’s residence and modifications all calenders to Saturday. And the cherry on prime, a doctored paper that has Saturday for the date. When Becky awakens, she’s satisfied it is Saturday and Baloo is able to gather his paycheck. But his plan quickly backfires when Becky scolds him for forgetting his Friday deliveries and docks his pay till their carried out. The cargo is to be delivered to Thembria, the place Spigot and Dunder are (illegally) listening to the radio. When they hear it is Saturday, they inform the High Marshall that they should change it to tomorrow, after which inform the residents that denial it is Saturday leads to dying. This solely results in catastrophe for Baloo and Becky once they arrive and a struggle for his or her lives.

Episode 39

For Whom the Bell Klangs (1)

air day: 1990-11-27

Baloo and Louie go on trip, they get caught on a wild goose chase for treasure. Salvaging what’s left of their time away, they determine to disregard all damsels in misery and buried treasures. But once they get entangled with Katie Dodd, an archaeologist seeking the Legendary Lost City of Tinabula, they discover themselves as soon as once more concerned in a treasure hunt. This one comes with a mysterious villain named Thadeos E. Klang. He and his minions are additionally looking for the town for their very own private achieve…

Episode 40

For Whom the Bell Klangs (2)

air day: 1990-11-28

Thadeos E. Klang uncovers the Legendary Lost City of Tinabula and, with the assistance of Katie Dodd, begins to bypass it is traps and securities. Meanwhile Baloo and Louie are misplaced within the desert, wandering about making an attempt to catch as much as Thadeos. When Thadeos finds the town’s ‘weapon,’ a tool that makes use of sound waves to create sand storms that may immobilize something that will get in it is manner. Soon Baloo and Louie save Katie, however are pursued by Scarabs and minions. Katie tells them that they should ring ‘The Master Bell’ to finish Klang’s reign of terror. But they should resolve the riddles and puzzles that stand of their manner.

Episode 41

Citizen Khan

air day: 1990-12-03

While transporting Carnubian Kumquats again to Cape Suzette, Baloo takes a shortcut throughout a desert in order that they kumquats do not spoil as quick. However, they’re shot out the sky by the Boomstone residents who’re capturing folks as slaves for his or her mines. Turns out the residents are workers of Shere Kahn, however have been forgotten about over time. They used to mine for silver, however the silver ran out years in the past. Since then they have been mining Urgonium, a extremely explosive rock, and have plans for promoting them to the best bidder. When Wildcat by chance units one rock off, his hat is knocked off and soot covers elements of his face. The new look has everybody mistaking him for Shere Kahn. The Sheriff can not have Kahn returning to Cape Suzette, since they’d then be out of a job. And on prime of that, the slave miners need the Sea Duck to flee.

Episode 42

Gruel and Unusual Punishment

air day: 1990-12-04

Becky is happy to be attending the Pilot’s Ball. However, Baloo needs to lose some weight earlier than escorting Becky. He decides to enter the Elizabeth Taper Center, the place they’ve a number of the strictest weight-loss counselors round. With Wildcat guiding them, he by chance drops him off on the Bedevilled Island Prison run by the Thembrian authorities. Thinking the guards are the advisors, Baloo goes together with their orders with complete cooperation. This solely infuriates them to begin with stricter punishments. When Baloo realizes the place he’s, he is accrued sufficient Thembrian crimes in opposition to himself that he is formally a prisoner and he has to discover a approach to escape.

Episode 43

A Jolly Molly Christmas

air day: 1990-12-20

Christmas time is approaching, and Becky needs it was snowing. When Molly asks when it is going to, Becky says it by no means snows in Cape Suzette, it solely rains. Baloo tells Molly a couple of peppermint fairy that comes and leaves a peppermint beneath your pillow. However, when Baloo forgets to ship the products, Molly begins to doubt this fairy… and Santa Claus. Not eager to disappoint Molly twice, Baloo will get Louie to decorate up as Santa and switch his restaurant into the North Pole. Baloo then takes Molly there to get her current. But Molly’s current this yr is a want for snow for her mom. Determined to not disappoint, Baloo goes to drop cleaning soap shavings over Louie’s to create the phantasm of snow. But with a visit to Cape Suzette and again in his manner, Baloo has to deal with Louie’s impatient clients and Don Karnage’s model of Christmas.

