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Rasa (Kob), an interior designer, in an interior design firm located someplace in Bangkok. Her manager, Petiya, a man who has personalities and characteristics went toward the female side. Rasa, himself proved to be a joyful and generous individual that watched the world and recognized society at a positive mindset. She was a powerful feminine, who believed that she was able to do anything she wanted. Pakaphong was impress by Petiya’s overhaul function at designing a resort lobby. Therefore the endeavor was delegated for Rasa. Both beliefs of both were not fascinated by every other. Even though they have seen each other before, they can not denie their fascination with each other. Pakaphong’s fascination towards Rasa was outside in the start. Rasa’s tender feelings were also precisely the same. Rasa’s childhood buddy, Pimpun, had the exact contrary nature and trait of Rasa. Pimpun is not too powerful unlike Rasa that has quite a strong heart and thoughts. Pimpun’s parents enjoys Rasa enjoy their own girl. It was at Rayong at which Pakaphong followed Rasa there and the two stayed close and understood how accurate their affection for one another had been powerful. The connection was just advised by the folks in their own loved ones. Plaungtip herslef has contributed all of her heart to Pakaphong. Assuming he believes exactly the same. She was hurt emotionally and emotionally but nevertheless kept on functioning without debating any problems between them. The single person that understood she had been hurt was her great buddy, Shewin. Although objects were getting rough, Rasa still seen Rayong such as constantly. She subsequently recognized that Pimpun met and fell for a man name Warit that was utilizing her. Even although her parent and peers disagree in the connection. Rasa for anyone who does not Warit whatsoever. But Pimpun is a bit stubborn and does not think anything anybody tells her. It’s due to this romance that had blinded her. At past, Pimpun has dropped her womenhood into Warit and has been kicked out of the home. She then remained with Warit and eventually discovered Warit had been utilizing her all that time. But it had been too late to return to her previous life.

The news regarding the large class society is much more popular. But that the one person who is not very fond of it’s madam Rachanee. Thirty decades before, a girl gave birth to your son out of Prot. The household’s life style was not going as easy as the girl desired. Financially and emotionally. So she chose to leave her son and Prot, since she could not endure living in a bad life. After tonight, the mom return back into both. She loved her new way of life but did not pay any attention for her or her son. Prot recognized that he must only be concerned about his sole child’s future. Therefore, Prot gave all of his inheritance to his own son. Giving his mum nothing but merely being called his mommy. She could not take it so that she left again. But that moment, she never returned. She abandoned and discovered love with a wealthy, old guy and gave birth to a girl title Plaungtip. Only Pakaphong and Madam Rachanee understands the reality. This is the reason Pakaphong is visiting Plaungtip for back in his mom. He’s attempting to force her break out the narrative to the general public, her husband and most significantly to Plaungtip in her own mouth. He needs to create her embarassed and eliminate face to everybody. His anger subsequently assembles much more as he proceeds to do so. Rasa subsequently learned about the strategy which Pakaphong’s doing. She did not enjoy it span. Pakaphong subsequently chose not to continue with his strategy but still not permitting Rasa understand.

Their connection proceed with the both of these feelig hurt. But their love for one another was powerful. Later on, their connection acccidently became nearer again. That next day, Pakaphong moved into Rasa’s home to tell her he is planning to marry her but discovered she moved into Rayong. Rasa’s excursion to Rayong is that the day she would never forget. She discovered that Pimpun had committed suicide because she had been hurt emotionally and physically. Rasa subsequently determined right then and there to prevent her connection betweeen her and Pakaphong to get great. Because she understands he is selfish. Pakaphong requested Rasa to wed but she deny that the deal for great and informed him she did not wish to become like her buddy, Pimpun. But she advised “I love you but I want it to be used to love.” Pakaphong reunite having a disappointment. Thinking he will have Rasa as his sun that will shine eternally in his lifetime. But he’s lost it entirely.

Pakaphong chose to present his inheritance to charity his dad had granted him and proceed to America. To begin a fresh life there without even visiting Rasa back again. Even however he loves her so much. Rasa still believes of Pakaphong due to the love she still needs for him. After information about Pakaphong had expired for awhile, Rasa began believing if she’d made the perfect choice by denying Pakaphong’s suggestion. She afterwards discovered that Pakaphong had given his inheritance to charity and also understood how good of a man he was. She comes by and wait patiently for him at his residence. That a single afternoon has finally come true when she discovered music out of his litle home. She understood from there that it had been him and conducted to visit him. Rasa informed Pakaphong she adored him and when she could visit America along with him. With or with no inheritance. She adored him no matter what. He had been pleased to know that she likes him and both lived happily ever afterwards.