Episode 44

My Fair Baloo

air day: 1991-01-07

Becky cannot discover a date to the Businessman’s Ball. Kit suggests Baloo, nevertheless she thinks his manners wouldn’t slot in with the higher crust. After a crash course with Kit and Wildcat, all appears hopeless. But when Baloo finds that the dinner is on the Spruce Moose, the plane-turned-diner that was constructed so massive it could not get via the cliffs of Cape Suzette, he turns into devoted. That night time, Baloo couldn’t shake his previous methods and Becky is embarrassed by his efficiency. When the Spruce Moose is immediately hijacked by Owl Capone and his gang, it is as much as Baloo to save lots of the day.

Episode 45

Waiders of the Wost Tweasure

air day: 1991-01-09

Baloo has to ship a package deal to Walla Walla Bing Bang. While en route, they run into Airplane Jane, an previous buddy of Baloo’s who beat him in a race years again. Since then, there’s at all times been a rivalry between the 2. Princess Grace of Walla Walla Bing Bang is being challenged to the suitable of the throne by her lengthy misplaced brother Prince Rudolf. In order to show her proper to rule, they should produce Queen Mureens Ruby Rings on the coronation. The Rubies had been misplaced centuries in the past within the mountains of Walla Walla Bing Bang and it is as much as Airplane Jane to search out it. But Baloo sees this as a chance to win the rivalry as soon as and for all.

Episode 46

Flight School Confidential

air day: 1991-01-10

Kit needs to fly, however Baloo says that he is too younger. When he learns that Thembria is coaching pilots as younger as 12 years-old, Kit enlists. The piloting faculty is something however coaching children fly. General Spigot and Dunder are in command of preforming the aerial flounder formation. Turns out Spigot by chance ordered a complete fleet of small planes. To keep away from punishments (or dying), Spigot plans on having small children within the airplane creating the phantasm that they are the suitable measurement. Dunder is put in command of bolting all of the planes collectively, and the lead airplane will probably be flown by a Tiny Bubbles, knowledgeable Thembrian pilot. When Kit finds out that they may by no means be really flying, he begins scheming how he’ll get himself within the air.

Episode 47

Bringing Down Babyface

air day: 1991-01-17

Baloo is put in command of transporting Babyface Half-Nelson from Prison Island to Cape Suzette. However, Babyface has knocked out the officer transporting him and switched outfits. Baloo, who’s by no means seen Babyface earlier than, takes them again to Cape Suzette and let’s Babyface stroll away. When the officer awakens, he arrests Baloo for aiding within the escape of a prisoner. Meanwhile, Babyface’s mom hires two goons to free her son, who even have by no means seen him. Baloo begs for forgiveness and the cops are about to let him go since he would not appear the sort to work with gangsters. It simply occurs that proper then, the goons nab Baloo, pondering he is Babyface. When they arrive again at their hideout, Babyface is already there. Since he is aware of an excessive amount of, they order the goons to ‘retire’ him. With the cops now satisfied that Baloo is working with Babyface and the gangsters out to kill him, Baloo has to do all the things he can to clear his title.

Episode 48

Jumping the Guns

air day: 1991-01-21

Don Karnage is sick of many a failing try and get into Cape Suzette. When he watches Baloo ship lunch to the guards, he comes up with the concept of stealing The Sea Duck to infiltrate their defenses. When Louie and Baloo get sensible to their plan, they solely have the time it takes the Iron Vulture to get from Pirate Island to Cape Suzette to re-arm the cliff weapons.

Episode 49

In Search of Ancient Blunders

air day: 1991-01-30

Baloo and Wildcat are assigned to ship an Egyptian pill to Aridia. The pill has instructions on discover the misplaced treasure of King Utmost, and Don Karnage will not be going to let this one slip previous him. When they arrive, they discover the Museum of Ancient History… coming quickly. It’s (going to be) run by Myra who’s an archaeologist for the Ministry of Culture. Baloo and Wildcat agree to assist her discover the situation since she will’t learn the coordinates, however discover that after they’re concerned, they must survive traps, pirates, and a mummy that is defending the treasure.

Episode 50

Louie’s Last Stand

air day: 1991-01-31

Douglas Benson can not get everybody to cease laughing at him, besides Shere Kahn who’s unimpressed with all his funding concepts. When a buddy takes Benson out to Louie’s to neglect his issues, Benson makes Louie and provide to purchase his place. Louie refuses and as soon as once more Benson’s the butt of all of the jokes. Benson does some analysis, discovering that Louie’s deed is barely good so long as he is nonetheless on the island when the earlier lease expires. He then forges Kahn’s signature on a doc that permits Kahn’s Elite Pilot Squad to pressure Louie off his island. No one needs to face in opposition to Kahn’s pressure, so all of it comes right down to Louie, Baloo and Kit to help in Louie’s Last Stand.

Episode 51

Sheepskin Deep

air day: 1991-02-04

With his High School reunion developing, Baloo anticipates the arrival of his invitation. When none comes, he asks Louie the place his invitation is. Turns out Baloo by no means graduated from Grade School. He decides to enroll in courses with Kit. This manner he can graduate and nonetheless attend the reunion. However, together with faculty, he nonetheless has to make his deliveries for Higher for Hire. When this does not work out, the principal threatens to expel Baloo, he is allowed one final likelihood by taking an equivalency take a look at. With Kit serving to him, they try and make the inconceivable potential.

Episode 52

Pizza Pie within the Sky

air day: 1991-02-05

Becky enrolls within the Better Business Boot Camp. In the meantime, Baloo and Kit are in cost. Baloo takes benefit of his personal enterprise and pairs up with Louie to ship pizzas. With no actual enterprise know-how, Baloo tries all the traditional methods on a bigger scale. He finally ends up taking all of the petty money from Higher For Hire, purchase rancid anchovies that make Louie (their solely chef) cross out, and get the eye of the Health Department.

Episode 53

Baloo Thunder

air day: 1991-02-06

Prof. Buzz provides Baloo and Kit a tour of his analysis and growth part of Khan’s enterprise. When they depart, Buzz overhears Perry, considered one of Khan’s white-collars, on the cellphone with Miniversal Crop. Turns out he’ll steal Khan’s Top Secret Flying Project for the rival company. Upon listening to this Buzz goes to tell Khan. But when Perry finds out Prof. Buzz is onto him, he alerts safety that Buzz is the traitor. Buzz escapes with the Top Secret Project, solely additional incriminating himself. It’s as much as his finest mates Baloo and Kit to clear his title and reveal who the actual traitor is.

Episode 54

Bullethead Baloo

air day: 1991-02-07

A Dr. Axelottel tries to promote Khan a Mechanical Electric Laborer (MEL) robotic. When Khan turns down the robotic, Axelottel vows revenge on him. Meanwhile, The Jungle Aces are obsessive about Bullethead, an motion comedian e book character. Kit says that comedian e book heroes are usually not like actual heroes: pilots. When pressured to make use of an instance, he makes use of Baloo. But Baloo proves to be yesterday’s information. Not eager to let Kit down, Baloo borrows a rocket gadget from Prof. Buzz. Baloo and Buzz then setup a scheme to impress the Jungle Aces, which interferes with a kidnapping plot involving MEL. When Buzz confesses to the police that his position was a part of a gag, Baloo has to show that there nonetheless actually is a risk to Khan.

Episode 55

Destiny Rides Again

air day: 1991-02-08

After delivering a package deal, Baloo finds Kit speaking to a Madam Una. Upon seeing Baloo (with a llama hat on), she errors him for the legendary ‘Great Llama.’ She then tells him of the legend of The Idol Of Doom. It’s Baloo’s future to search out this idol of mass destruction that may solely be destroyed by a hero (e.g. The Great Llama). Before Baloo can object, she slaps a bracelet that leads The Hero to the idol. The bracelet causes a sequence of occasions that, via shear dumb luck, carry him to the temple the idol is hidden in. Meanwhile, they’re pursued by El Gato, a person who seeks the idol for it is damaging powers.

Episode 56

Mach One for the Gipper

air day: 1991-02-11

Baloo is reacquainted with Ace London, a extremely regarded pilot. He belittles Baloo and boasts himself because the ace of the skies. They each have to select up packages on the identical cargo maintain. By Ace’s ignorance, he picks up Baloo’s cargo of pickles and Baloo picks up Ace’s cargo: A Top Secret Plane Engine. Upon realizing his mistake, Ace claims Baloo stole his cargo. He then explains the mission to his reinforcements over the radio, which is being intercepted by Don Karnage. When Baloo would not reply to Ace, Ace opens fireplace on the Sea Duck. When he realizes that the entire ordeal is over the actual fact he has the highest secret engine, he has to personally fly again to the navy airbase to clear his title.

Episode 57

Stuck on You

air day: 1991-02-12

When a reward is placed on Don Karnage, he is insulted. He places on a full assault on the cliff cannons. When he is victorious, he decides to boast in an previous vogue method: on a scorching air balloon. At that very same second, Baloo is delivering a number of canisters of glue from a glue manufacturing facility. Don Karnage is knocked out of the sky and onto the Sea Duck. Once inside, the 2 quarrel knocking themselves out the rear hatch. When Karnage climbs again to security, he heroically pulls Baloo up too. Then one of many canisters comes unfastened and covers the 2. They turn out to be glued collectively. Since Karnage saved Baloo’s life, he guarantees to not flip Karnage in for the reward in return. And the pirates suppose Baloo killed their captain, in order that they assault the Sea Duck. To make issues worst, they uncover that they’ve till 6 o’clock (three hours) to get again to the glue manufacturing facility and un-stick themselves earlier than it turns into everlasting.

Episode 58

The Sound and the Furry

air day: 1991-02-13

Crazy Eddie has a rip-off. It includes little furry critters that, when sure frequencies ring, they transfer at unbelievable speeds destroying and disassembling all the things in they arrive throughout. Eddie places them in pilot’s engines and takes their cash to repair the damages the critters trigger. She unknowingly loses them over Cape Suzette, the place Wildcat finds them. Thinking they’re fuzzy lobsters, he adopts them. When he finds out they’re homesick for his or her pure habitat, Bayou Country, he guarantees to return them when he is carried out serving to Baloo win an air present. But Eddie repossess the critters and makes use of them in opposition to all the opposite pilots within the air race. When Wildcat begins gathering them again up, pilots discover it suspicious that their planes are falling aside and Baloo’s will not be. Especially when Wildcat’s been nosing round all of the planes.

Episode 59

The Ransom of Red Chimp

air day: 1991-02-20

Louie’s aunt is coming to go to, which places Louie in purple alert. She dances, she events, and he or she calls Louie ‘Louis.’ When Louie loses management of the environment, he makes a pretend announcement over the radio that the air race his aunt is collaborating in has been moved to right now, prompting her to chop the go to brief. Meanwhile, Don Karnage sends his males to kidnap Louie’s rich aunt. When Louie receives a ransom demanding $5 million, each he and Baloo determine to struggle to get her again. But once they arrive, they discover that aunt Louise’s energetic way of life will help her care for herself.

Episode 60

The Road to Macadamia

air day: 1991-02-21

Louie and Baloo are going to Macadamia to drop off cargo and decide up some Macadamia nuts. But the cities financial system had dropped since their final go to. When they went to the king to gather their cost and nuts, they’re turned away. When they protest, a Chancellor Trample comes and tells them that they can not afford to pay them. When Baloo and Louie examine, they discover that the chancellor is deliberately operating the financial system into the bottom in hopes the absent-minded king will pressure princess Lotta L’Amour to marry him. With their earnings and cargo nonetheless wanted, and now the assistance of the princess, Baloo and Louie determine to remain and assist show the chancellor is dishonest the royal household.

Episode 61

Your Baloo’s within the Mail

air day: 1991-02-22

Becky wins the Pazuza Sweepstakes and goes to obtain $100,000. All she has to do now’s ship within the profitable ticket by mail and arrive on the sweepstakes workplace by eight AM tomorrow. Not eager to take probabilities, she decides to go all out on the postage ($17.50). However, Molly has a college play, stopping Becky from attending to the put up workplace in time. When she considers making Baloo do it, she’s reminded of the truth that Baloo at all times messes up ‘vital jobs.’ Then Molly suggests to only inform Baloo that it is a regular ‘non-important’ job. So Becky provides the letter together with $20 and tells him to ship the letter SSTISDD (Super Speed, Triple Insured, Same Day Delivery). And the cherry on prime: he will get to maintain the change. Baloo goes to the put up workplace, however stops at a quick meals restaurant and spends $19.98 on meals. He does, in spite of everything, get to maintain the change, and the way a lot does postage value? Baloo finally ends up delivery the package deal 18th class, which takes 10 weeks to ship.

Episode 62

Paradise Lost

air day: 1991-02-25

Baloo is requested by a person named O’Rourke to fly him into the Mogavi desert. When Baloo questions what’s on the market, he tells them a story of a misplaced paradise, the place dinosaurs roam and lengthy misplaced vegetation grows. It solely seems as soon as each 100 years, when on the break of daybreak, a door opens. From that flows historic waters deep from throughout the Earth. When it touches the sands of the Mogavi desert, it turns into the misplaced paradise. O’Rourke needs to open a vacationer attraction there, and he is chopping Baloo in on the income. All he has to do is fly him to the spot and blow open the door completely. But when O’Rourke begins displaying a darker aspect on their journey, Baloo begins to rethink the deal.

Episode 63

The Incredible Shrinking Molly

air day: 1991-04-07

Molly is bored with nobody noticing her, particularly when she has one thing to say. After watching a film one night time, she’s satisfied the tower just a few blocks down is the house of a mad scientist. Since nobody ever notices her, she goes to research on her personal. While she’s there, she by chance activates a machine that shrinks her. When Baloo, Kit, and Becky discover that she’s lacking, they search excessive and low for her. Only they do not know how low they need to be looking.

Episode 64


air day: 1991-05-02

Baloo is studying in regards to the Great War pilot Ricky Sky, who vanished 20 years in the past transporting silver for the struggle effort. The disappearance result in the idea that he and his crew stole the silver for themselves. While avoiding Don Karnage and his pirates, he sees a misery flash from a downed pilot. When he stops to research, it is a man claiming he is the legendary Rick Sky. Baloo says that Rick sky could be 50, the person appears to be like 30. When they return to Higher for Hire, Rick says he wants to revive the consideration of squadron, for they weren’t thieves. Only he cannot keep in mind what occurred the day of the disappearance. Becky will not give in, claiming this man can’t be Rick Sky. When Baloo sticks to his weapons, he is shocked to search out the person stealing the Sea Duck. Now Baloo should get his airplane again, keep away from Don Karnage and his pirates, and eventually discover out who this mysterious man actually is.

Episode 65

Flying Dupes

air day: 1991-08-07

Baloo is contracted to ship a package deal to the Thembrian High Marshall, however is unaware that it comprises a bomb planted there by a traitor.

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